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(4 years ago.

Location: Grand Line Middle School

Class: Ms. Makino)

It was a normal routine for the thirteen-year-old boy. He would wake up every morning to nothing. Parents? Well, he didn't have any. And he refused to go to any orphanage. He was used to the loneliness. He accepected it. Besides, he wasn't exactly what you would call, a 'normal' child.

Life was hard for the little boy. Extremely actually. After all, he had to get everything for himself and he lived with people he didn't even know. Of course they didn't know that he was living at their house. Luckily, he was able to get himself in school though. Grand Line Middle School was its name. And of course, Law went there every day.

But little did Law know that this whole week, and even for a couple of months was going to be different. Law was currently in Ms. Makino's class, reading on of the medical books he would get from the library. That was his dream. To become a doctor.

The only good thing about having Ms. Makino was that she was the sweetest and easiest teacher there was in the whole school. But, today was one of those special school days where the kids didn't have to do any work and they just had fun. Law could care less about that. All he wanted to do was read his book. And even if he did 'play', no one would play with him. They would look at him like he was insane.

Makino let all the kids outside and it was a mad house. The whole school was outside and it was getting on his nerves. So much noise was around him and it was hard to concentrate on his book. Looking around, he found a tree that was away from everyone else. Walking over to it, he took a seat and began to read.

But for whatever reason, Law continued to look up. It felt like pair of eyes were staring at him. But, when he read a paragraph and looked back up, there was a girl standing in front of him. She had medium length soft pink hair and she had purple eyes. Law looked at her and then back to his book. Maybe she would leave. But once again, when he looked up, she was still there. Law grit his teeth and closed the book. "Can I help you with something?"

"Why are you sitting here alone?" That question made his eyes widen slightly but he looked at her. "Why not? All I'm trying to do is read my book. And yet I'm finding it hard to even do that." Sure, Law was being cold to the girl. But everyone treated him like that. So why should he be nice to the girl? The female held out her hand to him, "I'm Bonney. Jewelry Bonney. You look lonely and need a friend. I'll be that friend." She stated it so plainly. Almost like a demanded. And that it was going to happen whether he liked it or not. Law sighed and took her hand, standing up. "Trafalgar Law." He stated. Bonney smirked a little and nodded, "Nice to meet cha!"

The two talked for the rest of the day. And then the next, and the next, and so forth. Law had a friend. A great one at that. But, soon a particular day came. It was the last day of school. And on the last day, fights we're everywhere. Someone always had beef on someone. Well, a lot of people had beef on Bonney and Law.

Law was walking out to the field to meet Bonney like any other ordinary day after school. But, this day was different. Looking at the tree, Law saw two older figures and three smaller ones. One thing he didn't miss was that pink hair. Soon he found his legs running to the tree and he stopped at the sight. Bonney was bleeding, sitting on her knees with her hands tied behind her back.

One of the boys smirked, "SO you finally came? This is my older brother along with his friend. We're going to teach you a proper lesson on how to talk to people!" Soon Bonney stood up and ran to ran to Law. He quickly untied her and the boy smirked, "That's fine. We're still gonna kick you're asses!"

"Are you okay, Bonney-ya?"

"Yeah. I'm fine." She said, clearly pissed.

"Leave. Now." Law said. Bonney spun around and looked at him. "There is no way in hell I'm doing that! These punks are going down!" He was shocked but she obviously wasn't going to change her mind.

"Eh? You're gonna have a female fight your battles?"

Bonney snickered and her hand became a fist. "You're the pathetic one! Having other people fight your battles. You're just a coward hiding behind someone else's shadow. Now tell me who the weak one is." Both Law and Bonney smirked. The boy on the other hand was pissed off. He ran towards Bonney, aiming a fist at her face but he was sloppy. Law grabbed the boy's hand before it hit Bonney and she never flinched. So, Bonney countered by punching him in the face and then Law flipped the boy on his back.

Luckily for Bonney and Law, they knew how to fight. Law had to know and he showed Bonney how to do it as well. But her uncle had showed her a thing or two as well. Of course, he was crying like a little boy. Well, just as Bonney was going to say a smart remark, she felt a kick in her stomach and she grunted, falling to the ground. "Bonney-ya!"But, Law couldn't do anything either since he received a punch as well. They were both trying to take steady, even breathes but soon a click was heard. It was a gun.

The taller one pulled out a gun while the smaller older teenager pulled out a knife. Both of them stood up, taking a stance. All they could do was physical attacks. But that would only get them so far compared to these gigantic teens. Either way, they both ran to them. As long as they had a weapon they were both in trouble.

Law ran up to the one with the knife while Bonney handled the gun holder. Law got in a good couple of punches but once he began to use the knife, Law went to defense. But it only did so well considering that he received a scratch on the cheek.

"Ahh!" A female screech was heard and Law looked over to Bonney. She was caught by the arm and held up. "Bonney-ya!" But as he was going to yell at her, the middle school boy who had been crying grabbed him. Same goes for then one with the knife. "Let go of me!" Law was struggling to get to his friend. He had to save her. There was no other option.

But soon the sound of a gun went off.

And when Law looked up, the color he saw was red.


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