The Hive: A Beginning to The Colony

Summary: In the midst of walking through training ground #44, a ten-year old Naruto stumbles upon an ancient honeycomb of caves that house a dark secret. This mysterious egg will bring changes of monumental proportions.

There will be swearing, nudity, violence, and there may be slightly disturbing parts.

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Naruto wondered through the thick trees of training grounds no. 44. He felt safe hidden by nature, it was a lot more friendly here in the Forest of Death then it was back at the village. He found the forest to be refreshing and relaxing despite the nearly constant attacks. There's no real hatred in nature, just the primal instinct of survival of the fittest.

The young blond traveled with ease that showed how much time he truly spent beneath the leaves of this particular training ground. He had just been released from the academy for the day and didn't wish to deal with the villagers' scorn. So he did one of his favorite past times, exploring the dangerous forest while making sure to avoid the tower in the middle.

With the nostalgic sounds of animal cries and rustling trees in his ears, Naruto's thoughts began to wonder. He had recently asked Hokage-jiji-sama for the identity of his parents, but as usual the old Hokage dodged his question and he was never answered. The academy student huffed clenching and unclenching his fist, it made his blood boil whenever that question was ignored. Discouraged by that behavior Naruto didn't feel the need to ask why the villagers hated him so, in his eyes he saw that he was meant to be kept in the dark about those two things.

He was so lost in his upsetting thoughts, that the whiskered boy failed to notice the slightly covered whole in the ground. Letting out a surprised yelp, the ninja-in-training quickly slid down a slanting and smooth tunnel.

'What the hell is this?' The blond thought as he continued to slide.

Finally after a while of going down through the sloping and curling burrow, Naruto arrived at the bottom into an underground cavern.

"Oh great, now I'm going to be stuck here for who knows how long." He muttered to himself as he got up and dusted himself off. "Not like there would be anyone to miss me."

Taking in his surroundings, the young blond found that the cave he arrived in was medium sized with five tunnels branching off from it, two on his left and right sides and one straight ahead. With nothing else to do Naruto began to explore his new find.

Twelve hours later

During his time searching the tunnels Naruto was able to cover most of the underground cave system. He traveled countless tunnels; some leading back to the original cave he found, others leading to different places above ground, and still some leading to beautiful underground water sources. (i.e. Lakes, rivers, hot springs, etc.).

He had made the decision to leave discreet marks on the wall after the first time he was led back to the original cavern. He planned on making this large space into his getaway and private training area.

A splash echoed around the spaces cave as Naruto soaked his feet in the cool liquid. He was debating if he should continue to explore or if he should use one of the discovered pathways to go back home.

"Well what's one more tunnel going to hurt?" Naruto asked himself as he got up from his spot at the edge of the lake.

Looking at his choices Naruto hummed thoughtfully to himself. There were three tunnels leading out of here, excluding the one he came from. The left most tunnel he already traveled and he knew that it led to a series of room like caves that had no other tunnels and that if you continued straight, or as straight as the tunnel would allow you, you would end up back in the original cave.

So he mentally crossed that route off of the list in his mind. That only left him with the middle most tunnel and the right most tunnel.

Shrugging to himself Naruto turned to the right one and began his trek. Naruto noticed that the pathway was gently sloping down going further into the earth.

"I should have chosen the other path, this one has no branching tunnels." the blond muttered to himself irritably.

Grinning in relief Naruto walked faster as the end of the tunnel appeared before him. It opened into a musty smelling cavern that had large stalagmites and stalactites covered in glowing moss, his blue eyes roamed around the cave and landed on a strange hefty egg looking thing nestled neatly against the far wall.

Curiosity peeked, whiskered boy walked over to the strange egg, it was a deep moldy green color with a weird top to it. Once he was close enough Naruto bent over and poked it, he grimaced slightly as his finger came back covered in slim.

Snorting in disgust, Naruto stepped away from the large slimy egg. He turned away from it looking at the other tunnels, there were three to the right of him and four to the left. Then there was the one he came from, Naruto silently contemplated which way to go. He jumped as a squelching whoosh-like sound came from behind him. Turning cerulean eyes widened at the sight of big weird spider like creature scurrying quickly towards him.

Taking a surprised step back, Naruto's face morphed into a look of dread as he tripped over a rock. He watched in absolute horror as the spider thing leaped at him and clamped onto his face tightly, feeling it's long spine like tail wrapped around his throat choking him.

The last thing Naruto felt before darkness claimed him was something large and slimy being forced down his throat.


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