The Hive: A Beginning to The Colony

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Chapter 2: My Spawn

Last Time

I groaned lightly as I began to come to. My body ached everywhere, and it was probably due to the enhancements that Kyuubi made.

I winced as the enhanced senses hit me all at once. All of the different smells mixed into one overwhelming stench that hit me like a boulder to the face. The sounds twisted and washed over me like a crowd of screeching babies, tearing at my eardrums with serrated knives.

Taking a deep breath was a mistake, opening my eyes was a mistake, moving was a mistake, everything was a mistake.

Just before the pain overcame me and I was plunged back into darkness, I could have sworn that I saw a strange shadow move above me. I closed my eyes and thought I heard a weird scraping and slithering sound, though I couldn't tell if it was near or far.


A groan bounced of the cave walls as cerulean eyes fluttered open. 'Did I faint, again!' He noticed that his senses were all dulled again and wondered if he had to work at controlling them also.

Naruto noticed from the bottom of his eyes as something shifted, making him acutely aware of the weight that rested on his newly healed chest. Dread twisted his intestines as he slowly rolled his eyes down to see what was on him and tensed, there perched on his chest was a slightly bigger version of the creature that burst out of him.

A sleek black and tan head greeted his slowly widening eyes. The creature was about two to three feet long with a snake like body, it's head was shaped weird with the upper part resembling a helmet that was spiked in the back.(1)

'Kyuubi.' Naruto could hear the slight quiver in his mental voice and if this strange creature wasn't curled on top of him he would have winced.

"What the hell do you want Kit?" Kyuubi said in annoyance.

'Kyuubi.' Panic flooded through his body as the creature leaned in closer to him, nearly giving him a heart attack as small pointy teeth came to close for comfort.

"You better be damn well dying for waking me up right after I said I was going to sleep! Healing and altering you took a lot of energy you know!" Kyuubi continued to rant as if he didn't say anything.

'Kyuubi! Help me please!'

It must have been the desperation or shear fear that prompt the fox to take in the situation. By that time the thing had begun to nuzzle its head into Naruto's cheek letting out a soft purr like hiss.

"Oh, I see." Kyuubi said, bewilderment tinting his voice.

'What do I do?' Naruto thought almost in a panic.

"See if you can communicate with it."

Swallowing the lump in his throat Naruto slowly lifted his hand to lightly pet the creature's head, "Hey there, um, nice creature thing…"

"Really, nice creature thing?"

A weird sensation slid through his brain like ice cold water, causing a shiver to rack his body and successfully stalling his response. It was a few seconds later that he understood, that feeling was how this creature, called Xenomorph by some, communicated. His brain slowly processed the information that hadn't stopped flowing, and stored it away for later documenting. He knew that the being above him was a queen and that she needed host bodies to breed. He knew that as her father, the only being known to survive the 'birth', that it was his duty to help build and run the colony. He also realized that these creatures would not harm or reject him because they will be a close nit family.

"Well that was enlightening," Kyuubi said, breaking the tender moment of realization. "Though now that this shock is over you should get some food for your 'daughter', maybe a couple of wolves. It will give you a chance to practice with your new senses."

'Yeah, you're right,' The blond thought caressing his 'daughter's' head still. As careful as possible Naruto picked the serpentine body into his arms, shivering when the long tail curled around his torso.

'This is going to take some getting used to.' He watched as the Queen nuzzled into his chest contentedly.

As he made his way out of the cave system he sent the layout to the queen, cringing at the still foreign sensation of his thoughts floating away like a cold mist. Blue eyes scanned the surroundings making sure the cost was clear, Naruto had decided that it was best to use one of the exits that was far away from Konoha.

"It'll probably be better if others don't find out about her just yet." He muttered to himself sneaking out of the cave holding the Queen close to his body shielding her from any prying eyes.

The blond and the alien wondered through the forest silently until the academy student felt that they were far enough from the cave to begin hunting.

'Okay Kyuubi, how do I use my senses?' He asked as he gently placed the Xenomorph on the ground.

"Well, this is going to be difficult to explain. Animals and demons generally use their other senses more than their sight, humans however do not." Kyuubi began shift from inside of his cage. "This might be a little difficult for you because we have to override your initial instinct."

"That doesn't sound so hard."

"You say that now, but wait until you have to put it into practice."

"Yeah, yeah how do I activate it?"

"We are going to have to do this one at a time. I want you to concentrate on your nose and sense of smell, be careful because if you concentrate to hard then you'll be overwhelmed like when you first woke up. Not enough however will leave you with a puny human sense."

"So just concentrate on my nose right? Do I put some chakra into it?"

"Yeah, that is probably how you unlock them." Kyuubi mused out loud.

"You mean you don't know?"

"Not necessarily, the changes I gifted you with are working more like a Kekkei Genkai, an extra ability if you will, then if it was natural. Usually for a demon, what humans call heightened senses is the norm. But since you are at least some part human you probably have to use chakra to heighten yours, for now, until your body gets used to it and does it automatically."

"So how do I channel my chakra?" Naruto watched as the Queen slithered to a nearby tree and curled up for a nap.

He knew that she was very hungry and that he would need to hurry and learn control so that she doesn't starve. Even though she still creeps him out, he felt responsible for her because like Kyuubi put it she was his daughter.

"Don't they teach this stuff to you in the academy?" Kyuubi asked incredulously at the boy's genuine lack of knowledge on that subject. "You do know what chakra is right?" Kyuubi huffed out at Naruto's continued silence. "Chakra is a natural energy, which all living beings have to a certain degree, which is created in your core and spread through your body with its own network that is similar to the cardiovascular system. It is composed of two different energies; Physical which is energy gathered from every cell in your body, and Spiritual which comes from experience and meditation. Those two combine and create an energy that can be molded into jutsus or just to strengthen your body."

Naruto nodded his head at the basic run down of what chakra was. "What's a cardiovascular system?"

"Your circulator system, you know what your blood flows through. Anyways, I want you to find your core, which should be in the abdominal area, and pull some chakra from there and direct it to your nose. After you go hunting I will teach you some chakra control exercises."

The blond grunted in acknowledgement as he focused on his stomach, closing his eyes briefly Naruto was surprised to see the large lake in front of him upon opening them again.

"This is the part of your mindscape where your core resides and that is your chakra. It's about double the amount of any other child your age." A fox the size of a horse said from his side.

"I have all of this because of you?" Cerulean blue eyes widened as they gazed at the sparkling teal expanse before them.

"No you have all of this because of you, your mother's family has always had larger than normal chakra cores. That is why I was imprisoned inside of your mother before she died and her mother before her and so on."

"Does that mean you know who my parents were?" the boy asked with excitement brimming in his voice.

"Yeah, but now is not the time. Your daughter needs you to feed her." Red tails flicked in irritation as Naruto opened his mouth to retort. "Now I want you to concentrate on the lake and imagine a stream leaving it and flowing into your body."

Grumbling to himself, the blonde reached into the stream and withdrew a large tendril of the surprisingly warm substance. "What now?" Naruto said as he came back to reality, energy thrumming just under his skin.

"Direct it to your nose. Though I would do it carefully I'm not sure how much chakra is needed to activate your senses."

With the queen's hunger gnawing at his guts the whiskered boy ignored Kyuubi's advice, and quickly directed the energy to his nose and took a deep breath. "Gaaah!" His vision swarmed and his stomach rolled as he was overwhelmed by the powerful stench of combined smells.

"I said slowly, alright cut the chakra flow and try again with a thinner stream and this time slowly!"

Sighing the boy once again drew a tendril from his core, though he couldn't make it smaller he was able to slowly feed it into his nose until his smell enhanced.

"Alright that should be enough." Kyuubi said as Naruto's sense of smell was enhanced as far as he could handle. "Now wolves have a sort of musky aroma, like trees, fur and earth blended into one scent."

"How do I tell the difference between smells? It's still just one mass of an odor to me!"

"Pick through the smells until you find the one that smells like fur. You do know what that smells like right?" The old fox let out a long suffering sigh as Naruto shook his head no. "Here, this is a memory of what fur and wolf smells like. It would take forever for me to explain what they smell like with your puny human-like comprehension of things. I'll have to rectify that problem soon enough, you no longer have to think like a human."

Naruto started when a faint smell tickled at his nose like a long forgotten memory. After it faded away he was able to slowly pick his way through all of the scents in the forest until he found the correct one. "Stay here and keep hidden." He said sternly to the curled form of the Queen.

Turning he pushed off in a sprint, surprised when he went faster then he expected. "Kyuubi what's going on?" he yelped as he crashed into a tree.

"I told you, your bones are lighter and you are slightly stronger. There is no need for you to push off as hard as you normally would to run." The fox chuckled out as the blond untangled himself from the bottom of the tree.

"Well that's going to take some getting used to." He grumbled as he started out at a slower pace in the direction of the pack.

He weaved through the trees until he came to a clearing with several large rocks leaning against each other and creating a den of sorts. The wolves where lounging there, watching a litter of cubs rough house.

'Do I have to kill the whole pack? They have cubs.' Naruto exclaimed in dismay.

"No, but having that kind of compassion is not going to help you make a good ninja. Nor would it help the Queen and her colony, and that should now be your top priority." The old fox huffed out. "Now do you see that wolf laying away from the rest? I want you to target him, he's weakening because of old age."

The wolf that Kyuubi picked out was a greying black wolf who was surprisingly big. He was laying further away from the rest of the pack and appeared to be sleeping. Crouching low Naruto gripped one of the old kunai that he uses for the academy, and crept slowly forword keeping an eye on the rest of the pack.

Once he deemed himself close enough he lunged out at the wolf and was surprised when it dodged away from him. Growling from his left alerted him that he caught the attention of the rest of the pack with that stunt.

"That was the stupidest thing I have ever seen during hunting."

Naruto yelped in slight pain as a clawed paw clipped him in the face before he was able to completely get out of the way. The old wolf that he was aiming at had a slight limp be he was still quite vicious, the other wolves often dashed in to give him a bite or two here and there. The blonde winced as he once again launched himself into a tree after pushing off to hard.

His body was littered with scratches and bite marks and he was beginning to get frustrated with his any failed attempts at killing the old mutt. He had noticed the two wolves that stood at the top of the rocks not entering the actual battle, and knew that the one that he fought was not an alpha. With hope renewed the young ninja-in-training attacked the quickly tiring wolf.

It was with another scratch to the face that Naruto was able to deliver the killing blow. Without looking back at the rest of the pack he swooped down and claimed his prize. He moved as fast as he could go without running into trees, the sound of angry growls and paws beating against the forest floor all the motivation he needed to keep going. He took a longer more twisting route back to the Queen, desperate to loose his pursuers before he lead them to his daughter.

It was dark by the time Naruto was able to drag the wolf back to his daughter. He found her curled in the same spot as he left her, nearly invisible in the night.

"Here you go, it was kind of hard to catch." He grinned warily as he sat down in front of the serpentine black shape.

He flinched back as the creature tore into the wolf with a hissing purr.


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