Aitora: Hello everyone! The mountains were really fun! I even went gem mining! I got some rubies, amethyst, and a couple others. Bad thing is, my sickness is back. I got an xray yesterday or the day before, but I still feel sick. Anyway, i'm writing another fanfiction called "The Silent Heart" but i'm not going to upload it until i'm really into it. Ok?

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I woke up in Boris' arms using his boa as a pillow. The twins were also using the boa, it was a really cute sight. If you took out all of the weapons in the room, the blood stains on the walls, and other gruesome things.

Although, once I realized I was in Boris' ARMS, I quickly squirmed, trying to get out. Without waking him up.

It didn't work out well considering he tightened his hold on me and opened his eyes. For a second I blushed, but I quickly controlled my emotions and said, "Could you let go of me? We still need to figure out how and why the territories are together."

"Why? It's the middle of the night, go back to sleep," Boris replies. I could tell he was tired, because he yawned right after he said that.

I look out the window to see if he was telling the truth. Sure enough he was. I couldn't even hear the fight anymore. I guess they went to sleep too, otherwise they came up with a temporary deal.

"Well then why are you holding me?!" I yelled in a whisper. (Is that even possible?)

"...You looked cold." He said after a while of silence.

We were both too tired to notice one another uncomfortableness and fell asleep again quickly.

In the Dream Realm

I found myself in the dream realm talking to Nightmare again.

Instead of the usual mass of swirls, there was a different scenery. It was a sand bank with a fallen tree I could climb on, a small stream leading up to a river that dropped five feet suddenly when you got too far. Behind me was a mass of woods with pixies hidden in the growths. And a flower field across the stream. I could see water bugs float about I waded in the stream barefoot.

"Hey Nightmare, was this what you meant by 'bring the territories closer'?"

"Yes, yes it was. I had some doppelgangers do the work. Don't worry, it can be put back together once you do your job." He said this as he floated to a spot on the fallen tree.

"You said that before. What do you mean by that?"

He chuckled. "You'll see."

He then faded and I was brought to my regular dreams.

Out of the Dream Realm

I woke up to see I was in a bath house. What the cheese its! How did happen?!

"Ah the miss finally woke up!" " How wonderful!" The red eyed, then blue eyed Tweedle said.

I was still dizzy but I realized I was somehow taking a bath with the twins, Boris, Blood, and Elliot.

Wait a second... What happened to clothes!

I quickly screamed when the twins tried getting close to me, clutching the towel.

Oh i'm in for it this time.

Aitora: I think this is shorter than the others. So I apologize, I broke down crying in the middle of this and I couldn't concentrate afterwards. (The pain was that bad.) I really am sorry about my lack of writing, so please don't send any assassins after me?