Seraphine woke and realized: This is it. She stood up wearily and stumbled to the bucket of water, looking at her reflection. She rubbed away some of the dirt, but then shrugged and dumped the rest of the water onto herself, not even bothering to save any as she usually did. Today, she would have rivers of clear water. She stretched and wrung out her black hair, running her fingers through it. The other prisoners watched her wearily as she walked by, and she almost felt remorse for them, but then she remembered all the harassment she received from the males on a daily basis. With a snarl she walked faster away from them and entered the west tunnels.

Marcurio greeted her anxiously upon her entrance to his small alcove. "I prayed to the divines nearly all of last night that this will work."

"It will." Seraphine reassured him simply. He nodded and sat back down, breathing heavily from nervousness. Seraphine patted his back and said, "Calm down. Etory has everything worked out. Do you want to practice some?"

He shook his head, "No, I think we've got it down. But don't forget to throw in a few real punches to make it really look real. I need to bleed for the guards to be convinced."

"I won't punch you too hard." Suddenly, they heard footsteps coming closer at a fast pace. They both stood and waited, when Etory rounded the corner and nearly slammed into Seraphine. She jumped back and hissed, "Well? Are they here?"

Etory nodded and caught his breath. "Yes! They're here for inspections. You guys ready?"

Seraphine and Marcurio looked at each other and then nodded. "Ready." They said simultaneously. Etory turned back around after putting back on his city guard helmet and disappeared down the tunnel. They waited anxiously for what seemed like an eternity to the two. Finally, they heard footsteps of three men coming closer. They could hear Etory telling two other men in armor about a "fight" that was sure to be "entertaining." The guards were laughing with him about how stupid the prisoners were, Etory acting the part to a T. Seraphine suddenly wheeled around and landed a punch on Marcurio's nose, who staggered back and yelled profanities at her. They began to attack each other as the guards came into view. Etory pretended to cheer on the fight while the guards laughed heartily, clearly amused by them. She and Marcurio slowly moved the fight deeper into the tunnels and the guards followed unknowingly. Seraphine gave a short, knowing od to Marcurio, and then she pulled out her shivs.

Marcurio edged back from her so that he was standing a few feet in front of one of the guards. "N-now…let's not do anything we'll regret." he pretended to choke out.

Seraphine slowly drew closer to him with the shivs held ready, and she told him with a snarl, "I think you already regret trying to attack me."

Marcurio fell to his knees and covered his face as Seraphine came charging at him, but then at the last moment she leaped over him and was ontop of the guard behind him. She tore the delicate flesh of his neck with her shiv and there was the sound of a gurgling, choking couch and then he was dead. The other guard wheeled around to run and call for help, but his words were lost like his partners as the vein in his neck was ripped open by Etory's dagger. Both Etory and Seraphine used a strip of cloth to cover the wound and keep them from bleeding out onto the armor any more. As they held the cloths in place, Marcurio stood up and began stripping the guards of their armor and valuables. He and Seraphine dressed quickly, donning the helmets so no one would know their identities.

The three walked through the mine casually and up a ramp to the iron doors. Etory looked at the orc who guarded the mine's gates and nodded. "All clear." he told her. She grunted and opened the door for them. There was still one more door to get through until they were out.

Seraphine listened to the sound of their boots on the hard, cold dirt, trying to focus on the sound rather than becoming nervous and looking suspicious. As they made their way through the mine, they could see the bright light of the exit. Seraphine smiled underneath her helmet and breathed a quiet sigh of relief. "Finally, I can return to my life. No more of this damn city or its Forsworn."

The three shielded their eyes as the sun warmed their skin. It was definitely a change from the damp mine and its faux sunlight by torches. Marcurio stretched happily in the warmth of the white sun. They both wished to take off their helmets, but they couldn't for the threat of being discovered, and that was their top priority: to make it out of the city undiscovered. And all was going well until someone suddenly grabbed Seraphine roughly by the arm and then, her helmet was gone. The man spit in her face as he yelled, "Imposters! The prisoners are escaping!"

Seraphine growled and tried to writhe away, but it was no use, he had her held tight and was dragging her back to the mine. "No! Gods damn you!" she screamed and pulled out a dagger, and stabbed it into the man's side. He staggered back and fell off the bridge they were on into water below. She began to run as hard as she could and Marcurio joined her, sword held ready. "Where's Etory?" she called to him.

"I don't know! He was there one moment, but I – Nngh!" He suddenly fell forward as an arrow pierced his shoulder. Seraphine turned back to him and pulled the bow out that was hooked onto her back. She aimed at Marcurio's attacker's head as he aimed his bow at her. She pulled the bow to its full range and aimed just above the man's head, then released. And just as he released his arrow, the sharp steel of her arrow bit into his right eye. Seraphine jumped to the side as the guard's arrow hit the stone beside her. Panting, she turned back to Marcurio and helped him to his feet, and then they continued running. Finally, the gates of Markarth stood before them and they pushed open the heavy doors, none of the guards had even thought to blockade the only exit out of the city. They ran down the steps outside where a horse and cart where waiting for them. Seraphine screamed out the code word to let the driver know it was them and climbed aboard.