Ok, so I have been having some major writer block and also getting a new Job sucks. Anyway I decided to try my hand at something other than anime. This type of story intrigued me when i read some of them. So, i have decided to take a crack at a Harry Potter The Wrong-Boy-Who-Lived story. Please Enjoy the Prolog.

Yours truly, Legacygirl

Summary: This is my spin of the Wrong-Boy-Who-Lived. Harry is the true boy who lived, but nobody but Harry & Voldy know this. Harry must overcome many obstacles and must fight with a dark part of himself that is growing inside him. He will also have to face James and Lily, along with his twin brother Charles in order to fulfill his destiny and also keep himself in the grey area he finds himself in. Can he overcome everything and finally find Happiness? Only time will tell.

Grey, Independent, powerful Slytherin Harry. Good Snape. Manipulative, but not evil Dumbledore. James and Lily are alive. Emotionally abused Harry. Good Draco, Good Slytherins. Ravernclaw Hermione. James, Lily, Weasley, and Dumbledore bashing!

HP/LL, Hr/DM, NL/DG, possible more if i can think of any!

Prologue- the End

It was cold, quiet Halloween night. Children were laughing, tricking and treating with their parents and friends. The night was a night of joy and cheer, but that would be broken very soon for one family. In a small cottage, hidden away behind magic, in Godric's Hallow lived the Potter family. The parents, Lily Marie Potter nee Evans, and James Alexander Potter, were happily entertaining their two young sons. These two children were twins, and looked nothing alike.

One child had bright red hair, much like his mother, and murky hazel eyes filled with mischief, which he obtained from his father. He had slightly dark skin, as if he had the onset of a tan and was a bit chubby like all babies. This was Charles Andrew Potter. He was a sweet little boy, but was a bit whiny at times.

The other boy could not be any different from him. He had dark, messy, raven black hair, which he inherited from his father, and deep emerald green eyes that shinned with intelligence that no one year old should have; those were from his mother. His skin was pale and, unlike his younger twin brother, he was thin. He was a very beautiful boy, the looks of an angel some would say, and always loved to smile. This was Harry James Potter.

In fact, the only similarities these two shared was their aristocratic features. Other than that, it was obvious the twins were complete opposites. It was obvious Charles had gained his fathers personality while Harry seemed to lean more towards his mother, but still had some of his father in him too.

"Did you like that, how about this?" James laughed as he waved his wand and harmless sparks shot out of it. The babies giggled as Lily smiled happily at the scene. It was such a wonderful sight. Her husband and their two boys playing together was a wonderful sight to see indeed.

Suddenly Harry stopped giggling and looked outside, as if sensing something. His green eyes reflected back at him, but beyond his reflection, his eyes caught something scary. Harry wailed, gaining both his parents attention.

"Harry sweetheart what's wrong?" Lily asked, picking up the pale boy. He looked out the window and James followed his gaze. His hazel eyes flashed in fear and determination when he saw the gate being opened. Even from here, his Auror trained ears picked up the creak of the gate.

"Lily, it's him. Take the boys and run!" James said, getting ready to, if necessary, fight to the death to protect his family.

"But James-" Lily began.

"No Lily, go!" James ordered, as the door began to crack.

Lily quickly picked up her other child and ran up the stairs as she heard the door being blown open downstairs. She prayed to whatever god there was to protect her family. She ran to the boys rooms and closed the door, locking it as the fight downstairs began. Lily placed her children in Harry's cot and cooed to them to calm them down.

A scream that undoubtedly came from James was heard and Lily felt her heart rate increase. He was down. James was down and most probably dead.

"Mama?" Harry asked, reaching up to her. Lily shushed him as she heard footsteps ascending the steps. She really wished she had her wand right now.

"Harry, Charles, I love you both so much." Lily whispered as dread filled her heart. Charles giggled and reached up for his mother, but Harry did not. He frowned and felt something scary coming for them.

Suddenly the door was blown open and sent Lily flying forward, but she was able to keep her balance. She turned, covering the twins with her body and faced the man that terrorized and killed many innocent people. Lord Voldemort stood, in all his glory (NOT!), his red eyes glowing in the dim light.

"Move aside girl and I will let you live." He all but hissed at her.

"No, please. Please. Spare them-" Lily begged, her hands tightening on the bars of the cribe.

"Move aside you silly girl." Voldemort growled, raising his wand towards her.

"No, please. Mercy. They're just children. Please, have mercy. Take me-"

"MOVE ASIDE!" Voldemort was losing his patients.

"Please, kill me, kill me and spare them-" Lily had tears in her eyes.

"Stupefy." Voldemort yelled. Lily dropped to the floor, unconscious. Charles, seeing his mother fall down, began to cry and wail. Voldemort glared at the small red head, and silenced him, using a silencing charm. He then turned his red eyes to Harry, who was staring at Voldemort curiously.

Voldemort could see the high intelligence in the child's green eyes. It was almost a pity he had to kill the child. He would have made a very good wizard, if his magical aura was anything to go by. He raised his wand and decided he'd kill this child quickly and painlessly. The other though, he was going to torture, merely for the fact he was giving the Dark Lord a headache.

Harry stared at the man calmly as he raised his wand. Harry didn't feel terror or sadness. In fact, he felt something warm spreading through his body. It was his magic. You see Harry was a very powerful child and was able to, unconsciously, hide most of his magically power behind a barrier. His bother, while powerful in his own right, was nowhere near as powerful as Harry was.

Voldemort watched in slight fascination and fear as the magically aura around Harry slowly grew and lashed out erratically. Voldemort stared at the green eyes and knew, at that moment, that this child would be the one to kill him if he allowed the child to grow.

"Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort yelled the deadly killing curse. The curse no one could block. The bright green light headed straight for Harry. Whether by fate or by Harry's own magic, a bright golden shield was raised around Harry. The curse hit Harry's forehead, but instead of killing him, it rebounded and went back to Voldemort.

Voldemort screamed in agony as the curse ripped his soul from his body, destroying it, and sending him away from the house in the form of a spirit, but a little piece of Voldemort's soul stayed behind, in Harry's lightening bolt scar. Yet, instead of forming a Horcrux, the soul was over powered by the magic Harry was releasing and melded with his soul. Giving Harry knowledge that only the Dark Lord would know.

The magical backlash of Voldemort's body being destroyed caused the house to explode outwards. The roof flew off the house and debris fell all around Harry and his family. In an effort to protect them he spread his magically barrier out and covered his mother and brother, but not before a piece of debris fell and hit Charles on the cheek, leaving an S shaped scar.

Everything settled and Harry released his barrier and blacked out from magical exhaustion. Just as this happened James came in, obviously fine and looked around the destroyed room.

"LILY!" James yelled, seeing his wife on the ground and not moving. He ran over to her and picked her up in his arms. "Lily, please wake up." James begged. Suddenly Lily groaned and opened her brilliant emerald eyes to see her husband leaning over her.

"James…are we dead?" Lily asked, looking around her. James laughed humorlessly and shook his head.

"No, Love. We're very much alive." James whispered in a relieved and happy voice.

Suddenly, Charles wailed, the silencing charm finally breaking. Both parents jumped and ran over to the child. Lily picked him up and tried to shush him, cooing and everything she could think of to calm him. During this, the great Albus Dumbledore, leader of light, Supreme Mugwump, Chief Wizard of the Wizengamot, and Headmaster of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, came running into the room and saw the destroyed home. He sighed in relief seeing the family well, if not a little scraped up.

"Is everyone alright?" Dumbledore asked, evaluating the situation.

"We're fine. We're fine." Lily repeated this a few times, holding Charles in her arms. James picked Harry up and sighed in relief when he felt Harry breathing.

Dumbledore quickly looked at the magic from the two children and were shocked to see Charles was overloading with magic, while Harry had very little. Dumbledore also noticed the S shaped scar on his cheek. His bright blue eyes twinkled in fascination as he looked at Charles and felt hope bubble up in him. This is where Dumbledore made his biggest and most costly mistake.

"Lily, James. I believe Charles is the one who defeated Voldemort." Dumbledore stated, staring at the black robes on the floor, along with the wand. "Charles is the Boy-Who-Lived."

Lily and James looked at the Headmaster and felt pride well up in them for what their son did. None realized that Harry was actually the true boy who defeated Voldemort and was only suffering from magical exhaustion. If Dumbledore had taken the time to check he would have realized Harry scar carried residual darkness while Charles had none. It would many years before anyone realized his mistake and by then it would be to late. This was the beginning of the end.