Badass Percy, Chapter 1

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Percy's POV:

I was walking to the dinning pavilion when Chiron walked by…well galloped…

"Percy go find Thalia, Nico and Grover please, bring 'em to the Big House" I nodded and he left. Why not Annabeth? Maybe were in trouble, if we were than why does Grover have to come? I can easily see me especially Thalia and Nico getting into trouble but not Grover and definitely not Annabeth… she's too good.

Anyways I decided to find Nico first, hmmm…where is Nico most of the time… Probably eating. I walk in the dining pavilion and see him at the Hades table.

"Hey Nico, Chiron wants us at The Big House" I sit across from him, he looks up from his bowl of cereal, "Us?" he asks, "Yah me you Thalia and Grover" I get up and leave, looking for Grover…I get out of the dinning pavilion and walk around to the basket ball court, that was easy although I didn't expect him here, "Sup G-Man, you 'got to head to The Big House, don't ask why you'll find out" I just left him there looking all confused, good cause so am I. I walk to Cabin1, Zeus's. I knock on the door- nothing. You know what I don't give a damn, I'm hungry and tired so to bad! I walk in and find Thalia peacefully sleeping…aw she seems so sweet and cute and it looks like she never hurt you… bad!

I walk up to her and shake her shoulder roughly, "Wake up you lazy chick"