Summary: This is my spin of the Wrong-Boy-Who-Lived. Harry is the true boy who lived, but nobody but Harry & Voldy know this. Harry must overcome many obstacles and must fight with a dark part of himself that is growing inside him. He will also have to face James and Lily, along with his twin brother Charles in order to fulfill his destiny and also keep himself in the grey area he finds himself in. Can he overcome everything and finally find Happiness? Only time will tell.

Grey, Independent, powerful Slytherin Harry. Good Snape. Manipulative, but not evil Dumbledore. James and Lily are alive. Emotionally abused Harry. Good Draco, Good Slytherins. Ravernclaw Hermione. James, Lily, Weasley, and Dumbledore bashing!

HP/LL, Hr/DM, NL/DG, possible more if i can think of any!


Chapter 12: Dreams, Heirs, and Stories

Harry's POV

Run. Run. Run. Why am I running? What is going on? Where am I going? Questions that have no answers. Darkness…I live in darkness, so why am I running from it? The light has never offered me protection, only darkness. My tears, my sadness, my hate, my anger, all of it are hidden in the darkness. So why am I running from it?

"Harry…" A voice called out to me. I turned, looking back and saw a light. I start towards it slowly, but gradually I start to run. "Harry…" The voice called again.

Where am I? Why am I scared? Who are you? Please, answer my questions.

Is it possible I have lost myself to the darkness in my heart? Am I allowing it to consume me? Is that why I am scared? I do not want to be devoured by the darkness and yet I wish to live in it, away from the blinding light.

It natural for human beings to fear the dark, because they cannot see what is in the darkness. I read that in a book once, but never before have I been scared of the dark, because I can understand it and know that the dark is safer than the light.

Suddenly the light in front of me zooms right in my face and blinds me. I scream in shock and close my eyes. When the light dies down, I open my eyes again and see I'm in a familiar room. A mirror was in front of me and the walls were white stone. My eyes widen as I realize where I was. I looked behind me and saw ashes on the ground. I winced and stepped away from the dead mans ashes.

"Oh, what a horrible person you are Harry." I whip my head back to the mirror and see my reflection, grinning, my eyes my skin paler than normal and my eyes…they were a deep, crimson red. "You killed a man." He laughed darkly as he stepped out of the mirror. I took a step back and then another as he fully pushed himself out.

"What are you talking about, I didn't kill-" He began.

"Oh, but you did. You killed an innocent man. A man that was tricked by our snake friend. You could have saved him, but you didn't." Mirror Harry* laughed at Harry's wide eyes. Harry's eyes flickered to the ash on the ground and winced again. "'Oh, woe as me, I'm a horrible person. I didn't save him, but I could have. Instead I killed him!'" Mirror Harry laughed before glowering.

"Shut up. I do not regret killing him. It was either him or-" Harry protested.

"Oh give me a break!" Mirror Harry snapped. "Your little pity party needs to end. It's so disgusting! Why aren't you happy you killed him? He was working with the Snake freak and yet you regret it? Is it the fact you took a life for the first time? Well, aren't you pathetic? In a war like this, you have to kill. In time, you may even come to love it."

"Shut up. I will never like killing. It's something I know I have to do, but that doesn't mean I will ever enjoy it." Harry replied to his Mirror image, glowering at him.

"Pathetic. You're so damn pathetic!" Mirror Harry exclaimed. "Why do you let…those good for nothing feelings, like love and compassion, hinder you!? You are one of, no, you are the most powerful Wizard to grace this world since Merlin himself and look at you. You let your friends and family weaken you. Damn it, am I the only one frustrated here!?" He yelled, blowing up a pillar behind a glaring Harry.

"You are crazy. My friends and family keep me sane and neutral." He replied.

Mirror Harry laugh darkly. "Sanity is over rated. You should just do things for yourself." He sighed. "Don't you see? You have the power to rule this world and you waste it on protecting those…precious people of yours. It's a dog eat, dog world out there. If they can't survive on their own, they should be killed."

"SHUT UP!" Harry released his killing intent with his magic, making his mirror image gasp, before chuckling.

"See, you have the darkness, all you have to do is harness it. Why do you think you like the dark so much? It is your home. You should let it devour your heart. Everything will be so much more interesting." Mirror Harry grinned evilly.

"No, I control the darkness. I will not let anything control me!" Harry snapped, taking a step towards his reflection.

"Tch. Do you really think you control it? How funny." Mirror Harry said.

"What and who are you?" Harry asked suddenly and cautiously.

Mirror Harry grinned. "Oh I don't know. Let's add up the facts shall we, you like facts don't you?" He asked. Harry glared. "I stepped out of a mirror with your reflection in it. I look exactly like you. I'm in your dreams. So what does that all add up to?"

"You're…me…or at least a reflection of me." Harry replied.

"Ding. Ding. Ding. We have a winner!" Mirror Harry said, grinning a sadistic grin. "I really love that mind of yours. It's makes things so much more interesting. Although, you only have half of it right."

"Why are you here?" Harry asked, glaring at his Mirror self.

"Hm…I've always been here Harry and I always will be. As long as you have hate and anger in your heart I will always be here!" Mirror Harry laughed. Everything started to fade away for Harry as he covered his ears to the manically laughing. "We'll meet again Harry dear!"

End of Harry's POV

Harry gasped as he sat up, holding his chest as he looked around frantically. His dream was vividly in his mind. When he realized he was in his room and all of it was nothing more than a nightmare Harry sighed and fell back onto his bed, staring at his ceiling.

"What the hell was that?" He wondered aloud, placing his hands over his eyes. "I hope this isn't going to be a nightly thing or I'm going to stop sleeping." He muttered, chuckling mirthlessly as he decided to think about his odd…nightmare later. He looked over at the wizard's clock on his nightstand. It was showing 3:00 am. Harry groaned.

'Damn it, why can't I ever sleep through the night?' He thought tiredly. He knew he was not going back to sleep.

"Might as well get up." He mumbled, sitting up and grabbing his glasses. He put them on and everything that was blurry quickly became clear. He walked to his bathroom, but paused when he saw the date on his calendar. The twenty-sixth…it was circled. Why was it… his eyes widened. Right, he needed to pick up Draco today. Great, to add onto his little sleep he would probably have a verbal match with his father and brother.

'Hopefully Lily won't get involved. It would be bad for the baby.' He thought, the paused. 'Where the bloody hell did that thought come from!? I obviously am not as coherent as I should be.' He shook his head. He'd work it work out later.

Harry yawned as he picked up his cloak. It was chilly this morning and Harry didn't want to catch a cold. He was meeting Draco at Ollivander's, as promised and somehow Draco had talked him into using the floo. In Harry's defense, Draco made a good argument. After all, Harry didn't want anyone knowing his full powers, except for his friends. Now that he thought about secrets, he was reminded of his talk with his grandfather. He really needed to go to Gringotts and talk with them. Yeah, he could do that today. Not like anyone would notice him gone.

He thought about another part of the discussion he had with Andrew and grimaced. He did not want to tell them he was the real 'boy-who-lived' so to speak. It's not that he didn't trust them. He trusted them all, Luna especially. He'd trust her with his life, but he was…scared. As loath as he was to admit it, even to himself, he was scared of their reactions. He was sure Luna would accept him no matter what, but the others…he wasn't sure and Harry never did anything unless he was sure.

He liked facts and he liked knowing things before he jumped into things. This though, he had to place his life and secrets on the line, without knowing anything and that terrified him. His secrets were not for the faint of heart and were very dangerous. If he told them who he really was and what he had to do he would be pulling them into his mess. He would be pulling them into danger and Harry hated the thought of putting his friends in danger.

"I really need to stop over thinking things." He said aloud as he fixed the collar of his cloak and picked up his wand and Mokeskin pouch, tying it to his belt loop.

He headed out of his room and down to the living room, where the fireplace and thus the Floo, was located. Unfortunately, he was stopped by Lily who was in the living room, reading a book.

"Oh, Harry, hello." She smiled up at him, then frowned when she saw his attire. "Where are you going dressed like that?"

Harry winced inwardly. Why did she have to notice him now of all times? "I'm going out to pick up a friend." He replied in a flat tone.

Lily blinked. "I didn't hear anything about this. Does your father know?" She asked.

'James wouldn't care if I died.' He thought, snorting softly at the thought. "No Li-…mother. He's doesn't know. I didn't think it would make much of a deference seeing as we'll be having so many people over already." He corrected his term quickly, not wanting the red head to catch it.

Lily frowned. "Well I guess it's alright, but next time, tell one of us, ok." She said softly.

"Sure…" He answered and headed towards the Floo.

"Harry, do you want me to go with you?" Lily asked hesitantly. She had noticed how… emotionless her son seemed to be around her. In fact, this was the first time she'd seen him in days.

"No it's fine. I've done this a bunch of times." Harry said, grabbing some powder and stepping into the fireplace. "Diagon Alley!" He said clearly and calmly. He threw the powder down and green smoke enveloped him. Lily sighed when her son disappeared. At least he was going somewhere safe.

Still she felt sad that her son had not wanted her to come. Most children always wanted their parents to come with them.

Suddenly it hit her like a ton of bricks.

"What did he mean he'd done this a bunch of times. Harry's never used the floo." She whispered as she tried to remember a time her oldest son had used the floo. None came to her memory.

In fact, she couldn't even remember teaching him how to use the thing. However, Lily had never been good at the floo or port keys. She could never really land right. Still…her son didn't lie and he obviously knew how to use it.

"Maybe…maybe James taught him, but…" She frowned. Things were not adding up for the young woman. "…I need to look into this. I feel as if something is not right." She whispered.

Lily's motherly instincts were telling her something was wrong and she decided to listen to them for once in her life.

Harry coughed as he landed out of the floo and tripped over his feet. He groaned in annoyance at how undignified he looked. He wouldn't have had to deal with this embarrassment if Lily had just ignored him as usual. But no, she had to play the worrying mother card. Goddamn woman. He glared as he stood up and wiped the soot off him. He really just wanted to floo Ollivander's and be done with it, but Lily may have asked questions later. Questions he didn't feel like answering.

"God damn it. I am going to find a way to destroy all floo…and portkeys." He muttered, fixing his cloak and stomping towards Ollivander's wand shop. "If Draco had seen that he'd never let me live it down." He sighed.

He headed to Ollivander's wand shop, wanting to meet up with his friend then make him agree to go to Gringotts. He needed to check on what his grandfather told him. He was giddy just thinking about it. He chuckled darkly. Oh yes, his life was going to be so much easier.

"Harry!" His head snapped up at his name and saw his Slytherin companion. He stood near the shop they agreed to meet at.

"Hello Draco." Harry replied as he walked up to him.

"So, how has your morning been? Mine has been interesting. I almost got caught by my ever generous father as I was making my way out." He grinned.

Harry chuckled. "I see, so how did you get away?"

"Oh, you know. A few silky words and a quick exit helped me." Draco smirked, folding his arms.

"Ah, how Slytherin of you." Harry said, shaking his head. He looked around. "Where is your stuff?"

"I'm having my house elf bring it to us when we reach your house. Don't want daddy dearest finding out I was leaving, now did I?" Draco waved his hand, his nose up in the air with an arrogant look on his face.

Harry rolled his eyes. "Oh yes, how stupid of me for asking." He replied sarcastically.

"So, are we leaving now or do you want to do something?" Draco asked, tilting his head.

"Ah, yes. There is something I need to do. Some…interesting knowledge has landed in my lap and I need to find out everything I can." He paused and stared seriously at his friend. He trusted Draco, he did, but he didn't trust others. Call it paranoia, but to him, he was just being cautious. "Draco, I need to know that I can trust you with this. It's not something that others, especially them, need to know."

Draco instantly knew who Harry was talking about. His parents and Dumbledore. Draco stared at the ravenette. 'What is so important you'd need to know I won't tell anyone?' He wondered, but nodded to his friend.

"You know you can trust me Harry. I would never do anything to harm you." Draco replied.

"But can I trust your mind?" Harry asked, his eyes narrowing at Draco.

"My… mind?" Draco was confused.

"Yes, I trust you Draco, a lot, but I don't trust others not to go rummaging around in your mind. So what I want to know is do you know Occlumency*?" He asked.

Draco blinked and finally caught onto what his friend was saying. He nodded. "Of course. My father may be one of the biggest bastards on earth, but he made sure I knew Occlumency and Legilimency. I've been learning it sense I was able to talk." He shuddered as he remembered the long hours his Father would keep them locked up in a room and attack his mind.


"FATHER PLEASE STOP!" A seven-year-old Draco screamed as Lucius attacked his mind repeatedly. He tried to throw up his shields, but Lucius easily broke through them. He saw his memories come forth again. Most of them not so nice, but some with his mother reading him a story or singing to him came forth as well.

"SHUT UP! You are a disgrace upon the Malfoy name begging like some mudblood whore! Now again, LEGILIMENCY!" Lucius attacked Draco again. He screamed bloody murder as pain like no other forced its way violently into his mind.

"LUCIUS, PLEASE STOP. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, YOU'LL KILL HIM. LUCIUS! LUCIUS!" Narcissa screamed on the other side of the door, obviously attacking it with her hands and with spells. "DRACO, HOLD ON. PLEASE HANG ON!"

"You will learn Draco. The Dark Lord* will only have the best!" Lucius said darkly, ignoring his wives cries.

Draco crumpled to the floor and twitched as his magic tried to heal his young body. The attacks were taking a toll on him. Lucius raised his wand again and prepared to attack his mind once more…

{End of flashback}

"…co…aco…DRACO!" Harry shook Draco's shoulder and stared at his glassy eyes worriedly. Draco seemed to have gone somewhere else and not very pleasant from his flinching. "Draco are you alright?"

"Yes…I'm fine. Just…thinking…" Draco finally said, seeming to still be somewhat out of it. "So… yes…I know Occlumency, very well in fact."

"Good, because what I'm about to do must be kept a secret, even from the others. At least until I figure out if they know occlumency." He said.

'That's another reason I haven't told them the truth about that night. If Dumbledore did a scan of their minds and found out, he'd try to control me 'for the greater good' as he puts it. Gods, I hate that man.' He thought, then shook his head.

"Come on, we're going to Gringotts." Harry spun on his heel and quickly headed to the white stone building.

"What…why?" Draco asked as he quickly followed.

Harry smirked, but didn't answer.

"Harry what is it that you want to keep them from knowing?" Draco asked.

"Just some things that will be beneficial for me and all of us in the future, now come on." Harry walked gracefully up the stairs, tilting his head to the goblin guards that sneered at him. Draco followed closely behind and did the same. All purebloods were taught to be wary of the Goblins as they were traitorous.

Harry calmly walked up to a teller and waited for the Goblin to notice him. It was just out of common courtesy. Besides, Harry could feel the subtle looks he was getting from the others. It was well known, to him at least, that the moment you walked into the bank you were being judged. Harry was always very careful in this place. The last thing he wanted was to insult these creatures. They were down right cunning and could be very vindictive little bastards, not to mention they were powerful.

The goblin, which just happened to be Griphook*, finished what he was writing and looked up at the two young wizards. He instantly sneered at the young man and glared with hate. It was no secret goblins hated wizards for the restrictions they had placed on the goblins.

"What do you want?" He snapped out, glaring at the two young wizards.

"I would like to speak to Account Manager Irontooth, Teller Griphook." Harry said calmly, smiling, but not showing his teeth.

Goblins had silent cues that many wizards didn't know nor cared to learn. Harry did. He had always been fascinated by other magical creatures. The Goblins, Elves, and Dwarves just to name a few.

Griphook glared (Stared?) at the young wizard, assessing him and finally nodded his head. "Follow me." He gruffly said, standing and leading them to a room.

"Harry, what is this all about?" Draco whispered curiously.

Harry smirked. "You'll find out soon, but I expect you not to tell anyone. Not even our friends. Not yet at least."

"We're here." Griphook opened the door and motioned for them to go in. Harry nodded to Griphook and went inside. Draco followed. "Irontooth will be here in a moment." He then stalked out of the room.

"Ok, so who is Irontooth?" Draco asked curiously.

"Irontooth is the Potter account manager. He's very good, but he's very hard to please and very greedy. Can be pretty nasty when he's irritated, so whatever you do don't piss him off." Harry stressed.

Draco nodded and looked around the room. It was fairly plain. There was a desk, with a plush chair behind it and two in front of the desk. A few plants were in the room and on the right wall was a painting of a battle but other than that, it was plan.

Suddenly the door opened and a nasty looking goblin appeared in the room. His eyes narrowed and his teeth bared. He looked ready for a battle. Draco's hackles instantly went up at the look he was getting. He looked over at Harry who was staring calmly, obviously using his occlumency to hide his emotions. Draco also centered himself and made his expression vacant.

Irontooth's eyes moved over to Harry and he seemed to relax somewhat. He stalked to the chair behind the desk and climbed up to sit down.

"Sit down." He snapped. Harry sat down, his demeanor composed. Draco followed Harry's example. "Now what can I do for you Mr. Potter?" Irontooth questioned, looking directly at the only Potter he even remotely liked.

"It's about the Lordship of my family. I was recently told it has been transferred. I would like to find out if that's true." He said, staring at his eyes the entire time. Another cue for the goblins was eye contact.

Irontooth grinned, not showing his teeth. Harry returned it. "Very well Mr. Potter. I will need a drop of your blood though." Irontooth said, clapping his hands. Suddenly a piece of paper* and a dagger appeared on the table.

Draco just stared. Surely, Harry wasn't going to try to claim Lordship over the Potter estate? He didn't think that was possible, but like any good Slytherin he stayed quiet and observed his friends posture, the Goblins odd expression, and the magic in the air. He could feel Harry's magic moving around in a peaceful and controlled manner but it was spreading out around the room, touching everything, even he. Draco shuddered at the power he felt rolling off Harry. It was very addicting.

"Very well." Harry picked up the goblin made dagger and cut his hand open, not even wincing at the pain as his lifeblood began to seep from his hand. Harry handed the dagger back to the goblin and then placed his bleeding hand over the paper. There was a flash of white light that blinded the occupants of the room. When the light died down Irontooth picked up the paper, watching as red curly handwriting began to appear on the paper.

Harry looked at his hand and sighed. He was not very good at healing spells. He'd just have to live with it until his own natural magic healed it.

"Morrighan*…" Irontooth said, gaining the two students attention. He was staring at the paper with wide and shocked eyes.

"Irontooth, is something wrong." Harry asked. Irontooth looked at Harry in shock, then looked at Draco. Understanding the look Harry intervened. "I trust Draco Irontooth, now what does it say?"

Irontooth said nothing, but he handed the paper over to Harry. Harry looked at it and felt his eyes widen. Draco also stared at gasped at what was on the paper.

Name: Harry James Potter

DOB: July 31, 1980; Time: 11:59:58 pm

Parent(s): Lily Marie Potter nee Evans (Mother), James Alexander Potter (Father)

Sibling(s): Charles Andrew Potter (Twin brother), Unknown sibling (Yet to be born)

Residents: Potter Manor

School: Hogwarts

Magic Affinity: Grey, borderline Dark

Intelligent Quotient (IQ): 187

Magic Level: Unknown

Soul Mate: Unknown

Lord of Most Ancient and Noble House(s):

Lord of the most Ancient and Noble house of Potter (Blood/Magic)

Lord of the most Ancient and Noble house of Angelus* (Magic)

Lord of the Most Ancient and Noble house of Peverell* (Blood/Magic)

Heir of Most Ancient and Noble House(s):

Heir of the Most Ancient and Noble house of Black (Blood/Magic)

Heir of the Most Ancient and Noble house of Slytherin (Magic)

Heir of the Most Ancient and Noble house of Gryffindor (Blood)

Heir of the Most Ancient and Noble house of Ravenclaw (Blood)

Heir of the Most Ancient and Noble house of Hufflepuff (Magic)

Heir of the Most Ancient and Noble house of LeFey* (Blood/Magic)

Potter Assets

Vault 10: 7,233,798 galleons, 24,531 sickles, & 460,025 knuts

Rare Tomes- Light Based.

List of Rare Tomes:

(Author: I'm not writing a huge list of books, sorry. Just know, some of them will appear in the story.)

Potter Manor-720 Holland drive, Scotland (Fidelis charm, Notice-Me-Not charm, Muggle repellent charm, Obscuring wards)
-Worth: 34,908,499 galleons 25,998 Sickles 11,576 Knuts

Safe House- 213 Godric's Hallow, Wales (Fidelis Charm)

1 Seat on the Wizengamot

17% ownership of Zonko's Joke Shop

23% ownership of Daily Prophet

52% ownership of Flourish and Blots

Angelus Assets

Vault 13- 76,523,462 galleons 2,345,647 Sickles 4,567,827 Knuts

Rare Tomes- Gray Based

Potions Ingredients- Unknown at this time

Heaven's Manor- Vatican, Rome

3 seats on Wizengamot

Other assets unknown at this time

Peverell Assets

Vault 9- 736,272 galleons 2,343,457 sickles 234 knuts

Hollows Cottage-Northern Wales

Deathly Hallows

Other assets unknown

Black Heir Assets

Unknown as Black Lord is still among the Living

Slytherin Heir Assets

Became Heir by Right of Conquest*

Owns 25% of Hogwarts

Chamber of Secrets

Vault 3: 3,467,090 Galleons, 123,090 Sickles, 12,748 Knuts

Tomes belonging to Salazar Slytherin

Slytherin's Basilisk

Slytherin's Locket

5 seats on Wizengamot

Other assets unknown

Gryffindor Heir Assets

Heir By Blood

Owns 25% of Hogwarts

Gryffindor's Sword

Sorting Hat

50% ownership of Hogsmeade

Vault 4: 547,822 galleons 26,735 Sickles 4,738 Knuts

Other Assets Unknown

Ravenclaw Heir Assets

Heir by Blood

Owns 25% of Hogwarts

Hogwarts Library

Ravenclaw's Diadem

Vault 5: 3,917,379 galleons 31,786 Sickles 972 Knuts

Rare Tomes- Grey based

Other assets Unknown

Hufflepuff Heir Assets

Heir By Magic

Owns 25% of Hogwarts

Forbidden Forest

Black Lake

Hufflepuff's Cup

Vault 6: 781,963 Galleons 65,833 Sickles 8,792 Knuts

Other Assets Unknown

LeFey Heir Assets

Heir By Magic and Blood

Vault 2: 361,689,756 Galleons 382,123 Sickles 76,354 Knuts

Tomes of Darkness

Other Assets unknown

Special Abilities*

Parseltongue (Unlocked)

Metamorphmagus (Locked)

Natural Occlumens (unlocked)

Natural Legilimens (unlocked)

Linguistic (unlocked)

Mage (Locked)

Animagus (Locked)

Wandless Magic (Unlocked)

Parselmagic (Locked)

Harry and Draco could only stare at the paper. It was crazy. Harry had only expected to see Lord Potter on the paper, but all this…it was just crazy. Was someone screwing with him?

"H-Harry." Draco stuttered, staring at the paper

"Holy shit…" He said, his eyes bugging out. "I…didn't expect this." He muttered.


Harry winced. "Draco shut up!" Harry snapped, glaring at the blond.

Draco stared back and could only nod. He knew he was blowing things a little out of proportion. Still, it's not every day your best mate turns out to be a Lord of a bunch of different houses. He snatched the paper from Harry's hands and began reading it over.

"Irontooth, do you have any idea how this…happened. I mean wouldn't most of these titles belong to James?" He asked, looking to the goblin for an answer.

Irontooth shook his head. "I always knew there was a reason I tolerated you more than the rest of your family." He muttered. "The only reason those titles aren't with your father, from what I know, is that he was not believed worthy to have the titles." He explained.

Harry frowned. He had never heard of anything like this. Maybe he should talk with grandfather later, but for now… "Could you explain a little more." He asked.

Irontooth looked put out. "Some family lines put spells on their blood so that only an Heir, who fits their ideals, will be chosen. Meaning James Potter did not fit the ideals of these Families. The Gryffindor, Peverell, and Ravenclaw lines did not see him as the Heir they wanted. You were, simply as that." He explained.

"Hey, Harry…" Draco said, gaining Harry and Irontooth's attention. "The Slytherin Line, it says you're the magical Heir, but…what does it mean by 'Right By Conquest?'" He looked at Harry in confusion.

Inside, Harry felt his stomach flip. He knew Draco would figure it out, if not today than sometime soon. Draco was far from stupid. In fact, he was very intelligent, placing third in the class from last year, Hermione, Luna, him beating him by only a few points. So Harry was weighing his options. Tell him now or not. He really didn't want to tell Draco, at least not before he told Luna. She was the one who was always there for him and he felt she deserved to know. Though Harry had a feeling she already did.

Harry sighed, his decision made. "Draco, I promise I will explain, but first I need to talk to Luna. So please drop it for now." He begged.

Draco looked skeptical but nodded. He would agree to that, for now. That didn't mean he was going to stop thinking about it though.

"Alright, I will, but this isn't over Harry." Draco's eyes were hard and serious. Harry nodded and turned back to Irontooth.

"So…what are we going to about this?" Harry asked.

Lily Potter* thought herself to be very observant and intelligent. She liked to think she was strong willed about her beliefs and was a great mother. She loved her children and gave them the attention they deserved or so she thought. So, it was no surprise that Lily Potter was panicking as she went through her photo album of her family.

It had started this morning, when her eldest son, Harry, flooed away to Diagon Alley, by himself! Lily had been curious that her son could use the floo, she sure hadn't taught him. She wanted to find the underlying cause of it. So, she had started racking her intelligent brain for a memory of ever seeing Harry use the floo and nothing. It worried her.

Another thing that worried her was something she had just started noticing. Her son was very distant and didn't leave his room often or, if he did, he went to the Library. She rarely every saw him during meals and she could often go days at a time without seeing him at all. She couldn't remember a single time she'd cooked something for him. Wait…now that she thought about it she had seen Harry cook a bunch of times. Where had he learned how to cook.

Anyways, back to her panicking. She had decided to look through her family album to help calm herself down as a bunch of knowledge about her distant and quiet son had come to light before her eyes. It always helped, but now it was making her panic even more. In the first picture of the album she found James and herself holding the two twins. James holding Charles and her holding Harry. That was before the night Voldemort had attacked. A few more pictures were the same as the first mostly. All four of them in the picture smiling, but after Harry and Charles turning six things started to change. Harry would stand at the edge of the pictures while Lily and James surrounded Charles, grinning and laughing, while Harry…he just seemed so very sad. In fact she had a few of their sixth birthday pictures in the album and she could not find a single picture of him at the party.

As the years continued Harry seemed to get farther and farther away from them and his expression seemed to get colder and blanker as the years went on. Then…once she reached the tenth year he wasn't in any of the pictures. It was like he didn't exist in the family past their tenth year. Not a single picture of Harry.

She dropped the album, wondering if someone had messed with it. How could her eldest son not be in any of the pictures? She felt a cold chill travel down her back. A foreboding feeling. She didn't like it, not one bit.

Carefully, as if she was grabbing an active bomb, she picked up the album and closed it, placing it back on her shelf. She…was going to go talk to her husband. Maybe he messed with her album as a joke? If it was a joke it was not funny.

She left their bedroom and headed for his study. She knocked before entering and then closed the door behind her. James was signing some documents. Once he found out she was pregnant he had asked for time off to take care of her. He still had to go to work, but didn't work as many hours or days as he did before. James was always paranoid one of his enemies would come and harm her.

"Lily flower, what brings you here?" He asked as he finished the last document.

"Ah…well James…" Lily paused. "I wanted to talk about Harry." She said.

James raised an eyebrow. "Did he do something?" He asked, though she could the irritation in his voice. Lily almost winced. James had been put out that Harry had been put into Slytherin. Lily was disappointed at that, but she had let it go. After all, it just meant he was a little more cunning.

"No James. I…just wanted to know if you ever taught Harry how to use the floo?" She asked.

James paused and blinked in confusion. "No. Why?" He shook his head.

Lily frowned. "Oh, no reason…" She paused again. "James…when was the last time we took Harry to Diagon Alley…" She asked. The question had just popped into her head.

James frowned. "I believe it was last year dear. I remember seeing Harry in the Alley with his friend…Looney or something." He said.

Lily frowned and shook her head. "Luna dear."

"Yeah, her." He said dismissively. "Why are so interested in Harry all of a sudden?" James asked.

"No reason. No reason. I was just…curious." She smiled. "Well, I'm going to go make some lunch. Where is Charles' at?"

"Weasley House love. He wanted to go and see his friends for a while." James smiled brightly at the mention of their youngest. "He and Ron are planning some pranks apparently. I can't wait to see them." He laughed, grinning foolishly.

Lily frowned at her husband. She loved James, but he obviously didn't care much for their eldest son. She was worried about this. James had always been a loving man, but it was like he didn't even see Harry.

"Speaking of children, how are you Lily? The baby doing ok?" James asked, a silly grin on his face.

"Oh, yes I'm fine. As far as I know the baby is as well. I set up an appointment for next week to have myself checked out." Lily smiled happily at the thought of the child growing inside her.

"I wonder if it'll be another boy. Goodness knows if it's a girl I'll never let her out of my sight. If it's a boy though…I'm going to make them into Quidditch stars." He laughed at the thought.

Lily froze as her thought process went back to Harry. Had they ever taught Harry how to fly? Had they ever even gotten him a broom. She couldn't remember. For the love of Merlin how could she not remember her own son having his first flying lesson. She had always known Harry was her quiet son. He preferred books to brooms, but…she could not for the life of her remember anytime she had ever seen Harry fly.

"James, did we ever teach Harry how to fly?" She asked suddenly.

James frowned, his smile slipping off his face. "Not that I can remember. Then again Harry always preferred books to brooms love." James got a look of suspicion. "Why are you so worried about him? Has he done something?"

"No, no." She paused, looking for an excuse. "I guess…I'm just a bit knackered. I've been up for a while. I think I'll got start on lunch and then take a nap." She kissed him on the cheek and he returned the kiss. Lily smiled and quickly left the room. She had so much to think about.

Harry Potter was a very happy soon-to-be twelve-year-old boy. He could not believe how well things had worked out for him. He wasn't going to touch any of the Potter inheritance, not yet at least. He wanted to keep it quiet for a while. He had, though, accepted the other inheritances and became the lord of five of the houses he was an heir to. He now owned Hogwarts, of all places. He wasn't going to tell anyone, oh no that would ruin all the fun.

This also opened a bunch of doors for Harry. He now had a bunch of seats on the Wizengamot. He had always wanted a way to get into the Ministry courts and now he had one. It helped a lot that Tom had been interested in politics before he went completely barmy and he had a good twenty years worth of knowledge to help him added onto his own political knowledge. All he needed were a few potions and spells and he'd be set. Now he just had to decide on a name and how to lead a double life.

Harry chuckled. Wasn't he already living a double life? He played with the ring that now adorned his right ring finger. It was the Angelus ring he decided to wear. The others were inside the Angelus ring and he could pull them out merely by stating their names. The Angelus ring was very beautiful. The band was white gold with two golden phoenixes on either side of a topaz stone. There were diamonds and yellow stones on the wings that surrounded the stone and it had rubies for eyes. As was said earlier it was very beautiful.

The other rings were beautiful as well. The Slytherin ring had a gold band with diamonds on the snake bodies. There were two snakes that wrapped around the emerald jewel. The two snakes both had their head covering a corner of the round jewel. In the gem there was an S etched into it with diamonds.

The Ravenclaw ring was odd. It didn't seem to be a ring for a woman. It had a thick silver band with a square dark sapphire gem in the center. At the four corners there were little ravens holding the gem in the center. In the center of the sapphire there was an R carved into it with diamonds in it.

The Hufflepuff ring was interesting. It had a gold band and had an amber stone in the center with vines over it. The band itself was vine like too. It was simple and it definitely was for a woman. An H was carved into the amber stone with diamonds spelled out with it.

The Gryffindor ring was what he expected. It had a thick white gold band with an oval shaped ruby. On the band there was a lion etched onto either side and had three four leafed clovers underneath them. It had a G etched into the ruby and spelled out with diamonds.

The Peverell ring was also odd. The band itself was silver and looked like string as it twisted around itself. The gem was a black pearl, but it seemed to be more than that and had the ring wrap itself around it. (Note: This is not the resurrection stone, which will come in later. This ring is just for stating he is the head of the family.)

The LeFey ring was beautiful. It was pure white gold with a lilac amethyst stone in the center with diamond flowers with sapphires in the center surrounding and holding it up. The band was think and obviously for a woman. On the inside the name LeFey was etched into the band in curly Victorian style handwriting.

These rings* were all hidden inside the Angelus ring and Harry was quite happy to have them all. He felt better, almost as if he was complete.

Draco looked at his grinning friend and couldn't help but feel amazed. He was the Lord of a bunch of families. He wasn't super rich as many of those families had lost their wealth, but he had another type of wealth, knowledge. That was probably more dangerous than money.

"So, what's the plan?" Draco asked, finally breaking the silence.

Harry paused and seemed deep in thought before he answered. "For now…we'll say and do nothing, but I do need to tell everyone about this…new development. It's only fair they know. I just don't want this getting out, not yet. I have a few plans I can now set into motion."

"Oh?" Draco looked at Harry curiously.

"Mm, I'll explain later. For now, let's get back to the manor. Come on, you said Ollivander would let us use his floo." He wrinkled his nose. He really didn't want to use the floo.

Draco laughed. "You really hate the floo, don't you."

"You have no idea." He muttered under his breathe.

Luna Lovegood hummed as she finished painting her ceiling. She covered in paint smudges of all different colors. She had decided to try to use muggle painting tools and to say the least she was amazed at how well they worked. Sure, they took longer, but it looked and felt so much better with her using her own two hands to make it. Her ceiling looked so wonderful now. All bright and colorful with her friend's names, Harry's name, of course, was in the middle and surrounded by the others. She had always wanted to do something with her oh so plain ceiling and now she finally had.

She paused when she saw Hedwig chirp and appear at her open window, a letter attached to her leg.

"Hm…it seems Harry has sent me another message." She said, placing the paintbrush in the paint can and talking the letter from Hedwig, making sure to giver her some owl treats. The owl hooted happily and ruffled her feathers.

Luna opened the letter and all that was on it were seven words strange words.

We need to talk soon, all of us.

Harry James Potter…

Luna placed the letter on her desk and fell down on to her bed, looking up at the artwork she had created.

"So…it has finally begun…" She whispered and smiled. "Hedwig*…did you know you have a very powerful master. He'll do something great one day…" Luna laughed as Hedwig tilted her head. "Yes…something so great…that it will shake the very foundation of our world." She said dreamily.

Harry tumbled out of Floo, Draco following close behind him, but without the tumbling. Draco laughed at Harry, who glared, his emerald eyes darkening in annoyance.

"Yeah, yeah laugh it up you git." Harry said as he fixed his clothes and stood up. "Bloody damn floo…" He muttered.

"Oh come on, its not-" Draco began.


Both young teens' heads snapped to the voice and when they saw who it was Harry's blank 'mask' went up.

"Hello…mother…" Harry replied in a monotone voice.

Lily flinched at his tone, but quickly smiled. "Hello dear. Who's your friend?" She asked, though she recognized him somewhat.

"Draco Malfoy, at your service ma'am." Draco said stiffly. He looked at Harry, whose bangs were shadowing his eyes.

'Malfoy?! Well…at least he seems…somewhat decent, unlike his father.' Lily thought, nodding to the boy.

"It is nice to meet you Draco." She said. "Harry…would you and Draco like some snacks?"

Harry's fingers twitched. "No thank you mother." He said.

"Oh…ok, well your brother will be home soon. Your father went to pick him up." She smiled slightly. "We talked about going flying later. Maybe you would like to join us. Oh and you too Draco." She said, a slight hopefulness in her voice.

Harry felt annoyance creeping in but hid it well. "No thanks mother. Draco and I are going to the library, excuse us." He said softly and quickly swept out of the room, Draco following closely behind.

Lily was left in the living room, feeling very saddened and very disappointed.

"Ok, so what are we doing in here?" Draco asked as Harry fiddled around with some books in the library.

"Hmm…oh you'll find out in a minute. While you waiting call you house elf to bring your stuff." Harry muttered.

Draco sighed, but did as he was told. "Dobby!" He yelled to the empty space. The next second there was a loud pop and there appeared and little elf with gray skin, large, dark eyes, and floppy ears in a pillowcase.

"Hello Young Masters Dracy, sirs. What is it yous need froms Dobby, Young Masters…" Dobby* asked, looking down.

Draco smiled. "I need you to bring me my trunk and all my supplies. I won't be going home for the rest of this summer."

Dobby looked worried. "Is young masters…going to be safes?" He asked.

"Don't worry Dobby, you just take care of mother and stay out of fathers way, alright. Now go get my stuff." Draco said kindly. Dobby quickly nodded and snapped his fingers disappearing with another pop. Draco counted in his head and got to thirty seconds before another pop was heard and Dobby appeared with a trunk behind him.

"Here's yous are young master." Dobby said.

"Hey Draco, you want anything to eat. I'm having Tilly make us something." Harry asked as he fiddled with a few other books. Someone had been in the library and had rearranged some things, much to his annoyance.

"No thanks…oh Harry is this Dobby, my families' house elf. Dobby this is Harry Potter, my best friend." Draco introduced.

Dobby's eyes widened. "Yous be Harry Potter…as in Charles Potter brothers?" Dobby asked, a hint of fear in his voice.

Harry looked annoyed. "Unfortunately, why?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Please, you must not let Charles Potter return to Hogwarts!" Dobby said, making both boys blink in confusion.

"Why?" Harry asked.

"Danger! Danger will lurk the halls of Hogwarts this year. You must not let Charles Potter return." Dobby looked near hysterical.

"Dobby, Dobby CALM DOWN!" Draco yelled, making the elf flinch and shut up. "Now, Dobby, I'm ordering you to tell me, what danger are you talking about?"

Dobby seemed to struggle for a second before he answered. "Young Masters is in dangers too! Master Lord Malfoy is planning somethings…. somethings bad. Yous and Charles Potter must not return to Hogwarts…or yous will die." Dobby was close to tears now and began banging his head against the wall.

"Oi, stop that!" Harry said, pulling the elf away from the wall. "What the hell is wrong with you?! And what danger is Malfoy Senior planning?!" Harry asked.

"Dobby does not know Mr. Harry Potter sir. Dobby does not…!" He said.

"Dobby please, tell me what father is trying to do." Draco pleaded, kneeling down on one knee. "Is what he's doing going to harm innocent people?"

Dobby nodded. "Master Lord Malfoy…will bring death on Hogwarts grounds…" Dobby whispered, before popping out of existence. Harry and Draco looked at each other and frowned.

"This just got a whole lot more irritating. Why can't anything be normal around you." Draco said as he stood.

"Me? I didn't have this stuff happening until I met you Draco. You sure it is not you?" Harry said, walking back over to the shelves of books and rearranging a few more.

"Yeah…except for the fact you defeated Lord Snake Freak…*" Draco said while Harry was distracted.

"I was one year old and-" Harry cut himself off and looked sharply at his friend. "When did you figure it out?" He asked, sighing. He didn't even try to deny it.

"That 'Right by Conquest' on the paper. It took me a while but I realized where I had heard the saying before. You defeated the current, at the time, Heir to the Slytherin line. Thus you had to defeat the only person known to be apart of that line, Moldyshorts himself." He smirked. "I think you forgot that I am a pureblood and was raised as such. Just because I'm not a stuck up and air headed as before doesn't mean I am not one, Harry James Potter with-to-many-last-name-and-titles."

Harry sighed and rubbed his face. "Right, right. I was hopping to tell Luna first, but it seems you beat me to that." He muttered.

"Harry, do you realize how big this is. Your prat of a brother is so going to get it when we-"

"No." Harry said firmly.

"No?" Draco looked confused.

Harry sighed. "Use that brain of yours Drake. If I wanted to tell someone, wouldn't I have already done it?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well…" Draco frowned.

Harry turned back to the book and fixed the last one. He smiled. "Come on, I have something cool to show you and we can finish our discussion down there."

"Down where?" Draco asked as Harry shuffled around some books and heard something click. The Bookcase moved to the side to reveal a set of stone steps. Draco gapped.

"Oh, down here. Come on. We have some things to discuss and I think my grandfather is down here as well." Harry went in and Draco quickly followed.

When the reached the bottom Draco couldn't help but be amazed. Who knew some like this was right under the Potter estate. Draco didn't think the Malfoy estate had anything like this. Then again…his father did disappear a lot.

"Harry, my dear grandson. I see you brought a friend other than Lovely Luna down here. Hello young lad." The painting of Andrew smiled at them and waved.

"Hello grandfather and this boy is Draco Malfoy, my other best friend. Draco this is my grandfather, Lord Andrew Potter." Harry smiled in return.

"Hello sir." He bowed. Andrew looked fascinated.

"Malfoy? Really I knew Harry had made friends with a Malfoy but it still baffles me no end." Andrew chuckled while Harry rolled his eyes.

"Why is that sir?" Draco asked.

"Ah, well the Malfoy vs. Potter feud* has been around even before I was born lad." He chuckled at their eye rolls. "Really. I'll have you know that your grandfather and I used to have the worst spats in school. Almost killed each other a number of times and we competed in everything. Your father and my son were no better. Even though Lucius was two years older than James they still messed with each other. I tell ya the Malfoy's and Potter's have had this feud going on for so long it's ridiculous and all because of a mistake, honestly." The portrait shook his head in sadness. "It's good to see that you two at least get along, friends even."

Harry frowned. "What are you talking about grandfather. What mistake?" He asked. He had never heard of this.

"Ah, now here's a story for ya. Why don't you two lad's take a seat and I'll start. You should know it anyways."

Suddenly Tilly popped into the room holding a tray of candies and something had stumbled across a long time ago, Soda Pop. Best thing muggles ever invented in his opinion.

"Here's you goes Master Harry's sir. Tilly gots everything yous asked fors." Tilly said, setting the plate on a table in front of them. Harry and Draco took a seat as Harry smiled at his personal elf.

"Thank you Tilly. That will be all for now." Harry said. The little elf nodded and quickly popped out. Harry turned back to his grandfather. "So…you saying something about a story?"

"Ah yes." Andrew smiled as he watched the two interact. It was interesting that they had only known each other a few months and were already so trusting of each other. Then again, Harry always did seem to pull people to him when he tried to be social. Andrew still remembered how closely Luna and Harry had got in only four months of knowing each other. "Now where was I? oh I remember. Well it all starts back to the time of our great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfathers. At the time the Malfoy's and Potter's were very close families, friends on the level that the Longbottom's are with us today."

"What, really?!" Draco questioned as he took a bite of a scone.

"Oh yes. We had a blood brother/sister pact, as it were. Now shush child and let me finish." He laughed good naturally at Draco's red face. "Now then, back at that time, there was a Potter heir by the name of Gabriel* Harold Potter. He was a very head strong child, but he was always willing to listen to others and be fair about something before making up his mind."

"I'm guessing Gabriel is our seven times great grandfather, Grandfather?" Harry muttered.

"Oh yes. Great man he was. Brought our family up to new heights during his lordship." Andrew sighed then. "Back to the story. Gabriel was a man that always tried to follow the rules, but he, like any Potter, had the family curse for getting into trouble." He paused, seeming to think about something. "You see, young Gabriel was set to marry the Malfoy heiress, Sharon. Now, as I'm sure both of you know the Malfoy's have veela blood in them-"

"Veela? Draco I didn't know you were a veela." Harry turned and looked curiously at his friend.

Draco blushed and ducked his head. "Yes, well. I'm only a quarter veela and my father and I are males, which are really rare, even for half Veela's, such is my father, rarely have male children. My grandmother was a full veela though."

"I see. How interesting." Harry muttered, smirking.

Draco glared. "Don't look at me like that prat!" He snapped.

Harry threw his hands up in surrender. "I meant nothing by it, I swear. I just find it interesting that you didn't tell me. Then again we have only known each other for a few months."

Draco huffed, but accepted the answer.

"Forgive me, Draco. I thought Harry knew." Andrew sad, looking sad.

"Oh…" Draco blushed a deep crimson. "It's fine sir. I was…planning to tell him anyways. Please, continue with the story."

Andrew nodded. "Very well. As I was saying, The Malfoy line had a strong Veela heritage and were proud of it. So proud, in fact, that they made the males that were to marry the females of the family take the Malfoy name, instead of the female taking her husbands name. Now, Gabriel and Sharon had known each other since they were toddlers and loved each other a great deal. They had even started dating during their time in school and were to be wed as soon as they graduated.

"Unfortunately, Gabriel had no idea that he had attracted the Black heiress. Her name was Layla* and she was deeply obsessed with Gabriel. She despised Sharon for being with Gabriel and wanted her out of the picture so she could have him. Now, Layla was by no means evil, she had just been spoiled and brought up to believe that she was superior to everyone, so she should have what she wanted and she wanted Gabriel.

"Layla made a fuss and started spewing lies about how Sharon's veela charm was binding Gabriel to her and that he wasn't really in love with her. She told her father that she wanted Sharon away from Gabriel so she could have shot at him as it wasn't fair that she never even got to try. Of course, her father, Caius Black, could never deny the girl anything and brought this to Gabriel's father, Stephen. Stephen, of course, knew this was a lie. Gabriel had been around Sharon since she was a child and had somehow become immune to the veela charm. He knew Gabriel loved Sharon with all his heart and soul, but could find no way to prove this to the girl and her father.

"So, he decided to allow Layla and Gabriel to get to know each other, knowing Gabriel would only ever have eyes for Sharon. Sharon and Gabriel agreed, if only so Layla would quit breathing down their necks about it. So, Sharon had to stay away for a time as Layla and Gabriel began to learn each other.

"Layla, believing she had succeed in getting her way, began doing everything she could to get closer to Gabriel. Gabriel, of course, knew she what she was doing and spurned any sort of romantic advance. He did not even wish to be the girls' friend as he saw her as vapid and shallow.

"When Layla realized that Gabriel was truly in love with Sharon she became enraged. She wanted to kill Sharon, destroy her in every possible way for taking away what she believed was hers and no one else's, but Layla was cunning and hatched a plan to take Gabriel away from Sharon for good." Andrew looked wistful.

"What did she do Grandfather?" Harry asked.

"She decided to brew a powerful love potion and snuck it into his food. Of course she knew that if Gabriel changed drastically over night then someone would suspect. So, she only put a tiny drop in anything he ate. Slowly, but surely making Gabriel 'fall in love' with her.

"Of course, Stephen noticed the affection that had begun to grow between Gabriel and Layla and began wondering if he had been wrong. After all, he had no reason to suspect that his son was being feed a powerful love potion. Even Gabriel did not realize it.

"Layla, of course, upped his dose until he was so madly in love with her that he begged his father to allow him to marry her. Of course, Stephen was hesitant. He knew something wasn't right. He could sense it, but his son seemed to have fallen deeply in love with Layla over time, not suddenly. He mulled over it for days, before deciding to allow it.

"When Sharon heard, she was devastated and felt truly betrayed that the love of her life would choose another. Her mother had been furious and stomped into Potter Manor, nearly in avian form, ready to destroy those that had harmed her daughter.

"That was when she realized that Gabriel had already gone and married Layla. Her mother, Belle, become so enraged that she tried to kill Gabriel. Of course, she didn't succeed, but she spat on our name, declaring our families enemies from that day forward. A blood feud like no other.

"A few years passed and Layla, heavy with a child, decided that her station was strong enough that she could stop giving Gabriel the love potions. When he was finally free of there effects he was devastated. He told Stephen of the wrongs that had been committed against him and how he truly was in love with Sharon. When Layla was brought forth on the accusations, she freely admitted she had. She stated that Sharon had been controlling Gabriel and he could not think clearly, so she had given him his freedom from the "veela whore" as she called her.

"Stephen and Gabriel was enraged at this and her father, Caius, ashamed. Still, they could do nothing about this transgression as Layla carried the Potter heir and Gabriel loved the child, even if he did not want Layla to be its mother. Of course he tried to tell the Malfoy's the truth of what had happened, but Sharon refused to believe, saying that he was a lying pig of a man she never wanted to see again. Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn after all. Both were devastated at the loss of the other.

"So Gabriel returned to Layla and waited for his child to be born. When it was born, the child was a girl that Gabriel named Sharon, much to Layla's anger. Afterwards Gabriel divorced Layla, taking away all her right to what he owned that he had given her, even the little girl they had made out of false love. He also forbid Layla to ever step near him or his daughter again, having her arrested for her crimes.

"Gabriel then did everything he could to raise little Sharon, all the while feeling a deep sadness at the loss of his soul mate. He did not try to contact her again, as per he request but they saw each other much as they ran in the same social circles. Sometime later Sharon married a man from the Greengrass family, who she loved, not to the extent of Gabriel, but loved him enough to agree to marry him.

"The news saddened and elated Gabriel. He was happy that she had found happiness, but saddened it was not with him. Gabriel never sought out anyone in a romantic way again and Layla rotted in a prison cell for the rest of her young life. Gabriel raised his little Sharon to be the next head of house, always making sure to keep her safe. His love soon had children of her own and they were told of the transgression, just as young Sharon told the Potter line as well. Thus the feud between the House Potter and House Malfoy grew and with each generation it got worse and worse." Andrew smiled sadly at this and shook his head. "It is wonderful so see that you two are getting along. Maybe both of you can finally end this ridiculous feud."

Both were silent as they digested the story. It was a little shocking and reminded Harry of a book he had found in his mothers personal library once. Romeo and Juliet, he believed it was called.

'Two star-crossed lovers*, lost to time and ending in tragedy.' He thought sadly. Yes, they were definitely star-crossed lovers.

"How sad, that our ancestors were to be separated in such a manner and ironic that my mother should be a Black herself." Draco muttered.

"Ironic indeed." Harry agreed, nodding his head.

"I believe I hear your father calling for you Harry. I think you and young Draco should go see what he wants before he throws a fit." Andrew said suddenly, disappearing from his frame.

Harry sighed. "We never got to finish our discussion." He muttered, looking at his blond friend.

"We'll finish it later. I think we should find out what James Potter wants so we don't have to deal with him later." Draco stood, stretching.

Harry sighed. "I was afraid you would say that."

Mirror Harry- I'll leave you guys to guess that. Anyone who gets it right will get a reward!

Occulmency- I don't know if I ever explained this, but I know I've mentioned it at least once. Basically this is a form of magic that protects your mind from Legilimancy.

Dark Lord- Haven't guessed it, Voldemort people

Grip Hook- Comeone people up know the reference.

Paper- This paper is called the Blood Heritage Sheet. Basically it tells you who you are and where your heritage lies.

Morrihgan- Just another way to say Morgana. She is the goblins Goddess as it were.

Angelus-This all ties in with the story. It shall be explained much later though.

Peverell- Come on people, you saw this coming.

Lefay- Didn't want to make Harry to powerful, so I decided to forgo merlin and went straight for Lefay

Right by Conquest- In the older days Men used to fight for their riches. Whoever won, gained the losers riches (This included anything from money to women) by "Right of Conquest"

Special Abilities- Felt like putting it and they aren't a long list. Harry is powerful, especially if he has to take on Voldemort.

Lily Potter- She's starting to realize what shes done, but will it be to late.

The Rings- I actually based these off of rings that I have. They were willed to me by my grandmother and I love them all dearly. Although the engravings are definitely different.

Hedwig- Harry's Familiar, not sure if I told anyone that.

Dobby- Draco has been a bit nicer to Dobby since he arrived home and Dobby has become more trusting of him and wishes to protect him.

Draco finding out- To be honest, you had to expect this. I picked Draco to find out first cause I thought it would be funny. Don't worry, everyone else will find out soon too.
Malfoy vs. Potter Feud- Decided to make things a little more difficult for the boys and also get a history lesson.

Gabriel- If anyone can figure out the reference to his name and the reason why you will begin to connect the clues that have been throughout the story. Bwahaha!

Layla- It's a constallation and it means a Harpy...or a Harp, I can't remember.

Star-crossed Lovers- I love and hate this saying.