I'm still alive, yes. Kind of. Life is a bit chaotic at the moment. Don't expect humour today.

I used a random word generator to get some ideas to get to writing, and the words that came up were Loyalty and Pupil. And then this popped into my head. I've been dying to write about HUNK and Vector ever since I saw the trailer for ORC, and now I finally have the chance and inspiration to do so.

Warnings; Character death. OC, but nothing extreme. This is NOT the (sometimes silly) HUNK I always write. It isn't set in the same storyline as my other stories.

I know I keep disappearing, I've been in other fandoms, but if someone takes the time to read this… I really hope you'll enjoy it.

HUNK could be considered a lot of things. He could be considered cold, uninterested and maybe even avoidant. He could be considered boring, quiet and perhaps a bit obsessed. But there was one thing the man had going for him, that not many others had going for them. He was loyal to the bone.

Loyalty was something HUNK appreciated. After spending his childhood with parents and an older sister that were hardly ever around, he had started to pride himself in his loyalty. Sure, he was only loyal to Umbrella, but considering the fact he only really gave a damn about his job, he figured he didn't need to extend his loyalty to anything else. At least he was always around to get the job done, and that couldn't be said about all U.S.S. agents. Heck, that couldn't be said about any of the other U.S.S. agents, save for one.


In the two years Vector had been working for Umbrella, he had never called in sick. He had never failed a mission, not even after he had been made captain of Wolfpack, after Lupo decided to quit due to injuries that refused to heal properly. As a matter of fact, Wolfpack had only become faster and better after Vector took Lupo's place.

Sure, Vector wasn't the nicest man around, nor the most talkative or caring, but he definitely had the skills to lead others into battle. And, unlike the case with HUNK, Vector hardly ever lost any of his team mates during the missions he was sent on. HUNK wasn't sure about how that was possible, but he didn't really care much. If Vector felt the need to help his team when they were in trouble, then that was his decision. As long as he got the job done, it didn't matter much. And getting the job done he did.

The two men never worked together after Raccoon City. They trained together sometimes, they sparred and they exchanged work related information, but that was pretty much it. While Vector, at times, seemed interested in having personal conversations, he never once pushed it. He knew HUNK was fond of his privacy and he didn't really feel like getting on his former master's bad side, as that probably wouldn't do anybody any good.

It wasn't until the year 2000 that the two got to work together again. An outbreak had occurred not too far from where Raccoon City had been, and Umbrella decided to send Wolfpack out on a mission to gather information as to who had been behind that particular outbreak. Considering the fact Umbrella had not actually been selling any viruses, it was vital for them to know what exactly was going on. So rather than depending on Wolfpack alone, they had decided to send HUNK along with them. If Vector didn't get the job done, then they always had HUNK to fall back on.

Aside from HUNK and Vector, two other members of Wolfpack came along. Beltway and a young woman codenamed Chair, who was supposed to replace Bertha as a medic. Bertha would've gone herself, but she had gotten pregnant, and wasn't going to do any field work for at least a year. Chair wasn't really bad, but she wasn't nearly as good as Bertha was, probably because she was still young and lacking in experience. She had only recently completed her training, and was still learning. Still, Vector preferred to have a medic on his team, and so Chair would have to do until Bertha came back.

At first, the mission seemed relatively easy. The outbreak had only happened a day ago, and there weren't as many crimson heads and hunters as they would usually encounter. They felt like they were on the right track, and Beltway and Chair were both in a good mood.

Upon entering a new area, Chair spotted something on the ground and bent over to pick it up. Just as she was properly getting back on her feet, Beltway rammed his body into her back and she ended up on the ground.

Beltway sat down on the young medic. "You are a fucking chair, you know."

Chair grunted something under her breath. "As long as I have a back, you'll always have a place to sit."

Beltway laughed and pulled the woman's hair. He was sick of how serious Vector and HUNK were acting, and had a hard time acting sane that day.

HUNK stood behind Beltway and nudged the large man with his pistol. "Move, we have a mission, and if you refuse to actually do your job, there will be consequences."

Beltway sighed and nodded. He got back on his feet and cracked his neck. Behind him, Chair was getting back up too, and stayed up at least for five whole seconds, before a loud bang was heard, and she went to the ground again.

HUNK instantly crouched behind a car and scanned the area, while Vector turned completely invisible. Beltway just stood next to Chair, who now had a bleeding hole in her stomach.

"Oh fuck." Beltway shook his head. "Oh fuck, Chair, that…"

"Beltway, you idiot, get to cover!" Vector's voice came from somewhere to the right. "I think I see someone…" The hooded man fired his gun and somewhere on a roof, a sniper went down.

"Snipers?" Beltway was standing in an alleyway and scowled, though that invisible behind his mask. "Bet it's Spec Ops again, those motherfuckers always interfere with our shit."

When it seemed there were no other soldiers in the area, Vector went back to Chair and sighed. "Damn. You can't fix that."

"That's life. Let's move." HUNK appeared behind Vector and glanced at Chair once before turning around and walking away.

"Could you at least… finish it?" Chair whispered. "Don't let them… eat me or something."

Vector nodded and aimed his pistol. "Night." And with two well-aimed shots, one to the head and one to the chest, he took her out himself. He turned around and stared at Beltway. "You… If you fuck up again, I will not have the decency to put you out of your misery. So either you start doing your damn job, or you can get the hell away from here. Your call." And with those words, Vector went after HUNK.

There will be a chapter two soon, as this is a two-shot. I need to sleep soon. Have a lovely day! :)