"Hey! What are you doing sitting under this tree all alone?"
"I think the real question is what are you doing talking to me? Don't I scare you?"
"Of course not! You don't look scary. You look lonely. That's why I came over. It looked like you needed a friend."
"Don't you care what everyone else will think?"
"No not really. And if they say something I'll just beat them up!"
"Right. I'd like to see you try."
"I will! But, uhh…what's your name?"
"Tafalgar Law."
"Oh! Well, I'm your new friend!"
"Oh really? And what's your name?"
"The names—"

Law woke up from his sleep. His alarm was going off like crazy again. That meant yet another dreadful school day. He sat up in bed, and then slammed down on his alarm clock, thus shutting it off. His room was pitch black. He and all his other roommates weren't morning people. Yet he was always the first one to get up. Mostly so he could have a drink of coffee. Even though he got tons of sleep, he still had bags under his eyes. He wasn't sure why either.

He stood up and turned the light on. With the lights being so bright, he went blind for a minute or two and only yellow and white was in his eyes. "Oi, wake your ass up." He said to his redheaded roommate. He just mumbled and put a pillow over his head. Law just shrugged it off. It was the daily routine. He walked over to the coffee pot and turned it on. By the time he got dressed in his school uniform, which he slightly modified, it would be done and ready to drink.

That dream again… He put a white under shirt on and then the school black jacket that he left unbuttoned. Of her… Once he put on the slacks and his black shoes, he went under his bed and pulled out his backpack and placed it on the table. While he poured his coffee into his mug he let out a long sigh. It happened 12 years ago and it seems like only yesterday…but I haven't had that dream in a long time…so why now?

He slung his backpack over his shoulder, grabbed his key, and then walked out of his dorm. He woke up extra early to go see his best friend Bepo. Only there was something different about Bepo. For one, he was a Polar Bear. And second, he could walk and talk. Law used to have him as a child. That was until word got out that a little kid had a baby Polar Bear and the Zoo took it from him. Since then he's been seeing Bepo every day.

Once he reached the Zoo it was still closed at 5:00 in the morning. So, he hopped the fence. Once he did he made his way towards the Polar Bear pen. Before he hopped the Polar Bear fence, he made sure he brought Bepo some treats. "Oi, Bepo. It's me Law."

"Captain-san!" He yelled with excitement as he picked Law up in a huge bear hug. Law always smiled when he was around Bepo. He was the only one who ever made him do it. The only reason Bepo called him, 'Captain", was because when they were younger their favorite game was Pirates. Law, of course was always the captain.

"Here Bepo-ya, I brought you some snacks." He said as he pulled them out of his backpack.

"Thank you Captain-san." There was a bit of disappointment in his voice. Law knew why and smirked. "You didn't think I forgot did you?"

Bepo shot his head up, "So you didn't forget?" Law just shook his head. He would never forget such an occasion. He reached in his backpack again and pulled out a large, orange jump suit. He smiled and gave it to him. "It has my old pirate logo on it. Same for my current logo for my medical business. I'm positive that it's a perfect fit!" He had a bright smile on his Bepo.

Bepo looked from Law to the bright orange suit. It looked as if he was about to cry. His feet scrambled to hurry up and try on the new present Law bought him. Once he zipped it up he really did cry. "Oh, Captain-san! I love it!" He said picking him up and hugging him tight. Law chuckled, "Just don't get caught wearing it okay? They might take it from you." Bepo just nodded in response.

The two talked for hours and Law knew he had to leave soon. The Zoo opened at 7:00 and Law had to be at school my 7:25. The Polar Bear pen was the last to be checked though.

"Hey…Bepo….I had that dream again…about her." Law said in almost a whisper.
"Really? It's been awhile since you last had that dream."
"Yeah. I know. Maybe it was nothing though."

Law heard people coming this way. "Well, I'll see you later today Bepo."
Bepo hugged him and took off the jump suit, and placed it in his secret hiding place. But by that time, Law was long gone and halfway to school.

Once Law arrived at his high school, Grand Line High School, he hung out with his normal group of friends. They always got in detention. That's how they knew each other. The group consisted of, Kid, Hawkins, X Drake, Killer, Capone, Apoo, Urouge, Zoro, and Luffy. Not including Law himself. The only people who weren't really in the group were Luffy and Zoro. Who had their own little group of friends. Law, like most of the people at the school, he had eaten a devil fruit.

The only bad news about that was that if you had eaten a devil fruit, you were an outcast. A freak. Law normally didn't give a rat's ass about what people thought about him. If you didn't like him, that was your own personal problem. But, many have told him not too, unless necessary. He didn't like people telling him what to do. It pissed him off.
It was surprising to not have seen Luffy ever use his devil fruit powers. But his group explained it to him and they somehow kept him under control of using it. Same goes for the other members of his group who had eaten the devil fruit. But, whatever, that wasn't any of his business.

Apparently, the whole school was buzzing about this new girl. Great… Lately, girls have been all over him. It was rather annoying. He had no interest in them. "Hey, I'll talk to you guys later. I'm gonna go on ahead to class." And with that Law turned around. He couldn't help but wonder about this new girl.

Well, he hadn't had her at all in his 1st, 2nd, or 3rd block. But his 4th block, which was Biology. And the teacher was Dr. Kureha. She got on his last nerve but she knew what she was talking about. Even though he already knew everything.

"Alright now listen up. We have a new student." Kureha said as she brought up a bottle of wine to drink. She was one of those teachers who didn't care and could get away with things. "Well? Come on. Bring your ass in here."

Law's eyes grew wide as the female walked in. His mind was thinking 1,000 thought per second. It's….her… It was the same soft looking pink hair. And those same beautiful purple eyes. He gulped as she began to speak.

"Umm…Hey. The names—"

"I will! But, uhh…what's your name?"

"Tafalgar Law."

"Oh! Well, I'm your new friend!"

"Oh really? And what's your name?"

"The names-


"Bonney. Jewelry Bonney."