"Hey Moze…" Ned mused as he looked up at his next door neighbour.
"Yeah…" She didn't take her eyes off the article she was reading in Teen Zine.
"Kiss me."
Jennifer Mozely sighed and looked up at Ned. "No."
"Why not?"
"But we're going out now…"
"And that doesn't mean you get free kisses, Ned."
"So I have to pay now?"
"No, stupid. You don't just get a kiss for nothing. You've got to do something."
Ned sat up, looking Moze in the eyes. "What about this morning?"
"That was a good morning kiss."
"And the one after that?"
"I missed you."
"And the one after that one?
"You looked cute."
"Do I look cute now?"
Moze studied her boyfriend before replying. "Yes."
"Then why aren't you kissing me?"
"Because you already got one for that."
"Oh." Ned sighed and flopped back onto Moze's bed.

Moze had no hesitations before she climbed onto the bed, sat on Ned and leaned down and kissed him. "That one?"
"You're stupid. I feel sorry for you." She leant down and kissed him again.
"And that one?"
"I felt like it." She said against Ned's lips, smiling in defeat.
"Do you still feel like it?" Moze could feel his breath against her ear as he whispered into it.
"Definitely." She said before recapturing his lips with hers.