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It was a sunny afternoon in the city of Magenta, Lombardy. In 1859, this city had been the scene of the Battle of Magenta were French and Sardinian troops defeated the Imperial Austrian Army helping to secure Lombardy to the Kingdom of Sardinia and shortly there after Italy. It had been such a major events a recently discovered color was named after the city in honor.

However, times had changed and like much of Northern Italy the Padania movement had support in the city. Republican Faction terrorists operated with in the city but, the government was hot on their trail because as part of the Lombardy faction, they'd been struggling since Cristiano went MIA after government agents raided his manor.

Today, Marco and Angelica were sitting in their car outside an apartment in the heart of the city. They were eavesdropping on a Republican Faction meeting and waiting for the opportunity to strike. Things were complicated by the deteriorating condition of Angelica. While she still went on missions, the addition of Petrushka meant the second generation would soon be ready and her the other first generation cyborgs would be outdated.

"How much longer do we have to wait?" asked Angelica as her butt got number and number.

"Just a little bit." answered Marco, anxious about Angelica.

"I hope this wraps up soon, Claes said tonight she would be baking-um, she would be baking." said the girl her memory failing her yet again.

("Okay, these government pigs are getting more and more relentless. We've suffered set backs and Signore Savonarola is still missing but, I for one refuse to quit!") cried the leader of the Padania.

"How are we getting this?" asked Angelica.

("I volunteered to play maid and bugged the room.") answered Priscilla who was, as usual, aiding the team of Marco and Angelica to her fondness for the later.

("I propose the bombing of the mayor's office down town. We can get the supplies and pull it off in a week or two easily.") said the Padania leader to cheers of approval.

"We got them on tape planning an attack. We could probably take them now." said Marco.

Angelica nodded in agreement and grabbed her Steyr M1 pistol and headed toward the building with Marco behind her as cover. As each girl went inside she didn't see the ghost of Enrica Croce standing by the door.

"A young girl formerly named Angelina. Once a happy young girl she's now a cyborg after being run down by her father. As her life draws to it's close, she returns to a place were she's been before and meets a man baring a great offer and greater cost."

Angelica quickly headed inside gun drawn but, noticed a silence lingering in the air. She reached the room were the Padania were meeting she readied herself but, when Angelica kicked opened the door there was no way she could have been prepared for what she saw.

"Freeze!" cried the girl aiming her gun.

Inside the room all the Padania were still were they had been moments before but, none of the moved or even reacted in this least.

"Let me see your hands!" cried Angelica but, nobody moved.

Angelica walked over to the table were the group's leader was and aimed her gun at his head. She was determined to make them listen.

"I said let me see your hands!" repeated Angelica forcefully.

Again the man did nothing and by now Angelica was quit confused. She walked over to a nearby plant and pulled a microphone out of.

"This must be Priscilla's wire." said Angelica aloud to herself.

The girl then spotted out of the corner of her eye a trunk nearby and walked over to it. When she reached the trunk she flipped open the lid ready for anything.

"Small bags of fertilizer, containers of ammonia and bricks of C-4 plastic explosive. This is all bomb making equipment." said Angelica.

Once again, there came no reply from any of the men who remained in their still standing positions. Irked, Angelica wasn't sure if she should go find Marco or not. The men were still not moving and Angelica didn't want to just leave them alone. She then got an idea and tried to use to microphone to contact Priscilla.

"Priscilla. This is Angelica. Please reply. Over." said Angelica but, after a minute still no reply.

"Hello, Miss Priscilla. This is Angelica. I have a situation. Please reply." said Angelica but, again no reply came.

Puzzled by the entire course of events, Angelica decided to look outside and see what was going on. It was then her eyes widened.

"Everybody is frozen like the terrorists." said Angelica now feeling uncomfortable as outside everyone was frozen in place.

"Yes they are." came a voice which caused Angelica to quickly turn around.

There in the doorway stood a strange man before the girl. He was wearing a white button down shirt, black dress pants and black shoes. He was white with a medium build and raven black hair. His brown eyes were cold as ice. Under his right arm was a large black leather-bound book.

"Who are you?" asked Angelica aiming her gun at the man but, in a flash her gun was lying on the table nearby.

"I am the man responsible for freezing all the people here. I also just froze you because guns have no place in a civil conversation. My name is Simon." answered the man his words soulless.

"How did you do this?" asked Angelica confused and slightly worried.

"Easy. I used magic." answered Simon.

"You used magic." repeated Angelica skeptical.

"Indeed. I am a powerful sorcerer. I used this spell book in my possession to freeze everyone here. I can easily freeze everyone in Rome and let the Padania march into the city or I could freeze the Padania and allow you anti-terrorist agents to arrest them and end this war." explained Simon.

"If so the why haven't you do this already?" asked Angelica.

"Because the mood has never struck me." answered Simon calmly.

"If you are a sorcerer then preform magic for me." demanded Angelica.

"I've shown you examples of my power already but, if you insist then fine by me." replied Simon.

Simon then walked over to the chest that Angelica had opened and grabbed an already opened bottle of ammonia. He then walked to a nearby flower pot and poured in a small amount of ammonia killing the flower. After placing the bottle down he opened his spell book, said a few words Angelica didn't understand then with a wave of his hand the flower sprung back to life.

"That's...impossible." said Angelica awestruck by what she had just witnessed.

"Oh, it's very true my darling. Magic is just as real as the nose on your cyborg face." said Simon.

"How do you know that?!" asked Angelica alarmed.

"I told you I am a sorcerer." answered Simon, "And, I will offer you the powers that I wield."

"I could use your magic." said Angelica uncertain.

"Yes. You see, if I were to loan you my book you could do use the spells within. You could defeat the Padania, heal your body and regain your lost memories. Of course the last two are true for all the cyborgs at the Social Welfare Agency." said Simon.

"That's really nice of you." said Angelica starting to feel more at ease.

"Why it's nothing. Your compensation will be plenty and I'll give you to tonight to think about it. I'll travel to Rome and we'll meet tonight in the park we you can give me your final answer." replied Simon.

"What compensation?" asked Angelica.

"There always has to be a price. When you die, your soul will belong to Hell. You shall never know the joys of Heaven; you will be left to wander through a world made of pain and agony for all eternity." answered Simon.

"I don't want to got to Hell." said Angelica.

"The decision rests with you." said Simon smirking.

In a flash the sorcerer was gone. Angelica was standing with her gun in her right hand and Simon's spell book in her left. It was only then the Padania noticed her.

"Hey!" cried the Padania leader.

"Freeze!" cried Angelica quickly aiming her gun and capturing all the Padania before they could move.

The men were caught suddenly without arms and forced to surrender. The terrorists were taken away and their weapons seized. However, despite the success on her mission Angelica was still queasy about her meeting with Simon. As she sat in Marco's car her mind was elsewhere.

"Are you okay Angelica?" asked Priscilla noticing how uneasy the girl was.

"Not really." answered Angelica clearly distracted.

"Hey, what's that?" asked Marco seeing the book Angelica had next to her.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you sir." answered Angelica.

"Tell me." said Marco.

"It's a spell book. A sorcerer gave it to me." replied Angelica.

"This isn't the time for games." said Marco.

"Please explain exactly what you mean." added Priscilla gentler.

"When I went inside everyone was frozen in the room and outside. Then I met a sorcerer named Simon who said he did it with a spell book. He never brought a flower back to life before my eyes." explained Angelica.

"It must be a glitch caused by conditioning. I'll have to get Bianchi to look into it." said Marco aloud.

"Don't forget, Angelica did somehow get stuck in her wall before." noted Priscilla.

"That was weird but, magic isn't real." replied Marco dismissively.

"It's true. I bet the microphone-" began Angelica before realizing she removed the microphone before talking to Simon.

"Why exactly did this Simon give you his book?" asked Priscilla.

"He said I could use it to defeat the Padania and restore the health and memories of me and all the girls." answered Angelica.

"Don't be absurd." said Marco not wanting false hope.

"It's true. But, there is a price I have to pay." replied Angelica anxious.

"What price?" asked Priscilla.

"I have to sell my soul. Simon told me when I die my soul will belong to Hell and I'd never seen Heaven. He's coming to Rome tonight for my decision." answered Angelica scared.

"I've got to hand it to you, you're really creative." said Marco with a grin, "You really had me going there."

"This isn't a story! It's the truth!" countered Angelica frantic.

Despite her best efforts, Marco only believed she was playing a game and several attempts to convince him on the way back to Rome proved fruitless. Upon returning, Angelica decided her sisters might help and went searching for them.

Angelica looked around and soon discovered they were enjoying baked goods and tea in the room of Triela and Claes. When she arrived she found not only those two but, also Henrietta and Rico there.

"Good to see your back Angelica. We've saved you pastries and tea." greeted Henrietta warmly.

"I've got something else more important on my mind." replied Angelica holding out the book.

"What's that?" asked Rico.

"It's a spell book. A sorcerer named Simon gave it to me after freezing everyone in Magenta." answered Angelica.

"I think your imagination is running away." replied Triela.

"I knew you wouldn't believe me." sighed Angelica, "But, it really happened. Remember, I did get stuck in my wall so this can't be too difficult to understand."

"If it is a spell book then cast a spell." proposed Claes.

"It's not that simple." said Angelica.

"Just tell us everything that happened." replied Triela.

"I was in Magenta and everything was going fine but, when I went inside to apprehend the Padania they were frozen in place. I looked outside and everyone there was frozen too. Then Simon walked in the room. He froze me, told me he'd done this and proved his power by killing a flower and bringing right back to life. He then offered me this book to defeat the Padania, restore our health and restore our memories." explained Angelica.

"That's great!" cried Rico happily.

"Not quite." replied Angelica.

"What do you mean?" asked Henrietta.

"Simon told me to use this book my soul would belong to Hell. I'm not sure what to do." answered Angelica getting frantic.

"I'm sure that won't happen. You just need to stay calm." replied Triela calming her younger sister down.

"Let me see that book." said Claes.

"Okay." said Angelica handing her the book.

"Well?" asked Triela as the bespectacled girl went over ever detail of the book.

"It's written in an odd language I've never encountered before. I can't verify any
"magical" qualities this book may or may not posses." answered Claes returning the book.

"I don't know now what to do." said Angelica just feeling overwhelmed.

"Henrietta, what's for dinner?" asked a still hungry Rico.

"I think it's pasta." answered the brunette.

"That's odd, I got this strange feeling when Henrietta said pasta. Like something...I forgot." said Angelica aloud.

"Might be a memory that hasn't been entirely erased." proposed Claes.

"If I use this book we could all get our health and memories restored." replied Angelica, "I have to think."

"Angelica, don't worry. Just stay calm and make a rational decision." advised Triela.

"I will." said Angelica before leaving with Rico and Henrietta behind her.

"You really don't believe that's magic do you?" asked Claes skeptically.

"No but, Angelica's mind is going due to the conditioning. It's best to play along." answered Triela with concern clearly in her voice.

Angelica went to her room and laid down on her bed. She spent the rest of the day trying to figure out what to do and before she realized it night had fallen. Angelica processed everything as best she could one final time then snuck out of the Agency using her training to avoid being caught and made her way to the park carrying the book.

"I feel like there's something about this park..." said Angelica aloud to herself.

"Glad to see you made it." said Simon slyly as he emerged from behind a tree.

"I've thought of your offer...I'll do it." said Angelica.

"Good girl." replied a smiling Simon.

"Here you go." said Angelica handing the man his book back.

"Thank you my dear." replied Simon taking the book.

"Did you sell your soul to use this book?" asked Angelica.

"I did. Honestly, the thoughts of Hell become less frightening over time and the power I wield from this book outweigh them for me." answered Simon.

"I see." replied Angelica distracted.

"Please tell me what is distracting you." said Simon.

"There's just something about this park that feels...weird. Like something happened here I can't remember." confessed Angelica.

"Allow me to help you." said Simon.

The sorcerer then cracked open the book and flipped a few pages before finding the page he was looking for. He then said some words Angelica couldn't understand and waved his hand.

"Wait...I remember. It's Elsa. She was another cyborg and she killed herself here." said Angelica as the memories flooded back to her.

"I'm truly sorry for your loss." said Simon flipping the pages again.

"Thank you. Elsa might not have been the nicest person but, she didn't deserve that." replied Angelica.

"It's time to begin." said Simon.

"I understand." said Angelica taking a deep breath.

"Here we go." said Simon.

The sorcerer then looked at the words on the page and began to read. As the strange words entered Angelica's ears she began feeling a weird sensation running through body.

"Stop!" cried Angelica falling to her knees.

"I realize this must be terrifying but, we must continue." said the sorcerer.

"Simon, I can't do this." replied Angelica standing up.

"I don't understand." said Simon.

"Thank you for the generous offer Simon but, I can't go through with it. The thought of spending eternity in Hell is too much for me. I have to reject your offer." explained Angelica.

"Are you certain?" asked Simon.

"Yes I am." answered Angelica confident.

"I see. There's no way I can change your mind." said Simon closing his book and turning around.

"Goodbye Simon." said Angelica.

"Goodbye to you little Angelica. I do understand you being nervous about your after life." replied Simon before adding softly, "But, then again, you'll find out the answer soon enough."

Simon and Angelica parted ways leaving the park. Angelica went back to the Agency and fell back to sleep. When she awoke Angelica was still had some doubt about her decision but, she felt at ease for rejecting Simon's offer.

"Angelica, get ready. We've got to go soon." said Marco approaching the girl.

"What's our mission sir?" asked Angelica.

"There's a bomb threat we've got to look for in Rome." answered Marco.

The two got up and left readying for their mission. As they did, the ghost of Enrica appeared watching them.

"Angelica, a cyborg who rejected a chance for powers beyond human comprehension. The reason she did so was she feared for her afterlife but, death comes when you least suspect. Angelica, the girl who rejected an offer, from the Twilight Zone."

A/N: There we are. The character Simon was inspired by the Biblical figure Simon Magus aka Simon the Sorcerer who tried to buy the power of God. In the apocryphal Acts of Peter he reappears in Rome which, along with him being a sorcerer, are what inspired me to use his likeness. The episode this was based on was "Still Valley". The part of Angelica having to sell her soul and the words used were a reference to the series Hell Girl. The words Simon used to tell here were from the same series. My next chapter of "Second Chance" is coming out in ten days so I hope you check that out and please review.