The Hive: A Beginning to The Colony

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Chapter 4: The funs of Male Pregnancy… Part 2

Last Time

~You should get back to bed father.~ Koutaigou put in from her cave.

Just as the pregnant boy was about to comply a searing pain erupted from his chest and the fluttering evolved into full out wiggles.

"What's happening, is it time for the birth?" Naruto gasped out through the pain.

"No the baby is to underdeveloped to be born yet." The foxes voice was filled with panic.

~Then what is happening?~ the Queen asked at the same time as her father groaned out, "What do you mean?"

"Well this past week the baby's body has barely developed to the correct stage for it to come out. Instead its chakra core and coils have been developing. If it is born now it will die." Kyuubi said fear in his voice.


Naruto tried to slow his breathing as his mind scrambled to think of a solution to their current problem.

"Okay well you have to stay calm because stressing will more than likely worsen the situation."

"You're the one who's doing all of the panicking!" the blond snapped back.

~What do we do to keep it from birthing itself?~ Koutaigou asked making her way to her father's side.

Before anyone could answer the baby dropped down to Naruto's lower abdomen and all of the squirming stopped abruptly.

Looking down blue eyes took in the extended pregnant looking tan torso. "What just happened?" The blonde asked numbly as the pain slowly dissipated.

"I think the baby Xenomorph needed more space, and bursting through your belly will be easier than your reinforced bones." Kyuubi said as he worked on healing the empty cavern that is his Kit's chest.

~Perhaps it was merely moving into a different stage of its growth.~ The Queen said as she gently nuzzled her father.

"Yeah, maybe…" The blonde slurred as he fall asleep.

Entry Forty

I had the worst night last night… The baby decided that it was too scrunched up in my chest so it ate its way to my stomach area, isn't that just fun? To top it all off I'm fat now! I can barely leave my cave now, which means no school for me, I'm not sure how I feel about that.

On another note my little Queen has been really wonderful and understanding. She didn't complain, not that she usually does, at all today when I kept snapping at her.

We all decided that today was the day to hatch another egg or two. My little Queen brought back a couple of living wolves and we watched in awe as the Facehuggers forced the small little Xenomorph embryo down the canines' throat.

… I wonder if that was how it looked for me?

I'm going to watch their progress closely because of the difference in species, that might have an effect on how fast or slow they grow.

I wonder if they will have strong/stable chakra cores?

Well this is the end of another exhausting pain filled day, man why did I decide to birth the first new member?

Entry Forty- Three

Okay so when I said that the wolves were developing faster I mean way faster as in they already birthed their Xenomorphs! I'm all excited and jealous all at the same time! I mean I was supposed to be birthing the first new addition not the third…

Also they look different then Koutaigou did at this age, their heads are completely rounded.

My mindscape has changed slightly with their arrival too. Before where there was a slight window into the void that is the Queen's mind, there is now a grand archway. I can't really stem the flow of thoughts between us, not that I really want to, though thankfully I can still resist Koutaigou when she tries to compel me to do something I don't really want to.

Speaking of my daughter I feel kind of bad that she has to hunt for all of us. She is working so hard to keep us fed inconspicuously which is a relief. The last thing we need right now is for the shinobi of the village to notice and coming snooping where they're not wanted.

I still eat and sleep way too much for my likings, and I can only do so much reading before I get bored. I wish I had access to the village libraries but I always get chased away from there…

Anyways I should probably get to bed, even that will be a challenge with the baby squirming like it is, I usually get yell at by my little Queen and the Kyuubi…

Naruto stared blankly at the two beings in front of him, his brain trying to process the information that his eyes sent it.

The two wolf-born, which he identified as being Runners, stood before him and his daughter completely matured. He guess that it's not that amazing, because according to the original records the Xenomorph's matured within a couple of hours to a day. But with the changes that Koutaigou had shown he assumed that all of the Xenomorphs would be monumentally different as well.

They were remarkably shorter than the Queen, though still managing to tower over Naruto, standing at about seven feet. Their glossy black skin was tinged slightly red, and the blonde noticed that although they could walk up straight they preferred to be on all fours. Their long tails were different also, merely being barbed at the end instead of having a wicked blade.

"Maybe the Xenomorphs that are born directly from you have such a drastic difference in what is normal for their species, because from what our little Queen knows you should have had that baby by now."

'Yeah, maybe your right.'

"Besides their chakra cores aren't as developed as the Queen's and the little one's inside of you are. That might be a reason why."

Grumbling to himself Naruto took a large bite out of his giant snake smeared with peanut butter and maple syrup.

Entry Forty-Six

THAT'S IT! I am Absolutely FINISHED with being pregnant! I have a new respect for females, I mean how do they do this and stay sane? I mean I'm constantly eating and sleeping, I have morning sickness and mood swings and cravings, I am plagued by constant pain because the stupid little bugger is EATING ME FROM THE INSIDE OUT, and to top it all off I'm FAT! I look like I swallowed a giant beach ball or something and my feet are swollen and I can barely walk because I'm so big I have to waddle!

And I'm BORED, I can't train and can barely concentrate to listen to Kyuubi's lectures not to mention trying to read something. My little Queen is always busy, either tending to her eggs or monitoring the two Runners as they hunt and do other stuff, so she can barely spare time for me.

Oh did I mention the pain that I was in? The little monster is slowly eating its way through my chakra, nutrients and internal organs. And my feet are swollen which makes it painful to waddle, yes waddle because I can't walk normally, and I can't get comfortable whenever I want to sleep and yet I'm always tired…

And I'm FAT… I mean I'm not a very vain person but I liked the abs that were starting to develop under Kyuubi's tough tutelage! And Kyuubi told me that I'll have to start all over, though not as bad as if I were really giving birth there will be no extra flab I just won't have the muscles I started with, which is a real pain in the ass.

And what about everyone back at the village, someone's bound to notice my long absence from Konoha, I'm going to have to pull the largest prank ever to justify my nonattendances… I mean why else would I be this quiet other than if I was planning something big and/or long lasting... that gets me thanking…

Huh maybe that's not such a bad thing, we have more people to help with planning and setting up the prank. I mean the Runners are brilliant in their own rights not as intelligent as my Koutaigou-chan but smart all the same.

Hehe Konoha better be ready because as soon as I'm able to move freely and use my chakra again I swear to have a whole week dedicated to making mischief!

Well I'm off to try to sleep or maybe I should plan my big prank, that will be followed by a bunch of smaller pranks. This will be great!

Naruto gritted his teeth in pain as another shockwave racked through his body.

Today was the day, he could feel it in the intense burning sensation that originated from his bulging belly.

"Okay Kit, you're doing great! Now just stay calm and try to relax, tensing up will only cause it to hurt more." Kyuubi murmured comfortingly.

The blond sat in the middle of his cave leaning back tiredly on his daughter as the two Runners flanked him on either sides. A blanket of comfort came from the three Xenomorphs and wrapped around the blonde just as the pain was beginning to be too much.

Glazed cerulean eyes watched with a sort of drugged detachment as his large stomach convulsed once before there was a loud wet sounding rip, and the baby Xenomorph was free. The Runner to his left quickly took the baby Chestbuster to one of the caves that they had socked with foods.

Naruto watched in numbed fascination as his body began to slowly repair itself.

"KIT!" The fox's voice final broke through the fog that surrounded the blonde's mind. "Are you going to name it?"

'Hm, probably… though it won't be until after it has matured…' He trailed off drowsily.

"Hey I need you to stay awake until you get done healing, I'm not sure you will wake up if you sleep now."

~This is one large step to the growth and success of our Hive.~ Koutaigou said as she nuzzled her father, trying to keep him awake until the ancient one was done with the healing.

"Yeah it is isn't it…" the blonde answered back eyes growing heavier by the second.

"Almost done Kit, then you can sleep all you want to."

~When will we make our presence known to the fleshy prey that live beyond that wall?~

"Soon, but not yet we need some warriors before we do that."

"How are you going to do that? Warriors come from humans… unless you are willing to sacrifice one or two of the lowly furless apes." Naruto could clearly picture the wide malicious smirk that crossed the great kitsune's face.

"Maybe we'll get lucky and an enemy ninja could wonder into our grasp…"

"I doubt it," Kyuubi said with a snort, "But I guess you can always hope. Anyway you're all healed up so get some rest. Koutaigou and the Runners will keep watch of the baby while you sleep."

~Goodnight father.~

"Goodnight little Queen." The blonde murmured as sleep finally won out.


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