Sherlock collapsed to his knees. The bitter cold of the concrete nipping at his palms in a bid to stay upright. His head lulled backwards, his eyelids growing heavier and heavier as each second flew past.

He crawled, wretched gasps escaping from his trembling lips as he persisted to keep control of his rebellious body."Deja vu?" A voice purred from his side. He jerked backwards, searching desperately for its source.

"I borrowed the drugs from a friend of mine," the voice continued with an unnerving calmness.

Sherlock's eyes grew wide before finally he couldn't battle his drooping eyelids any longer and his dazed gaze was gone.

He slipped back into consciousness, what he had already assumed had been, hours later.

"No wonder she uses them," the gentle tones started again. Sherlock's eyes flickered open, meeting with his captor, who paced back and forth. Distorted shapes of navy blue, black and white danced before him.

"Moriarty," he mustered a slur.

"Oh, you can speak!" The kidnapper exclaimed, halting abruptly to focus on the stirring detective.

"As I was saying before, It really is no wonder that she uses those drugs. I could have done anything to you."Sherlock could sense a smile forming on Jim's lips as he spoke. Drowsiness still corrupted Sherlock's body, his limbs had grown into weights, a pounding pulsating within his head, so he decided against replying just yet.

"I missed you." Jim didn't allow silence to settle.

He crouched before his prey. He extended a hand towards Sherlock, resting it gently on his cheek. Sherlock flinched at his touch, his head moved with a frigid jerk.

"Haven't you missed it Sherlock? All the fun we had," Jim feigned a frown as his hand fell to his side.

"You're supposed to be dead," Sherlock abandoned the quiet treatment.

"That's kind of hypocritical, don't you think?" Jim raised an eyebrow, disguising his delight that Sherlock had responded with a faked tone of disinterest.

"What do you want?" Sherlck swallowed.


Well that was awfully short wasn't it? This little series of short 'chapters' or 'drabbles' or whatever is because i'm struggling from a case of writer's block and this is helping me to you know, write again. So, I apologize for the disappointment. It'd be lovely to hear your opinions though, 'cause then I'd know what to work on for future writings.