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The peace was shattered one early spring morning. Heather and Sadie were out for a walk on Unicorn Way, chatting and admiring the newly blooming flowers.

"Look at the poppies!" Sadie exclaimed, pointing to a small patch of the bright scarlet flowers. Heather smiled. Growing very near the poppies was a clump of purple heather.

"They're b-beautiful," the Conjurer remarked, kneeling beside the flowers. She leaned close to them, breathing in the sweet scent. Sadie sat beside her, carefully picking a sprig of heather and tucking it behind her older sister's ear.

"So are you, Heather," she declared, giggling. Heather carefully chose a white poppy and stuck it into Sadie's hair. The Magus smiled. "We're flower sisters!"

The two sisters laughed and enjoyed their day. They were too far from Ravenwood to hear the disturbances in the magical school, nor would they discover what had happened until much later that night.


"Do you think about Mom and Dad a lot?" Sadie asked suddenly. Heather flinched in surprise, nearly pulling out a strand of Sadie's hair, which she was braiding.

"W-what makes you ask that?" She asked nervously.

"Nothing. I guess I was just wondering," the Thaumaturge replied.

"I … don't really think about them m-much. I don't mean that I've forgotten them, but there are a l-lot of other things on my mind … I just d-don't have t-time to concentrate on them," Heather told her cautiously. She didn't let on about the nightmares she had been having. Ever since she'd learned the Earthquake spell, they had been plaguing her dreams, attacking her when she was at her most vulnerable.

"Oh." Sadie folded her hands in her lap and stared out the window. She leaned forwards in confusion, and suddenly jumped off the bed, tearing the unfinished braid out of Heather's hands and running to the window. "Oh, giants … Heather, come here!" The Conjurer rushed to her sister's side.

"What in the S-spiral happened?" She gasped, staring out at the chaos. Wizards were running every which way, and off in the distance, there was a gaping hole where the Death School should have been.

"We'd better go find out," Sadie decided, pulling her hood up and grabbing her wand from the desk. Heather snatched up her staff and ran out of the room after her sister.


The chaos was even worse outside than inside. Wizards were rushing everywhere. Younger students were screaming, and the older ones were attempting to find out what to do. All around the hole in the ground were people, staring down into the pit as though they could see where the Death School had gone. A tall, black haired boy dressed in Grandmaster Necromancer robes was calling names and checking them off on a clipboard, looking very nervous and frazzled as people crowded around him. Heather grabbed Sadie's hand before taking off for the Life School- and paused. Sylvia had died just a month before, and the new professor from Mooshu- Professor Wu- was visiting family for the weekend. The Conjurer quickly made up her mind and continued on towards the Myth School. Professor Drake had to know something; his School was directly next to the Death School, and the Necromancy professor was his brother.

"Professor Drake!" She called, pushing open the door to the School. "Professor Drake, what's going-" Heather stopped. The Myth Professor was sitting at his desk, head in hands. His eyes were squeezed shut. "Professor Drake? …Are you okay?"

"Of course I'm not okay! My brother has gone mad!" He yelled, standing up so suddenly that his chair tipped over backwards. Sadie squeaked and hid behind Heather.

"What do you m-mean?" The Legendary Conjurer gasped, staring at him in shock.

"Malistaire's gone insane! He tore the entire Death School away from Ravenwood- goodness knows where it is now! He's apparently also taken Patrick Firesong!"

"The Fire Professor? W-wait, his last name is F-firesong?" Heather connected the dots in her mind. Patrick Firesong was Alexandra Firesong's father- her real father. The Legendary suddenly felt very sick. Both of Alex's dads, gone in one day, and her mother dead for a month … that was far more pain than one girl should ever have to experience at once. She wasn't even sure that the tough Necromancer would be able to handle that kind of loss.

"Rosegem, if you have nothing else to be doing, I suggest you help with the relief efforts; there has been damage to buildings in the areas surrounding Ravenwood, and many people have been injured from falling rocks. With your Theurgy skills, you should be of some use to them." He waved his hand towards the door and began rummaging through a desk drawer.

Heather knew better than to comment on his seeming lack of helpfulness; she simply took Sadie's hand once more, and the sisters hurried out of the Myth School. Heather dimly realized on the way out that her professor had given her an almost- compliment.


Cyrus Drake had been right; Theurgists were rushing everywhere, frantically trying to aide all of the people that had been injured. Rocks had apparently fallen like rain when the School was torn away, and there had also been the bizarre spell Malistaire had cast to rip off part of Ravenwood. The spell had apparently poisoned anyone that touched it, leaving many wizards with enormous black boils on their skin.

"Sadie, what healing s-spells have you learned so f-far?" Heather murmured to the young Thaumaturge as she approached a fallen victim of the rocks.

"Up to satyr," she whispered back, staring at the fallen apprentice with wide eyes.

"You'll have to heal her after I m-move the rock; I don't think I can do b-both," she instructed, searching her deck for the card she wanted.


"No buts! You're a Magus, Sadie, not a helpless novice. You can help more than you know. Get the card ready, and cast it as soon as the rock is out of the way."

"Okay. I think I can do that." The Magus was green in the face as she saw the blood seeping out from under the giant rock, but she bit her lip and pulled the card from her deck. Heather drew the Myth symbol with her wand, and a Cyclops leaped out of the card, landing with a thud.

"Cyclops, c-can you m-move that rock?" Heather asked, pointing to the boulder.

"'Course I can," he proclaimed proudly, flexing his muscles. With a grunt, the Cyclops lifted the boulder off the unconscious wizard. "Where ya want it?" Heather looked around, and she noticed a growing pile of rocks.

"Over in that pile, p-please. Don't throw it!" She called after him as he marched towards the pile. "Sadie, g-go ahead."

Sadie's hand shook violently as she traced the Life symbol. The spell fizzled, and she glanced despairingly at Heather. "You can d-do it, Sadie!"

"Okay …" She seemed very unsure of herself, but the second time she tried the spell, the satyr popped out of the card and willingly healed the apprentice.

"See? I told you!" Heather hugged her sister tightly. "You can d-do anything if you t-try and b-believe that you c-can do it."

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