Endless questions were running through Link's head as he searched all over the school for you. You just seemed so…unsure about your answer when you told him you were staying in Hyrule. He knew you better than most people, and he knew you wanted to go back. He didn't want you to leave, but could he take away your only escape of leaving Hyrule? Would he really take you to the most distrusting principal to do whatever dirty deeds he needed done?

You skidded on your feet and managed to catch your breath after finishing up the relay race. You didn't come first, but you weren't last. That was a good sign, right? The kids from Gerudo were just really fast for some reason. It was like they were boulders being rolled down a hill. Well, it was a bit of a strange comparison, but still. Let's just say you came third…but that was good enough to keep you in the top five students competing!


You turned your head to the owner of the voice, only to find Ghirahim.

"Oh, hey what's up Ghira-chan?"

"I thought I told you not to call you that." Ghirahim deadpanned. You waved it off and reached for another water bottle. As you turned around, a playful smirk spread tugged at Ghirahim's lips.

"I can't wait to see the priceless look on that fool's face…" Ghirahim snickered.

"Hm? Did you say something?" You asked, sending him a confused glance.

"Ah, no. Just go to your water drinking."

"Riiiight…you're so weird." You gulped the last bit of water and tossed it into the recycling bin. "So was there anything you needed?"

"Just a few questions."


"Okay," He began slowly, "How many events are left?"

"Huh? What kind of question is that? You can go figure that one out yourself." You replied with a chuckle.

He sneered at you in response. "Just tell me."

"Fine, there's about four more after this."

"And what are they?" He demanded rather impatiently.

You gave him a suspicious look, but waved it off. "I think the next one's supposed to be hurdles, swimming, which I had no idea we had an indoor pool for the longest time! The school really is huge. Did you know – "

"Continue." He interjected.

"Fine, grumpy pants. After that is baseball for some weird reason and then the last event is fencing. Happy?"

"Are you going to be competing in all of them?" Ghiramhim questioned, eyeing you carefully. The look he was giving you made you feel uneasy, and you were more careful not to just wave it off this time.

"No…turns out you can only enter a max of three events. So they put me up for fencing. Why're you asking me all this so suddenly?"

He shrugged his shoulders in response. "What's wrong with being curious?"

"Nothing…but it's not like you to be interested in this kind of thing, you know?"

"I just…" He took a deep breath and gave you an unusually kind smile. "I'll be there to cheer you on."

"O-oh…okay, thanks! Well, I gotta go practice with Pipit, so I'll see you later!" You reassured him, giving him a small smile before running off in the opposite direction.

"Now to have a little talk with the great principal…" Ghirihim murmured to himself once you were out of earshot.

"Pipit! I'm ready!" You shouted, poking the self-proclaimed knight playfully on the back.

In response, he turned around and jabbed you in the stomach with his fencing sword. You jumped back and glared at the latter.

"That was dirty, Pipit."

"A knight will do whatever he can to win." He replied simply.

"It's not very knight-like to cheat."

"Don't think of it as cheating, just – ouuuchhhh!" He yelled, landing face first into the grass after being kicked down by a certain brunette.

"Are you just gonna stand there and yap all day or are you going to train?!" Karane snapped.

"We're gonna train!" You and Pipit answered in unison. Shortly after, the three of you burst into a fit of laughter. It was times like those that you forgot all your troubles. The times you wouldn't trade for the world.

It was still taking Link a while to find you and instead of you, he ran into…well, the group of people that were the reason you were trying so hard to win the festival for.

"Link!" Saria cried out excitedly, running over to him followed by Malon.

"Hey there, Fairy boy!"

"Oh, hey Saria. Hey, Malon." He gave them a small smile. "You haven't seen (Name), have you?"

"No, why do you ask?" Illia's voice questioned a bit irritably.

"I've been looking for her everywhere." He answered.

"Link…you're always worried about (Name), aren't you?" Zelda asked, her eyes downcast.

"W-well…she's our friend, why wouldn't I be? Aren't any of you worried?"

"Link. What is she to you?" Illia muttered, refusing to meet his eyes.

"What do you mean? She's a friend. She's our friend." He took a step back and gave the group a concerned look. "Isn't she?"

"She seems more than a friend to you. What does she have that none of us do?" Saria mumbled almost inaudibly. "C'mon, Link. It's all obvious to us that you have feelings for her. But why her?"

"Don't get us wrong, we love Sky girl. But how come…she had way more of a chance than us?" Malon glanced at him for a fleeting second before gluing her eyes to the ground.

Link didn't need a further explanation as to what they all meant. Sure, it was a bit awkward being confronted by all of them at once, but it also seemed unavoidable. He had no idea that he was putting aside his own friends just for the sake of you. It was selfish, but it couldn't be helped.

"I don't know. She's just different and I…really care about her." He replied truthfully. "You all don't realize how much she's going through just to win this festival. And she's trying to win it for all of you."

"What? But why would she need to do that?" Zelda inquired curiously.

"Because the winner gets a little speech at the end. It's just a small thing, but she wanted to use that speech to apologize to everyone. I know I told her that I wouldn't tell all of you about it, but I can tell it's tearing her up."

"She doesn't seem like she's that upset." Illia scoffed. "I see her laughing away with that Skyloft group like she doesn't have a trouble in the world."

"There's another thing…" Link muttered.

"What is it?" Saria asked worriedly.

"I know I can trust all of you, so I'll just tell you. I'm supposed to find (Name) to bring her to Gannondorf because apparently he needs her to help him find the other two pieces of the triforce. But if I don't…then he said he would give her the chance to go back to Skyloft. And judging from how things are now, I don't think she'd refuse." He explained, trying to be as simple and brief as possible.

"What does…Gannondorf want with the triforce of all things?" Zelda demanded.

Link shrugged his shoulders, "That's what I'm trying to figure out too."

"I…I don't want (Name) to go back to Skyloft!" Saria exclaimed. "We all just became good friends. I've never felt so…guilty before. I was silly to be angry at her over something so petty. I know how much you care about her Link. And I care about her too. I'm sorry I didn't come to my senses sooner."

Malon nodded in agreement. "Yeah, friendship is the most important and precious bond anyone could make and it's not something you should just throw away so easily.

"My thoughts exactly. I apologize as well." Zelda said quietly.

Illia pursed her lips before nodding.

Link sighed in relief. "Thank you, really."

"We should go find her, shouldn't we?" Saria suggested, looking up at the group with newfound determination.

Each person nodded their head in agreement and they all decided to split up in order to find you as fast as possible.

"And you'll be absolutely sure she will win?" Ghirahim narrowed his eyes at Gannondorf, eying him like a hawk.

Gannondorf chuckled darkly and waved him off. "I know what I'm doing. And how can I be so sure that you'll keep your end of the bargain?"

"I dislike that wretched Link as much as you, maybe even almost as much as you. And I hate (Name) lingering over that peasant."

"So you'd rather send her away than see her with that fool?"

Ghirahim gritted his teeth, "I suppose so, yes. Besides, nothing is keeping me from leaving this sorry excuse of a school except her."

Gannondorf studied Ghirahim closely. He knew Ghirahim disliked everything and everyone in existence…but why were you so important to him? And you also have affected Link as well. But the look in Ghirahim's eyes told him he was set on making sure he'd do whatever it took to have you win.

"Well, the winner gets a scholarship to wherever he or she may choose. And there is without a doubt (Name) will choose to attend Knight Academy once more in Skyloft. And with her out of the way, I will finally be able to obtain the other two pieces of the triforce." Gannondorf explained briefly.

"And what is so important as something as useless as the triforce?" Ghirahim deadpanned.

"You'll find out in due time. It much more valuable than you think."

"Wait, what – "

"I'm afraid I have to take my leave now. Remember, make sure (Name) makes it to the top. If not, the deal is off. Do whatever you can to make it happen."

Ghirahim sighed inwardly as he watched Gannondorf's figure fade as he began walking further away.


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