Red Night Pyre Night

There exists a kind of race that human fears.

They're the ones that hide under the dark, suck blood out of people and have inhumane capabilities. Maybe even flight. The ones that dislike the sunlight, but does not sparkle under the sunlight.

It's the vampires from the old age.

Those are either from Europe or maybe Japan. Those ones that feast on blood with grace and elegance. They're charismatic, full grown and are known to be either beautiful or handsome. And they possess great power that can easily kill a grown man.

As such they are feared. They are respected by their fellow demons, be it youkai or wizards or knights.

Inside New Marais, one certain vampire lacks one of those. Maybe a few… And that's why she's not doing so well in order to do a small quest.

"You heard the rumours? Vampires are around the area, attacking the place."

"That's a fake horror story dude! No way that's possible!"

"Well maybe we get to see the electric man fight them Ha!"

Standing on one of those parking lots in New Marais, surrounded by large buildings, a group of teenagers chatted away. Despite the uninviting darkness there, they still partied with their alcohol. Most of them were dressed up in horror themed fashion. It was reasonable to do that, it was Pyre Night after all.

"So true! I saw one awhile ago! But I was saved!"

"You believe those things! Oh look I see one right now! Oh wait, it's just a werewolf, hahaha!"

"Yeah! Oh look, here comes a real vampire." One of them pointed at an alleyway, where a lone figure was walking. It was a figure of a child.

She was also dressed up in a horror theme. Her clothes were strange, akin to those from those European origins. With what seemed to be wings and claws in addition, she looked like a vampire. Her pale skin and majestic clothing was a well tailored one. She would be scary if it weren't for her childlike form.

But it still set some of the teenagers in awe. Mostly at her beautiful and adorable appearance.

"Excuse me," the girl started off. "Can you humans tell me where I can locate a holy weapon? Something like Excalibur?"

"Aww, cute outfit kid! And those wings look realistic! Are you heading to the costume contestant?"

"She must be rich then. A rich tourist probably." One of them whispered to the other.

"We've been getting a lot of visitors ever since the demon of Empire City came here. Like this guy here."

One of them, a person wearing some sort of black kimono approached her. His eyes looked violet, must be contacts. "Come on kid, find your parents. You'll get lost if you're not with them." His Japanese accent was barely noticeable as if he was used to speaking English. But that didn't matter.

"I don't need guidance! I'm actually a real vampire! You outsiders should fear me! I can kill you all in a second!" All teenagers stared at the kid in front of them.

Then a burst of laughter from everyone.

"You? A vampire? Ha what a joke!" Some of them were making fun of the child but most of them were just chuckling. The kid didn't look happy to be taunted by them.

The japanese teen pointed at her. "Right! And I'm the grim reaper!

"Go to your mommy kid!"

"Come on people, calm down. She's probably just roleplaying." One of them was trying to calm down the group. She leaned in front of the child as if to comfort her. "Hey little kid! I'm afraid of you. But really, grea costume. I'd say the red contacts were a nice addition. Don't get lost-"


With an action almost too fast to witness, the girl was dragged down to the ground by the child. The child bared out fangs before biting into the teen's neck. Immediately all aura of joy and laughter disappeared. The child stayed still for a moment before finally finishing her drink, releasing the teen to the ground. She wasn't moving, but it seemed like she was still alive. Some vampires don't like killing their victims all the time after all.

Then the child vampire glared at the others, red eyes shining. "I think it's time for dinner."

There was a red moon in Pyre Night tonight.

It was going to be a great night.

On one of the streets of New Marais, where barely anyone lingered, one figure stood over another. The one standing was the vampire from earlier, having scarlet blood over her clothing. The other was a strange large gargoyle like being, who was slowly dissolving.

"What the heck is this thing? Looks like a vampire but more like a gargoyle. Eh?" Remilia Scarlet kicked the body of the Firstborn over and noticed something below. She kneeled down to pick it only to hiss and withdraw her hand. The holy weapon was not something the likes of her can handle so easily. "Ouch, it's a cross… Huh?

Remilia touched it again. "Strange, I'm usually immune to these types of weapons. Is this what Sakuya told me to find? I guess it fits as a holy weapon."

Suddenly an orange flash shone from one point of the area, surprising Remilia enough to make her jump. She turned to the source. An orange bolt of lightning struck near the ground in front of her, releasing a bright flash. The electricity fizzled into nothing upon contact and did no harm.

In front of her, several meters away, a human stood by. He was wearing a different kind of outfit n comparison to the others. He wasn't wearing any sort of 'horror' themed clothes and in fact looked casual, the blood staining his clothes aside. But Remilia could sense this wasn't a normal human. No, not at all.

Because normal humans don't have orange electricity covering their arms and don't even look affected by it. It was as if he was some sort of walking power plant. A walking power plant that smells of a vampire. And they don't smell like the dead. Remilia could tell that the electricity scattering close to her was from him. She's not yet sure of what to do.

"Who are you?" That was the man's question. Very simple but Remilia heard that a lot from her victims. From the Victorian era up to her times with Gensokyo. Too overused actually. "And since you're hunting down vampires, I don't think you're on their side at all."

"Oh? So you're a vampire too." Remilia watched curiously as the man flicked his arms. The arcs of electricity disappeared as he crossed his arms. "And you can manipulate electricity? Never seen someone like you before."

"Yeah but I'm not going to be a vampire for long. I don't want to be in no sailor outfit. Who are you?"

"Why would you be in a sailor outfit?" Remilia completely ignored his question. "Vampires don't wear those things anyway."

"Oh you have no idea who turned me into this. She wants me to wear one after I become her eternal slave after this night." The man allowed electricity to course through his body again, Remilia shaking her head at the attempt to show off. "Not really good when I'm this town's hero. All the vampire powers I can have mean nothing when I don't have free will."

"I thought Western vampires have stopped trying to do that? Making ghouls I mean. It's too inconvenient. But if you're this place's hero then shouldn't you be doing a better job?" Remilia turned back to where a few of the people lay injured or unconscious. Some she required to drink blood out of earlier. Some were taking cover behind the cars that littered the area. "Not letting them get injured like this?"

"Which is why I'm trying to do. And that's why I'm going to kill her. That damn Bloody Mary. And if you get in my way of saving this city, I'll kill you too."

"Oh, killing your maker. Sounds like something that prototype alien princess was playing. But how can you manipulate electricity? Is it magic?"

"Magic? No. I got my powers from something more scientific. But getting back to my question, who are you and why are you here?"

"My name." Remilia's scarlet flapped outwards and she placed one hand on her chest with pride. "Is Remilia Scarlet. I am the descendant of Dracula and I am here for a simple task. To retrieve a holy weapon and bring it back with me. Maybe as a weapon or souvenir I used."

As Remilia turned back to pick up the barbed cross a large bolt of lightning travelled from the man's hands into the weapon coating it with electricity. The vampire instinctively jumped back, with a scowl on her face. She turned back to the man, who has apparently pulled out a wooden weapon. A stake made out of a cross? And it was buzzing with electricity. If it was flames it would be more effective, but it was a creative concept.

"You… You think of attacking me?"

"Yeah, I've handled your kind before, I can beat you. And my name is Cole MacGrath." Her question was met with that determined answer. He pointed the electrified stake at Remilia, with a scowl on his face. "And I'm not going to let you have that. I need that weapon."

Remilia let out a sigh before readying her claws. Despite being in the outside world and having her magic output down to 35%, she was still a powerful enemy. "So be it. But don't think that wooden stick can beat someone like me. I'll play around for a bit then."

"Well here." The man suddenly drew back his arm and tossed out an orange orb at Remilia. She watched curiously as it before it landed into her, sticking to her foot.

"Huh?" She tried to shake off the ball but it remained there. "What is this? Alight sti-" suddenly, the orb there detonated, giving off an electrical blast. One caught Remilia in the blast range and electrified her a bit. The vampire stepped back, only hissing at the attack. She was mostly okay but the electricity was just as harmful as danmaku. Then Remilia noticed that the electric man was now running at her.

Cole swung the stake at her downwards and Remilia sidestepped it. He quickly followed up with another, but Remilia only stepped back. This time, before he can recover she lunged forward and slashed the conduit, leaving out a flesh wound that would leave humans heavily injured. It barely slowed down Cole. The conduit jabbed the stake forward and Remilia had to step back to avoid it piercing her torso. The vampire grabbed hold of the stake, pulled Cole closer and slashed his face with one hand.


The conduit in pain from the attack bought up his fist, kicking Remilia several feet away. The vampire landed on her feet but the small jolt from the attack distracted her. "His physical attacks are electrified? Hmm… It's like Iku's lightning drill all over again."

Cole was backing away from her, with one arm covering his face and one raised at her. Three long bolts of lightning shot out; the first one struck her and spread out a feeling of numbness. The vampire recovered from the shock of the first bolt and dodged the last two by ducking. She pointed her arms forward and a large volley of red orbs launched from her hands, obstructing the little vampire from view.

The conduit seemed surprised by the attack and he bought his arms back. Then he pushed forward, sending out some sort of wave of electricity. The danmaku vanished upon striking the orange shockwave, the blast winning the match but soon fading out of existence.

Remilia used that to her advantage. Upon the attack's disappearance she was not on sight anymore. But Cole had dealt with teleporters and speedy opponents before. The vampire, upon landing a few yards to Cole's side, suddenly felt a strange feeling in her mind, but as fast as it appeared it was gone. Just as she got over the strange telepathic attack, Remilia noticed two large orange bolts of electricity heading towards her.

Each of them split into two rockets heading forward, having a wire made of electricity connecting the split parts. But despite their range, they were slower in comparison to the lightning bolt. And as such, Remilia just have to move slightly to dodge them, even grazing the last one to show off. She disappeared again, this time turning into a large amount of bats and scattering.

Remilia felt that strange numbness in the mind again just as orange bolts of lightning began hitting the bats. The conduit downed some of her bats, but the vampire he was aiming for wasn't there.

Cole let out a radar pulse again and fired a shockwave. He downed a large group of them but they weren't the vampire he was aiming for. Remilia moved fast and quickly gathered all the bats, forming her appearance again behind Cole. She grabbed hold of him from behind and despite looking frail and small her strength restrained Cole and prevented him from moving. A vampire's strength is not to be mocked.

"I win." Then she bit into him. The conduit let out a grunt of pain as he tried to shake her off, but he was losing strength. Remilia wasn't able to drain much blood from him either. Orange electricity flared around the man's body, forcing her to let go to avoid being shocked. Although the electricity damaged her, it wasn't enough to take her down nor heavily injure her. Remilia watched as the conduit's body slump down, Cole groaning as there was another second bite on his neck. "Huh, if I drain too much of your blood I might just get injured."

Then the vampire ran to the Barbed Cross and picked it up, dropping it two times and almost at the third due to its burning nature to her. She examined it a bit before facing the conduit again. "I left you with enough blood to live. It would be a surprise if I hadn't taken off your master's influence on you, so you're probably a free vampire now. Enjoy your life,"

With that said, the vampire flapped her wings and she vanished. Already she was up in the sky moving too fast and too high to see properly.

"I got you the gift you want Sakuya, and I made a good deed," Remilia hummed to herself as she flew upwards.

""It's gonna be a fun long night~""

It wasn't…

"Damn it!" Up at the sky where the clouds were, Remilia spun downwards as she heard the familiar sounds of gunfire. She was used to the sounds now, and the projectiles were predictable. But it was still annoying to deal with them. The bullets that were shot at her were easily dodged. She had no trouble dodging them if it's just a few volleys but her attackers are increasing in number. "You flock are such a nuisance."

Despite only looking forward at one direction, she can sense many more vampires heading towards her. All of them were capable of flying and shooting. Just as annoying as fairies. But this time, with the lack of magic on Remilia's part and the danmaku rules being ignored, this was much more deadlier than facing a horde of fairies.

"No choice then, have to go down. But first…" With a flap of her wings, Remilia flew forward breaking the sound barrier. The chasing vampires were quickly left behind and after just a few seconds of flying, Remilia can faintly sense them. She smirked and lowered herself towards the ground, making sure to avoid the more populated areas. She slowed herself down and stick close to the wires (?) that were sticking out of the ground. Noticeable by the humans below but too fast to properly see. Oh how Remilia loved the expressions of fright on surprise on their reactions to her. "I lost them. Hmm, now that I've got here. How am I going to get back to Gensokyo? Maybe I can fly to Jap-"

Remilia trailed off as she spun around, glaring at what she sensed. A flock of bats were heading her way, and they were speeding too fast. The vampire sent out a burst of red orbs at it, but the swarm still continued. The vampire flew to the side as the swarm nearly tackled her, and then it turned to a vampire. The man from before, Cole, fell down the ground and now had his arms raised at her.

"You still wish to fight me?" Remilia crossed her arms. She already spared this person from becoming a ghoul yet he still wished to fight. "Human, don't you know the term Karma? I saved you but instead you greet me by that?"

She didn't expect him to chuckle. The child vampire sported a frown until Cole stopped. "Oh man, you have no idea of why I'm doing… I'm trying to save this city from things you can't imagine!" The conduit threw his arm forward and a red orange orb travelled towards Remilia. Then lightning bolts.

Remilia simply began weaving around the bolts, the grenade missing completely. "I have no time to deal with this… So I'll make this quick." The child vampire launched a volley of large red orbs at Cole, forcing him to run away. She then flew away, thinking if a human can handle a spell card of hers when non-lethal rules aren't up.

The odd sound of some sort of whizzing confused her. She looked back only to see Cole following her in an odd way. He was grinding on the wires from before, electricity pouring out of his legs and arms. Then he turned into a swarm of bats again and reached her in a second. Although the swarm of bats struck her with little damage, what came next surprised her even more. Cole reformed again and tried to jab his weapon at Remilia's heart, planning to finish her by staking. The key word was try, and Remilia was able to redirect it with one hand, the weapon missing by inches.

"Maybe I should get serious?" Remilia grabbed hold of Cole and threw him away with force. The conduit slammed into a building. He fell down to the ground but got up quickly. Despite being thrown from a strong enemy, he didn't look that hurt from the impact. That Remilia noticed while she hid in the shadows, slowly drawing close to him, ready to finish him off.

Then she felt that hum again from before. That telepathic echo. "You think you can handle me without going all out? What a cocky little kid." The conduit turned to face her in her momentary lapse, and a shockwave knocked Remilia back a few steps. As she came to, she noticed two orbs about to land on her split into clusters of smaller orbs. She flapped her wings about to dash but was knocked back again by a shockwave. There was no time to dodge.

The small electrical blasts covered Remilia. Each blast let out a burst of electricity and kinetic force the same as a normal shock grenade. Most enemies would be injured by that. Cole only admired his work. "Now to get that-"

A fast blur tackled Cole, sending him sprawling to the street. He quickly got up only to be slashed twice in the chest by Remilia, who was now in front of him. Before he can retaliate, the vampire's wings smacked him in the face. A strong kick followed and knocked away Cole. The conduit crumpled beside a car. Although he was injured, he was not down for the count.

Remilia knew this and she raised her hand as energy gathered into it, forming a small outline of a spear. "You're obviously tougher than you look. But you haven't witnessed the full power of the Scarlet Devil. This is only a fraction of my full power." The spear was now cackling with red energy, about twice as large as Remilia. "And if you even face me when I'm at that level, you'll die in an instant. So please drop dead now."

Cole opened his mouth to make a comeback, but he seemed to become suddenly wrought in pain, clutching his head. Then he placed his hands to his chest. "Ah, damn it… I should use my last one!" Remilia wore a look of confusion for a moment, but she threw the spear forward, just as Cole brought out his arms outward. The area around Cole turned deep red just as the spear was about to reach him.

The field of red seemed to cause a ripple to the area around Cole, things such as waste cans and boxes being pulled towards him before being torn apart. The spear itself has slowed down to a halt once it reached the field, but it was pushing Cole back slowly. Although Remilia couldn't understand how, she was curious to what he was doing. In several seconds, a blast of energy tore out the field of red, having come from the spear. The blast was smaller than the vampire expected, but it was enough to knock away the conduit. Only this time, when he got back up, his wounds seemed to have healed despite the attack. He was still injured from the spear, but not as injured as Remilia thought he would be.

"Much better. I hate using an improved version of bio leech, or as Zeke calls it Ionic Drain, but I had no choice." Cole brought out his arms, ready for round two. "Well, vampire? Still up for it?"

Remilia laughed at that. "Hah, this is more fun than kicking out that ice fairy. You're at least putting up a fight. Looks like I really do need to get serious if I want to get over this as soon as possible."

"I can put up more of a fight when I'm on full shape and when I'm not a vampire!" Cole shouted in return. The man began running towards Remilia.

Remilia's wings flapped once and then she was up in the air. In a few seconds she was up in the air, staring at Cole from a five storey level. The conduit only stared at her for a moment before running towards a building nearby. He leapt onto what seemed to be a pole, and suddenly electricity covered him. At the same amount of seconds Remilia has reached the sky, Cole has reached the top of the building and had his arms ready.

Remilia lunged for a slash, only to be repelled by the shockwave from before. This one was stronger though, and it knocked her back up the air. She felt a couple of lightning bolts hit her body a few times before she recovered.

Seeing Cole on the rooftop edge, she raised her hands and swung it forward, releasing a large burst of red orbs, coming in at Cole on a pincer formation. These ones were larger in number, larger in size and faster. Thus his shockwave cannot destroy them all and with the reach of the attacks, he cannot roll away. And so he turned into a swarm of bats again.

The swarm phased through the danmaku unaffected and closing in on Remilia. Cole reformed himself in front of her and jabbed the stake forward. Remilia countered by redirecting the attack and shoving him away. Cole was falling now, but he pointed his hands downwards and suddenly began hovering.

The conduit lifted himself upwards with the Static Thrusters. Although he raised himself with that ability, it could not be called flight. He was slowly descending downwards towards the rooftop. And as such, Remilia was able to move behind Cole and slash him twice, sending the man down towards the street below. The vampire watched for a moment as the man laid still. Then he got back up again.

Remilia watched him as he approached a nearby human and bit them. The victim was soon dead. That concluded that she was winning this match. She was about to leave when noticed him approach a nearby vehicle. She was given a view of Cole draining the electricity.

"Huh… What a tenacious and interesting human. Just like that witch." Remilia flapped her wings and flew towards the Cathedral. Although the place would usually be dangerous to vampires, she's not a regular vampire. Besides, it might be enough to drive off the man from attacking her.

She was wrong.

Remilia let out a sigh as the man climbed up into the rooftop of the cathedral. He was still looking to fight. Before she can even speak, the man launched out two orbs of red at her.

Remilia prepared to sidestep the rockets. Only for the two to split into six red orbs that homed in on her. Her surprised expression lasted only a second. Well aware of what the man can do, Remilia tried to take them off with her hand, to no avail. Just as she realized that, two rockets suddenly wrapped around her with an electrical wire. Bursts of electrical energy covered Remilia as the rockets wrapped around, and the sticky rockets detonated. The tripwire rockets soon followed.

Remilia gritted her teeth as the electrifying feeling followed. The attack wasn't done. Remilia was struck by a swing from the stake. The sound of something breaking was heard, and Remilia stepped back. Cole had the broken part of the cross while Remilia has part of the stake stuck on her side. She pulled off the wood and swung her claws forward, Cole rolling away to dodge it. Remilia followed up with another slash, this one leaving a gaping wound on Cole's chest.

"Gah!" Remilia grabbed Cole's neck and lifted him up. The conduit swung the cross section of the stake at Remilia but she still held him up.

"Now I hate most humans simply because of their attitude and ignorant attitude," she said slowly flying up. "But your powers make up for that, and maybe just like Sakuya you'll change your attitude if you become my mini-"

A surge of electricity travelled from Cole's hands to Remilia's body. Cole has placed his free hand on his assailant's body and was letting loose the electricity he still had. The vampire let out a shriek and tightened her grip, slowly choking Cole. No choice left, Cole swung his fist at Remi's face as a punch. The force along with the electricity made her loosen her grip and allowed Cole to roll away.

Cole coughed out a bit of blood, the wound on his body not helping him. He needed electricity to heal himself, fast. Remilia on the other hand, had been fried and hit by attacks far too fast and she was still disoriented by the electricity going through her body. She raised her hands and swung them forward, a volley of red fast bats homing towards Cole, and lunged at a different path.

The conduit let out a shockwave to blast away the danmaku. Then a blast at the approaching vampire, slowing her down. This allowed Cole enough time to rain down lightning bolts at her. The first volley caught Remilia, stunning her in place as Cole approach with the cross he carried ready. When he got too close, a strange aura surrounded Remilia.


Cole wisely chose to roll away as a pillar of red light rose around the vampire. In the shape of a cross, the large red aura tore up the very air. Despite not being on the center, Cole received some burns just for being close to the edge. But the large red cross was increasing in size, and Cole felt a strong pull towards it, and he only kept himself away by using Static Thrusters on the ground. Then he saw a nearby electric generator.

In a few seconds he was right on top of it, placed so that electricity would surge from him to it. By now the aura was increasing and it would cover the catherdral's whole rooftops if he doesn't stop the vampire now. He raised his hands, the sky darkening for whenever he used this move. The vampire from afar wasn't afraid of this. Good.

Cole felt red electricity surround him, some being pitch black. Then he swung his arms down, the sound of thunder resonating as another red flash joined the scarlet devil.

On Pyre Night, a red pillar of light had rose from the cathedral.

"Aughh," Cole groaned as light filled his eyelids. He slowly got up, pushing debris away from him. As his senses returned, Cole finally noticed the red moon above. The ceiling had a large hole at the center and was revealing the moon above. Why was the moon red again? Cole looked around and noticed the cathedral was almost destroyed. He was on a piece of debris that was jutting out, which placed him higher than the ground. "What the? The rooftop broke?"

He let out a radar pulse to sense anything. There was no electricity around, all wasted on that single lightning storm he called forth to counter his enemy. But did he cancel out the vampire's strange attack?

Something moved.

Something was rising from nearby. Cole let out another radar pulse, this time Cole noticed the hostile feedback from the echo. The vampire was alive yet again. Remilia was pushing off a large piece of the ceiling off of her. Cole gritted his teeth.

He was out of juice. He used up a lot of blood just to get to the cathedral as soon as possible. The only weapon he had was the remains of the cross and his fists. At this rate he'll never get Saint Ignatius' cro-


"Breaking the roof so that I'll fall down, too bad that didn't happen," Remiila's voice started. She looked injured, with severe bruises and some burns. However her body seems to be regenerating. "Of course when you aimed for me with that attack, my power itself deflected that attack of yours."

Cole got up his feet and began running. He leapt off a jutting piece of wall and with electricity covering his entire body, Cole dropped down with a blast onto the vampire still trying to get off. The resulting explosion was small, but it was enough to knock the vampire's balance off-

"Gah!" – and allowed the piece of wall to collapse on her again.

"Where is it?" It wasn't his goal to attack her yet. Cole looked around, scanning the broken room. "If she's here that means she dropped it somewhere-"

Cole trailed off and turned into a swarm of bats. It didn't last long. In a few second he was normal again. He was in front of the Barbed Cross when he sensed Remilia behind him get free from the piece of wall. The conduit briefly turned around and threw his cross, the same style he used to impale Firstbornes.

"That's mine!" The vampire shrieked.

The cross was caught by Remilia and barely slowed her down, but it gave Cole enough time to pick up the cross. Touching the cross without even support from his earlier cross stake sent out a painful sensation at him. The conduit was letting out a pained shout as he raised it, ready to swing. Remilia was already heading towards her, too fast to dodge, too fast to head on a different direction too. So Cole swung the Barbed Cross, while Remilia readied her claws to attack.


The sound of something piercing something echoed across the room.

Remilia looked at Cole with a smirk. While Cole only stared back with a deep hateful scowl.

Then both of them stumbled back, the attack that pierced through one of their bodies removed. The barbed cross fell to the ground while the claws slumped. Both were half standing, barely conscious. Then suddenly one of them fell down the ground.

The other stared at the prone body of the other. Then that person let out a sigh as they picked up the cross.

"Mission accomplished. Now I need some blood."

"He's heading here!"

"There they are!"

Ghouls and vampires fled the scene as Blood Mary stayed. On the underground location of New Marais, where the vampires hid, Mary awaited on her catacombs. She heard the shouts of the people but she didn't care. She was much more powerful than them. She can handle anyone that arrives.

She already heard of a new intruder vampire that freed the electric man from her control. She would have to deal with her later. Right now, her plan is at risk. She stood in front of her throne, a swarm of bats flocking around her. The room she was seated inside was quite large. It was the same place she was just revived.

Mary let out a sigh as two figured entered through the doorway. She recognized one of them as the fat man, a sidekick friend of the electric vampire she just lost. The other one however.

"Shit, she really is here,"

"I can handle this, you go on ahead. You need to set up those bombs anyway."

"… Heh, then good luck kid. As Lamperouge said, don't die."

The fat man left the room and in seconds the other human closed the doors.

"So, you're the one turning other people back to normal?" Mary started getting off her seats. "And I thought the electric man was an interesting vampire I crafted. But you seem to be a subject of interest too."

"So you're the one behind all of this?"

"The mastermind, yes. Personally I refer myself to the only thing that actually deserves to punish you humans. Burning me to death didn't exactly succeed, so I'm willing to repay the favor. Karma as you would say."

"If you think that the world is your damn plaything..." The teenager clenched his right fist. "I'll break that damn illusion of yours!"

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