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You were moving in your new house in Castle Town today. It was completely different from your old home, Skyloft. Everything seemed so fast and busy. Tomorrow was your first day of your new life, but more importantly, your new high school.

"Hey, (Name)! Come on, don't be so slow. I don't want to be moving boxes all week!" Your dad rushed in the house behind you.

You sighed, "Mom, tell dad to calm down. Can I take a break? I feel like I've been doing this all day!"

Your mom kissed you on the cheek, "Sure honey. Go out and introduce yourself. Make some new friends."

"I don't think it exactly works out like that." You muttered.

You stepped outside your little town and looked over to the right. There was a huge farm called Lon Lon Ranch. Over to the right was a small neighborhood called the Kokiri Forest. And right behind your town was the Hyrule Mansion where the richest kid in town lived. You didn't know who lived there, but you were curious.

"Hmm, well that neighborhood looks interesting."

You headed over to Kokiri Forest. Once you were in, you were actually pretty amazed by how roomy it seemed. All the kids there still seemed to be in school. Elementary school, that is. And in the distance you saw a little building called "Kokiri Elementary." You decided to sit down and lean on some strange looking, but really big tree.

You let out a heavy sigh, "Moving is so stressful…"

"Hey, what're you doing?" A teenage boy, maybe around 16 or 17 was standing above you.

"I was just sitting down. What are you doing?" You asked him and then stood up. Then you realized he was actually pretty handsome. He had dark blonde hair that swooped to the side and icy blue eyes. His outfit was kind of strange consisting of a long green hat and a matching tunic with white tights and long sleeves and brown boots, but he could pull it off so you didn't mind. He looked at you staring at him and you cheeks grew pink.

"Oh, you're new around here? My name is Link." He held his hand out, which had bracers or gauntlets or whatever the heck they were on them. Like you knew anything about people in this town.

You slowly shook his hand, "My name's (Name). "

"It's nice to meet you. Sorry about that, it's just you're not really supposed to touch that tree." You got up suddenly and backed away from the tree.

"That's the Great Deku Tree. It's been here for years. Maybe even hundreds of years."

You raised an eyebrow, "Really? It doesn't seem that old…"

He smiled, "Well, yeah. I didn't believe it either, but apparently it's a historical landmark. Hey, want me to show you around? I was just on my way to buy a new supply of arrows."

Was this hunting season or was this guy just really into archery? But nonetheless, he seemed nice enough so you went with him.

"Hey, Link?"


"Do you go to…Hyrule High School?" You asked him curiously, hoping he said yes.

"Yeah, I do. Why? Oh, are you going there tomorrow?"

You nodded, "I'm just a little nervous. It's my first day and all and I don't really know anyone…"

"You'll be okay, you just have to be brave. High school seems scary at first, but it gets better. So you're a freshman, huh?"

"No,(junior or sophomore) , what about you?" You asked him, a little annoyed that he thought you were a freshman.

"Junior." He smirked.

You frowned, "Well, I guess we won't be having that many classes together…"

He noticed your slight disappointment, "Don't worry! You'll make tons of friends by the end of the day! My friends,Malon and Saria, they're in that grade, too. And I'll have to introduce to them tomorrow."


You got to a small little shop called the Kokiri Shop. How original. Link paid his rupees and got his new supply for arrows.

"I gotta show you this before the kids get home." He led you into a little clearing and took out his bow and arrow.

"Are you a…hunter or something?" You asked him curiously.

"Something like that…" He muttered.

He aimed for a target and shot it dead on. Then he shot more targets, each were further away than the other.

"Wow," You said in awe. "You're really good."

He smirked, "Well, I'm captain of the archery club. I'm pretty good with the sword, too." He stated matter-of-factly.

'Is this one of those top notch students who's good at everything?' You deadpanned.

"So…where do you live?" He asked you, after putting his arrows back in his quiver.

"Oh. I live in Castle Town. I moved here from Skyloft."

"Skyloft?" Link mused. "That place is pretty…far. I've only been there once. It's nice though."

You nodded sadly. You missed your old home. Link seemed to notice this.

"But I think this place is nice, too. Hyrule is really vast! There's plenty of places to explore here."

You smiled at his attempt to cheer you up, "Yeah, you're right."

All of a sudden, you heard a school bell ring in the distance. Soon enough, there were little kids running around to go home.

"Link! Hey, Link! Link! Hey, listen! Listen to me, Link! LINK!" A little girl, with light blue hair and a little green school uniform, was tugging at Link's leg.

Link sighed in annoyance, "What do you want, Navi?"

The little girl, Navi, was about to open her mouth but then noticed you, "Whoaaa, who's this Link? Huh? Who is she?"

"This is (Name). She just moved here from Skyloft." He said rather impatiently.

"Whoaaaa. Skyloft? Isn't that really far? What's it like there? Are there fairies there? Hey, listen! I heard that-"

"You should head home now, Navi. I'm going to take (Name) back home so I'll be back, okay?"

You were taken aback by this. When did you ever ask him to escort you back home? Or was this an excuse to get away from this annoying little girl?

"Sorry about that, (Name). That's my little sister. She's always like that…" Link said apologetically.

"It's fine, but you don't have to walk me home you know." You told him.

He shrugged and grinned sheepishly, "Yeah, but it's okay. I don't mind."

You blushed at his comment. While you two were walking home, you noticed a girl running towards you in the distance.

"Hey, Liiiiiiink!" She caught up to you two. She had long brownish-red hair and a white top with a long purple skirt. (Stella: Or was it a dress?)

"Hey, Malon." Link said nonchalantly.

Her eyes moved towards you, "Oh, I don't believe I've seen you around here. Hi, I'm Malon" You noticed she had a slight country accent, but her voice was very soothing.

"Nice to meet you. I'm (Name)." You shook her hand.

"(Name) is going to Hyrule High School tomorrow. She'll be in the same grade as you, Malon."

"Oh?" Her eyes sparkled. "That's great! Maybe we'll have English together. Or math or science or…." She gasped. "Oh, please take chorus! It'll be tons of fun!"

"Uh…" You weren't the greatest singer, but you weren't the worst. "Sure, I-I guess…"

She cried in excitement, "Yes! Oh, thank you! It'll be great! Oh!" She turned to Link. "Now I remember why I headed over here. Link, are you going to help me practice for my song later? I need your pretty little ocarina to guide me through."

"Sure, Malon. Give me a few minutes. I'm walking (Name) home."

For some reason, you saw a glint of jealously in Malon's eyes. "Oh…" But it disappeared as fast as it came. "Well, okay. See you tomorrow (Name)!" With that, she ran back to Lon Lon Ranch.

"She seems really nice."

"Yeah, she gets pretty excited." After that you two walked in silence for a bit until you reached your house.

"Oh, thank you for walking me back home, I-"

"Why, hello! (Name), who's this? I didn't think you'd make new friends this fast. And he's quite the looker!" Your mom busted the door open and stopped you mid-sentence causing your cheeks to flush in embarrassment.

"Mom…this is Link. Link, this is my annoying mother…" You hissed.

Link laughed, "Hi, it's nice to meet you. We don't really get new neighbors around here."

Your mom stepped closer to him, as if inspecting him. "Oh really? Well, it's not every day my daughter brings home a handsome fellow like yourself."

Link laughed nervously and you yelled, "Mom! Stop it! It's only the first day and you're already embarrassing me…"

"It's okay, (Name). But it's getting kind of late; I'll see you in school tomorrow! Bye!" Link waved goodbye and headed back to his foresty neighborhood.

You watched as his figure for further and further. Then you turned to your mother.

"Can you not do that? Ever again?"

"Whaaat? I can't help it that I just want my daughter who's never dated a boy in her life to make some new…cute friends."

You sighed, "You're unbelievable. I'm heading to bed, tomorrow's the first day…"

Your mom hugged you tight, "You'll be fine. Get a good night's sleep. Goodnight!"


Before you went to bed, you opened your window because your new room was a little stuffy. In the distance, you could hear the faint sound of a girl singing. It was very beautiful and peaceful and it helped you fall asleep before your first day of Hyrule High School.