Authoress Note: Requested story. If Schroeder and Lucy's roles in Peanuts were reversed. Also some other reversed characters are in this too.

Lucy was playing her toy piano as usual. The door opened and she heard her little brother Linus yelling to someone,

"Hey! Let me go!" She saw he was accompanied by Schroeder who was pulling him by the arm.

"I found your brother doing something dangerous." Schroeder said. Linus pulled back.

"No I wasn't!" He argued. "I was talking to my sweet Babooette, Sally!"

From the house next door the window opened. "I'm not your sweet Babooette!" She yelled as she held onto her blanket. Then Charlie Brown walked toward her.

"Will you make me some food?" He asked. Sally sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Your dog can make his own food, why can't you!" She yelled before closing the window.

Lucy sighed and got back to playing. Schroeder smiled and leaned against the back of the Piano. Lucy didn't notice him and kept playing.

"You know what?" Schroeder said. "I don't get it. How come they can call themselves a couple and we can't?"

Lucy stopped playing for a second. "Because were not." Then she continued.

"I think we should start." Schroeder said. That caused Lucy to stop again. "I mean so people know."

Lucy nearly growled and pulled the piano out from under him. After she did she walked away.

"One of these days you will love me, van Pelt!" He yelled after her.

The end.