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Link's PoV

I ran my sword through his back.

You would think I was used to stabbing things. But every time, pushing past that skin, past the layers of muscle, unsure if I had reached a bone or something else in the way- it was terrible. It was hard… blood seemed to be everywhere even if it was nowhere at all. It was so hard to get the sword through a person's body.

I won't speak of the way he roared when I shoved the sword into him. I won't tell anyone of the things he said, the words meant for my ears and my ears alone. But I knew at that moment I would be haunted for the rest of my life, with those words hanging in my mind.

I was truly damned now.

The sound of my heart beating fleetingly rumbled in my ears for long after. As I turned from the body that lay mangled on the ground, red eyes met mine, despair's shadow looming over me with a weary expression.

His lips moved, but I couldn't hear his words, only his voice.

Pain jolted the side of my head.


Page Break

The silence was overpoweringly deafening.

Standing before me were marble steps dressed in their crimson robes frayed with spun gold. My ragged breathing and sob-like gasps bounced off the walls, ricocheting like some brutal projectile. It hurt to listen to the nothingness that choked me with its silvery hands of mischief and lies, its misplaced truths. I gagged, eyes watering as bile stung in the back of my throat, my stomach pounding like a headache misplaced. I could smell blood in the air, little vaporous clouds clogging my noise with a metallic bite. Sparks behind my eyelids spiraled and dropped and my legs followed, bringing me to my knees, sword falling from my grasp as I fell like a leaf left alone to dance in the autumn breeze.

I tipped my head back; eyes shutting as all at once the sounds of the world came back to me: the dull roar of the very earth far below my feet, the tinkling of wind against the colored glass walls, maybe even the sobs of my dead ancestors. No longer was I suffocating in the silence, for I was freed from the chains of the echo of my breath! The mere clamor of solid existence commanded me with its very presence, like a masterful God amongst mortal men, a wizard above his puppet beasts.

Thoughts filled the spaces between the sweaty pants that whooshed and hacked out of my lungs. Thoughts and the ghosting sensation of skin being ripped and split. I wiped my forehead, feeling clammy as blood replaced sweat, my flesh shaking and quivering under my own touch. My eyes opened, lids flickering and slipping between seeing and darkness. I felt sick, my guts churning, my bones unsteady; I groaned, head falling to the side, a dry chuckle following from my trembling lips. I wiped my forehead again, as if that would help, only blurring more blood and perspiration and filth.

Focus. I slapped myself, slick skin against damp and slimy flesh, a 'thwack' echoing in the caverns of my ears as a sickening result. I demanded my eyes to focus, staring blankly up at the ceiling. Wasn't… wasn't Princess Zelda up there?

I clambered to my feet, lurching forward and stumbling back, dizzy on the stone floor and frayed red carpet. My mind blanked. I was… I was in Ganondorf's Castle, saving Hyrule, rescuing the damsel in distress..?


I scrambled about; plucking my sword of the marble ground where it had clattered earlier, my feet tying themselves into pretty little knots as I tried to remember which way was up. That was it. Memories restored themselves in the hash of chaos that was my mind: the sickening cries of a dead man at my feet causing me to fall back, deep red horror overtaking every inch of my line of sight, like an angry blood-soaked cloud of brimstone covering the ground. I looked around, sweat-dampened locks of blonde hair falling in my eyes, the tips streaked with blood as the tendrils clung to my forehead. Where was everyone? Why was I..?

I stopped my spastic flailing for a heartbeat, glancing up towards the ceiling. My face fell, my throat clutching so that I choked on the stutter of a chuckle that had been meant to reassure myself. Shattered little bits of rosy pink stardust coated the ceiling, as if the diamond of a cage that had imprisoned Princess Zelda had combusted in the midst of the confusion.

Black stained tears rolling down rosy cheeks as fragile fists slammed into the wall, whimpering out towards those of us below. A demon and his master, yelling words in tongues not of men that made no sense; the hero of the story abandoned in his own secret pleasure…

"Ah-!" I cried out, my empty hand clenching my forehead as everything spun. Memories of Zelda, far up above, slipping into the unnoticeable silence, the impossible silence, as Dark and Ganondorf battled with swords and mind and flashing colors of death and darkness. Recalling how chains pinched and tugged. Scenes flashed on the inside of my eyelids like they were no more than a book of pictures that moved.

I looked down around at the ground, twisting and flipping my head. Everyone, everything, it was all… gone?


"Oh, Goddesses…" Ganondorf was nowhere. A sword slipping between folds of flesh, a bit like the intimacy shared between lovers- hard and rough, where one cries out in unquenchable pain, the other swallowed whole by guilt afterwards. Blood dotted the ground and painted the blade, fingers that wielded such a weapon stained beyond cleansing.

Nothing to be seen was left, not really. There wasn't even anything that resembled a mass of slimy flesh to kick or hack at in anguish or misery. Blood remained pooled on the ground here and there, slippery shining puddles of crimson to avoid at all costs. Being a power-greedy psychotic narcissistic douchebag was probably contagious, and by the Gods, I already had enough flaws as it was.

Am I… missing something? My mind turned, gears clicking, rusty and in desperate need of oiling.

"Link," a voice behind me called and I spun, hands wavering uncontrollably as I held the sword out. "Whoa," pale fingers held themselves up in a sign of peace. "Careful, Hero, not all of us are so guns-ho about pulling out our swords."

Red eyes shining amidst the misty wet clouds, fog soaking through holes in worn leather boots, blood dispersing into hazy water. Sweet words of promise and treasures trickling into greedy ears in the pits of night, bodies and fingers so tangled in one another that they flowed like water. Skin brushed my own, touches that were feather soft and heavily dropping with lust. The truth of darkness, greatest weapon of shadows, the very thing that taught me what love is.

"D-Dark," I stuttered, dropping the sword on the ground, taking a slip of a step closer. "Oh, Gods, Dark, I don't know what I-!" I hiccupped, falling forward into his arms. They held me, pulled me upright and brought me closer, reassuring me as his large cold hands rubbed my back.

"Sh. It's all okay, Link, I got you." His voice was deep and calming, my eyes closing as his presence wrapped around me like a spell telling me to sleep. "Tch, you're a klutz as always, babe."

It's almost a shame I have to kill you.

I opened my eyes, looking up to find a lazy stretch of a meadow. Hyrule Field waved slowly in the wind, sunlight dancing off the tips of the grass, brushing my legs gently with its grassy tendrils like it had thousands of days ago, thousands of lifetimes ago, millions upon millions of heartbeats. Thin and intelligent ruby red eyes glimmered at me, sweeping onyx black hair brushing gray-white skin. "Yeah," I mumbled, not finding a smile to place upon my lips.

Shadows dangled from his fingertips, little blobs of nothingness darker than the deepest pits of hell.

A worried voice slid into the strange and unsettling image. "Link, are you okay?"

I blinked, shaking my head, finding myself still in the arms of my lover, my soul mate, my other half in every meaning. "I… yeah; I'm fine. I just… had a nightmare."

He frowned with his snowy pale lips that were always so soft, always so controlling. Those lips migrated closer to me, shutting my eyes again, slowly finding me in a warm kiss. So warm compared to the cool limbs around me that I shivered, moaning softly against him in silence. So comforting to know that those lips belonged against my own, the sheer terror of thinking they had ever touched another's. So simple a sign of affection is a kiss, yet able to convey so damn much.

He pulled back, giving me a soft smile. I love you, said that smile. I love you, I'll care for you, and I want you. Want you so badly I would die for you with a smile on my face. "Link…" I nodded my listening, unable to breathe in the air that my name so softly rode out on. "I'm sorry you had a nightmare. But I need you to listen, because what I tell you now is important."

"…I'm listening."

His smile faded, not in displeasure, but in thought."When we get outside, you need to run. Fast. Don't wait for me, alright? I'll be fine. But you- you run like the wind and you sure as hell don't wait for me. I'll find you, okay? Three days, in Kakariko. Meet me there. But do not wait for me."

"I run when we get outside of where?" I laughed nervously. "Dark, that doesn't make sense-"

"I'm sorry," he breathed. "I love you, okay? You promised me you'd remember that no matter what I've done." I nodded, unsure, and he brushed some hair behind one of my ears. "I'm so sorry."

It felt like ice crawling over me, spreading like a poison from my chest to my stomach and neck, to my head, to my arms and legs, my fingers and toes and the tips of my ears. I looked down, confused; handle of a silver blade sticking out of my body. I watched it move a bit as my stomach convulsed, my heart hammering away. I couldn't feel it, the blade. Was it a gag trick, perhaps? Maybe so- oh, Goddesses, I hoped this was a gag trick. I looked up, a sob rising in my throat. I couldn't feel it physically but I wanted to snivel and scream at the knowledge that there was a knife lodged in me, caused by my own lover.

Dark smiled sadly, eyes softening in knowingness. "I'm so very sorry, love. But your nightmare isn't over."

One of my hands gently grabbed the hilt and it felt wet: blood. I could finally feel the pain; it spiraled out of me like a conch shell, making me cry out in a muffled moan. Sounded like the pain of a thousand dying men was slowly rising out of me, all using my voice to release the anguish.

He got closer, reminding me gently in his sweet whisper, "Run like hell, and I'll see you in three days."

Then it was black, and I could finally see behind my eyes the exact shade that dripped from his fingertips eras ago in a castle claimed by the one with unrelenting Power.

It was black when I could finally see death.

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