You trained endlessly with Fi and the other knights for days until your legs were practically screaming at you, but it wasn't for naught. Today was the day! The sports festival! And you were going to push yourself until you won.

"I'm ready!" You cried out as you pulled the sheets off Karane and yanked her out of bed. "Come on! Let's go!"

"Yeah, yeah. Alright, I get it." She grumbled in reply, yanking the sheets back from you. You two got dressed and headed out with the group to school.

You were beyond excited for the upcoming events. The adrenaline was already pumping in your veins and you hadn't even walked up to the school entrance yet. Once you finally arrived, you noticed a whole sea of unfamiliar faces surrounding you.

"There must be a lot of new students." Groose commented as he took in the strangers around him.

"They're not new students, stupid." Karane spat out. "They're students from the other high schools! Hylia High School and Gerudo High School. Weren't you listening to anything during the assembly the other week?"

"Well…" Groose shook his head. "Nope!"

Karane rolled her eyes in annoyance. "Of course you weren't. Not that I'd expect anything more from you."

"Alright, quit fighting so we can move on." Pipit announced. You nodded and followed him along with the rest of your friends to the crowd to await further announcements from the three principals.

"Greetings, students!" Gannondorf bellowed into the microphone. "And to those first timers here at my high school today, welcome."

The crowd roared and cheered and applauded. All of the students were so energetic that it was hard not to feel pumped up yourself. Although since you were already hyped up for the festival, it only added more energy. You jumped up and clapped your hands together in excitement, ready with anticipation. You arched your neck so you could see your principal standing at the podium. You still felt a bit ominous towards him, but you shook it off. The other principals beside him looked a lot like Goron-sensei and an older version of Ruto.

"We'd like to start with the first event…" He boomed, looking at as many students as he could. "The archery contest!"

You mentally slapped yourself. You forgot all about archery! You hadn't improved at all since the club meetings with Link and you didn't get a chance to practice during the training with Fi. How stupid were you, forgetting all about archery…

"Is there any way I can skip this event?" You muttered to Karane.

She smirked and shook her head. "Don't think so. Besides (Name), even if you didn't sign up for this event, you'd have to participate anyways since you're in that club.

"I…I signed myself up for all the events." You deadpanned before looking back to Gannondorf to await further instructions.

"Each group of three will line up single file and shoot the target. It's simple; each person gets three shots and whichever team has the most shots closest to the bull's eye wins."

You breathed a sigh of relief. There were way more other students in the club besides you, so maybe you didn't have to compete in this event after all. With a deep breath, you looked over to your school's side in the audience and your breath hitched when you only saw two other members up there. Who knew, maybe the third member was late. You took a closer look and saw that it was Zelda and Illia standing in line. Your nerves calmed down a bit. You knew the third member would obviously be Link, right?


As the minutes passed, the other teams from the high schools were already lined up and the only one missing was the third member from your school. Where was Link? Why wasn't he up there with them? Not only did you still suck at shooting arrows, but there was still tension with those two.

"Will (Name) please come to the archery event? I repeat, will (Name) please come to the archery event located on the left side of the school?" A voice boomed over the intercom.

You turned to your friends and sighed before reluctantly dragging your feet over to where Zelda and Illia were at. You gave them a small smile, which they returned halfheartedly.

"Link was supposed to show up. I wonder why he didn't come…" Illia announced to you and Zelda.

"Or why he did not inform us…" Zelda added on.

You merely shrugged your shoulders in response.

"Damn you…"

"That's not a very polite way to speak to your principal is it, brat?" Gannondorf muttered in a low voice. He smirked as Link's fury grew more evident and his calm exterior was slowly beginning to break.

"What do you want?" Link demanded in a harsh tone. "I'm not here to mess around. You're already making me miss the first event."

Gannondorf scanned the small tent area there were in just in case anyone was listening in on their conversation. Once he realized that there weren't a pair of attentive ears that would be able to overhear their conversation, his smirk grew wider and he ruffled Link's hair, full aware that it would annoy him, which it did.

"I have a small favor to ask."

"Favor or demand?" Link deadpanned, glaring holes into the back of Gannondorf's head as he turned his back to him.

Gannondorf turned back around and met Link's animosity with a sneer.

"I need you to bring (Name) to me. It's as simple as that."


"You don't need to know the details, boy."

Link suppressed a growl. "I think I should have the right to know if you're the one asking me for this favor, Mr. Gannondorf."

He sighed in annoyance. "I need her to assist me in getting the other two pieces of the triforce."

"Triforce? The ancient relics made from the Three Goddesses like in our history textbooks? Why?" Link titled his head in suspicion.

"They're not just relics, fool. You of all people should understand."

He sighed wearily, "Right…and why should I help you?"

"Because if you don't, I'll send (Name) back to Knight Academy."

"What? You can't just – "

"I'll give her the choice and I know she'll choose to go back." Gannondorf's expression suddenly turned to serious. "I know you have connections with one of the pieces of the triforce and an even stronger connection with (Name). Things won't get too messy if you cooperate."

"But why would see just choose to go back? Doesn't she like it here?"

Gannondorf rolled his eyes in annoyance. "I guess you don't know her at all, do you? She gave up her dream to come here. All just because it was the wish of her parents. Believe me, if she could go back to Skyloft, she would."

Link sneered and rose up from his seat. Before he could open his mouth to protest, however, Gannondorf cut him off yet again.

"You should just ask her yourself. See what she'll say." He suggested as he turned his back to Link, walking out of the small tent so he could go supervise the first match.

Link's eyes narrowed as he watched Gannondorf's figure fade, but he decided it was best to go after him to watch the match. As he began walking towards the area where the first event was being held, he couldn't help but let his thoughts wander to you. Did you really want to go back to Skyloft? If you did, you never showed it. With a sigh, he sat down beside Mido and Agitha and watched closely as you picked up your bow.

Unlucky for Link and Gannondorf, Ghirahim heard the whole thing and a playful smile crept onto his face as he came up with an even better way to drive you and Link further apart.

You took a deep breath and stood behind Illia. So far, Zelda was the closest out of the all the schools to hit her target closest to the bull's eye. The students from Gerudo and Hylia weren't that far off though. The next three went up to hit their target. Illia was just as close as to the center as Zelda and the other teams were able to hit theirs closer as well. That just left you. You could already feel the anxiety building up in your body as you gripped your bow with shaky hands.

You shut your eyes and prayed to the Goddesses that you would be able to at least hit the board. The soft thuds coming from either side of you signaled that the other teams already shot and the only one left was you. You reopened your eyes only to meet the bright sunlight before pulling the string back on your bow and steadily aiming your arrow. To your relief, you managed to hit the board, but you were the farthest one from the target. It wasn't a terrible shot, but it wasn't great.

"S-sorry…" You mumbled sheepishly, going back to the end of the line.

Zelda just gave you a small smile which you took as a sign that she wasn't mad or upset or anything. Illia merely shrugged as you passed by her.

The rest of the event flew by rather…slow. But that was probably because it was the one you definitely didn't want to do. Your team ended up finishing in second, but you knew they would've finished first if it wasn't for you. Zelda didn't complain and Illia didn't say anything, so you figured it was alright. They still weren't exactly on speaking terms with you, but you were going to change that soon.

"Hey, not so bad (Name)!" Pipit cheered as you walked over to him and the rest of the gang.

"T-thanks…" You replied halfheartedly.


You turned around to the voice calling you, only to be met with a pair of familiar blue icy eyes. Link's expression softened as he walked closer to you. Karane arched an eyebrow and smirked playfully before she and the rest slyly walked away from the two of you.

"Uh, hey Link." You greeted him with a small smile. As of the moment, you were a bit confused as to where yours and his relationship stood. Yes, you liked him. He supposedly loved you. But you didn't want people to think you two were an item…yet, in order to make amends with your friends.

Link studied you closely, gazing into your eyes as if he was trying to read into the very depths of them. He wanted to know what you were thinking. You usually told him what was on your mind, so then why didn't you tell him about Skyloft? Or why you sorta kinda ditched him the other day?

"(Name)…" He began slowly, "Is there…something wrong?"

You were a bit surprised at his sudden question, but you shook your head. You didn't want him to worry. Besides, there wasn't anything for him to worry about. It was all your troubles, so you wanted to handle it on your own.

"No, why would there be?"

He shrugged, "I don't know. Um, hey…"


"Just a random question, but uhh…if you could go back to Skyloft to finish school there, would you?" He asked carefully, gazing back into your (e/c) eyes.

You blinked owlishly, not really sure how to answer the question. Of course you wanted to go back, but at the same time you wanted to stay. You already met a good number of people and made a good number of friends in Hyrule. You couldn't just leave them behind. But…you grew up in Skyloft and it was…it was…home.

When you didn't reply, Link felt a twinge of doubt starting to emerge.


You snapped your head up and laughed nervously, "I mean, it'd be cool to go there again, but I live here now and this is where I should stay, right?" You half-lied.

"(Name), I – "

"A-anyways, Link. I need to get ready for the next event. I think it's the relay race and well, I gotta stretch and hydrate and…stuff! I'll see ya in a bit!" You made a dash for the tents, not bothering to turn back around. Part of your heart was aching. Yes, you wanted to go back, but there wasn't any Link in Skyloft. What were you going to do?

Link sighed as he realized the doubts Gannondorf planted in his mind were actually beoming a reality. He could see you wanted to go back to Skyloft. The look of longing and desire was evident in your eyes. Why didn't you just tell him? Why did you keep it all to yourself?

Link had a lot he needed to think about. One, why Gannondorf wanted the two pieces of the triforce. Two, why he needed you in order to get them. And three, how to make you stay in Hyrule.

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