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The quiet of the garden in the middle of the night surrounded them. His almost silent whisper broke the silence, "You do realize this goes against everything in me? I hope your father desists from gutting me, though it's no more than I deserve. I came here at his request to pay court to your sister." His kiss was soft and warm against her ear.

She burrowed further down into his lap, not caring how uncomfortable it made him. "She willnae care. She doesnae even like ye. Ye're English." She giggled against his neck.

He distanced himself from her a tiny measure so that he could look into the depths of her dark eyes. They were the most beautiful eyes he'd ever seen. "You care not if I'm English or Scottish though," his statement hung in the air between them, but she could see the question in his eyes.

"Nay! I dinnae care a'tall! Dinnae-" Whatever else she'd been going to say was lost to her as he ravaged her mouth with his.

Their lips moved together, slanting and opening. Tongues dueled for dominance as they explored each other. His hands roamed her soft body, and she caressed his finely muscled back.

They could have carried on for hours, but someone cleared their throat behind them. She sprang out of his lap to smooth her skirts and he stood almost as quickly to adjust his hose and smooth his jupon.

"Weel, I can assure fither that I'll nay be marrying the English mon," she sneered.

"Nay! Please dinnae tell fither that… that…"

The hesitation and blush that was evident in her sister caused her to sigh deeply, "Dinnae worry yerself so, I willnae be saying anything. But I cannae be marrying him either, now can I, wee sister?"

"Nay, ye cannae," came the whispered reply. "Please, dinnae marry him… I love him."

"Aye, ye do. Tis written on yer face plain as day; I think a blind mon could see it!" came the quick reply.

"Dinnae jest, please? I couldnae help it…" the tears that shone in her eyes caused her sister to pull her into a light embrace.

"I ken it. One cannae e'er help it when they fall in love," the sigh that issued forth was heavy.

The gentlemen had waited patiently for the sisters to come to an agreement before speaking, "I will, of course, see what I can do to repair this situation to benefit us all. I am not certain how to do that, but I shall find a way." He paused to stare into the eyes of his betrothed, "I'm sorry, my lady. I did not want to hurt you, but I… I could not seem to… to help myself. She has bewitched me. I fear I have fallen in love with her as well."

"I and ye best make it right between the two o'ye. But nay, ye cannae go speaking to my fither, English. I'll tell him that I dinnae want ye. It willnae be a lie at any rate. Cannae be marrying someone that loves my sister, now can I?" He knew she meant to insult him with the sneered English but he was proud of his heritage.

"Are you quite sure that will be okay? As a man, I feel it my duty to speak-"

She cut him off, "Nay. I will take care of it."

He pulled the girl he loved into his arms and tried to rub soothing circles into her back, but tension held them both captive. He escorted her to her chamber, and kissed her gently before bidding her a quiet good sleep.

The next morning, he was ushered out of the keep with his saddlebags and told to leave and not return. This edict would crush them both.


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