Remus was pacing up and down the waiting room. He hair was dishevelled and he didn't have any fingernails left, which was quite something to achieve for a werewolf. In the next room he could hear Tonks as she was giving birth to their child. Andromeda and the medi-witch were with her, but he still had images in his mind of all things that could go terribly wrong. How was he ever going to do this? How could he, Remus Lupin, werewolf, ever be a good father? What if had passed on his disease onto his child?

Waiting for what seemed like hours, all of his earlier fears surfaced once again.

Then he heard a wailing noise. Or rather a cry, actually.

Was this it? Had his child been born?

Andromeda's head appeared around the corner of the door.

"Congratulations, you're now the father of a beautiful baby boy," she smiled at him.

"Really, it's a boy? Wow! Are he and Tonks okay?"

A slight cloud saddened his mother-in-law's face at the mention of his wife's nickname, but she nodded. "Yes, they're both doing fine."

"Can I… can I see them?"

"Of course you can!" she laughed. "Why are you still standing there? Come in and have a look at your son!"

He went into the room where Tonks was lying in a bed, looking exhausted, but proudly holding up a little bundle wrapped in linen.

"This is him, Remus. Isn't he gorgeous?"

He kissed her on the head and looked at his son. "He takes after his mom," he said with a smile.

"Have you thought about what you're going to name him yet?" Andromeda asked.

Tonks and Remus exchanged a glance.

"Not yet, really…" Tonks began, but Remus cut her short.

"We'll call him Teddy, after your dad."

"Oh Remus," Tonks said and tears came to her eyes. "That would be a perfect name for him."

Behind them, they could hear Andromeda sob and Remus motioned her over to the bed.

"I really can't think of any other name to give our son," he said with a little smile.