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Flashbacks will be in italic. Er..and so will thoughts...

Chapter 15: Follow the Path

"Oh dear I've done it again!" Kagome looked down at a sleeping Rin, her chocolate ringlets delicately framing her face as if someone had purposely put them there. This is the third time this week that I've gone off into my head and Rin has fallen asleep before me. Oh what will Lord Sesshoumaru think if he knew?

She stood and walked toward the door to call for a servant to take Rin to her bedroom when she heard a soft tapping behind her. Turning, she looked at the window and found nothing there. "I do believe I am beginning to imagine things." Kagome said to herself before stepping out of the room.

While Rin slept immediately Kagome assumed that Inuyasha would be around soon to fetch her. When he did not she began to worry.
She stood near a window overlooking Sesshoumaru's land near the maze. Snow covered the vast landscape like chocolate sauce over ice cream and the window fogged where her light breath hit it. Where could he be? she thought. It is not like Inuyasha to be late...

After a while of quiet staring she turned away from the window and walked down the hallway toward the stairs leading to the main floor. Her head was slightly down in thought and she stared hard at the floor. They had been enjoying their times together even more since Sango's ball. Inuyasha and Miroku had even treated Kagome and Sango to a wonderful picnic on the last warm day of the season. Kohaku, Souta and even their little friend Shippou had been appropriately appointed Official Chaperones. Servants arranged a plentiful selection of fruits, vegetables and small sandwhiches to nibble through the event. Kagome found herself impressed with the celebration yet Sango did not seem amused. Miroku somehow placed himself next to her without her knowing and her annoyance was flowing about as if it were a fog.

"Do not think that because I accepted your offer to come here that I am allowing you to court me in any way." Sango said, giving Miroku a pointed look.

"Please, let no such words drip from thine lips any longer! My delicate heart cannot take much more!" Miroku cried. Inuyasha stared at him in slight amusement.

"Kagome, what is..courting?" Souta said, looking over at his sister who instantly flushed.

"I-uhm...well...Souta...that is..." Kagome stuttered.

"It is one of the most wonderous things a man can do for a woman." Miroku said with a wink at Souta. " to-

"Say it and I will maim you." Inuyasha growled.

"Marrying her?" Miroku finished with a confused look.

"You were not going to say that! Do not play like you were!" Inuyasha cried. Kagome and Sango relaxed. The attention had been lost from him so Souta motioned for Kohaku and Shippou to follow him and the trio wandered off in silence.

Kagome took a piece of fruit from a plate and nibbled on it quietly, glancing around at the beautiful scene set before them. Leaves were falling, drained of their usual green hues and taking on various shades reds, yellows and oranges. She hadn't been this content in quite some time. She was experiencing a beautiful day with-

Kagome stopped in her musings and blinked. A soft voice floated to her ears. The light breath of a breeze touched her skin through an open window. "Someone is singing..." Kagome thought, stepping over to the window and peering out. The window overlooked the now snow covered maze that Sesshoumaru secretly frequented at night. Her eyes scanned the landscape until she caught a flash of red coming from the center. "The fountain!"

Her curiosity now piqued Kagome made her way to the main door, peeking around for any servants passing by. Seeing none she quickly slipped into her hooded cloak and winter gloves and silently crept outside. The day was clear and the sun shone brightly, the air cold enough to only irritate the young lady as she shifted through the soft layer of snow. Oh skirts will be damp from the will be something I cannot hide...She thought in slight annoyance.

The voice that had somehow burst into song took her from her thoughts again as she made her way through the maze trying to pinpoint the direction to its center. She had not traveled the maze since that afternoon long ago but her feet carried her without much trouble. The melody became stronger the closer she got and Kagome found herself getting anxious as she grew nearer.

"And at last your words come to me...long ago
I cried
Take a breath, your fingertips...soothing
Cry out, cry out
It's over and done
And at last your words come to me...long ago I died..."

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