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Child in Wonderland

Even though I'm only 6 years old, I know more than I am supposed to.

"Ok mama! I'll be careful!" I say. Mama Alice always is overprotective of me when it comes to the garden in the backyard. She even tells me to stay away from rabbits! I wonder why she's that way…

Once again, I'm in my regular dress, a black dress with ruffles on the bottom and pink hair with blue highlights in ringlets cascading down to my lower back. My red eyes slowly scan the area like they always do when I enter a new area. My father taught me that when he came back from one of his deports with the military. He says it helps with security.

Something's off… I can definitely tell that, even though nothing is out of place in my tree house. I scan the area again and I see a hole.

Mama told me to stray away from holes, especially if I can dive in with ease. Oh no what should I do? My curiosity tells me to jump, but my rational side tells me to stay away!

I take a deep breath and then hear a rustle behind me. "Who's there? I'll kill you if you come near me!" I yell while slowly reaching for my knife in my matching black boots.

"Whoa! No need for that darling!" I put my knife back in my boot.

"DADDY! I can't believe you're here!" "Well believe it, because I am, even if it is only for a couple of minutes." "What?"

"You heard me, I can't stay long. You know that." "But…but…but. *sigh* Ok…" "Good girl! Well I have to go bye!" "Bye daddy!"

When he left I look back into the hole and I suddenly feel something, or someone, push me and I fall, screaming all the way.

"Hello Lily." I hear an unknown voice say.

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