It was nearing the end of the festival and with just one event left, you were absolutely pumped. Adrenaline rushed through your veins as you placed the helmet over your head and picked up your fencing sword. Now all that was left was to wait for you teammates — Pipit and Link.

'Where are they…?'

As if he heard your thoughts, Pipit came behind you with a soft jab to your shoulder. You turned, your eyes meeting his with annoyance laced with relief.

"It took you long enough!"

A nervous laugh escaped him. "Sorry! I was being bossed around by Karane!"

"Well I have to admit…" You began slowly, bringing a finger to your chin in thought. "That's not surprising."

"Oh, very funny [Name]." He deadpanned. His eyes searched for the same person you were looking for before he turned back to you, his facial expression questioning. "So where is – "

"I don't know either." You interjected, worry hinted in your tone.

The event would start in half an hour and Link was nowhere to be found. Minutes ticked by and still, he didn't show up. If it was only you and Pipit, there was a possibility you two would have to forfeit — unless you miraculously were able to pull through with just the two of you. But rumors spread like wildfire and those rumors happened to be that the two teams you were facing against were in their prime — they were practically undefeated. Gerudo and Hylia were neck-to-neck when it came to fencing, but Hyrule? Well, today would prove where Hyrule stands against those the other schools.


Hearing that voice that called out to you brought you clarity. Your worries vanished as you met Link's eyes. The corner of his lips tugged into a nervous smile that made your heart flutter. It was amazing how something as simple as a smile could bring you such joy.

"And here I thought you ditched us." You chuckled, clutching onto his sleeve affectionately.

"I wouldn't do that." He assured you as he rested his hand over yours. "But listen, [Name]. There's something I need to talk to you about."

You blinked a few times and released your grip from his shirt. His eyes were clouded with concern and it made you a bit uneasy.

"Link? Is something wrong?"

Before he could answer, Pipit jabbed you once more with the end of the sword.

"Hey, we need to get ready! We have to go out in less than five minutes."

"Oh, okay! We're coming." You turned to Link and flashed him a smile. "We'll talk about it later, okay? Let's just go out and do our best!"

"[Name], wait – "

But you were already on your way behind Pipit before he could say anything else to you. What exactly was he supposed to tell you anyway? Do your worst so you don't win and go back to Skyloft? He shook his head in irritation and followed after you. There had to be some way to stop you from winning. Even if he purposely did terrible during the fencing event, you would still get points for performance due to the judges scoring individually. It didn't matter if the team won or lost because at the end of the day, there would be just be one — one winner. Not one team, but one winner. Sure, there were team awards, but that didn't matter as much as the individual ones.

You were up first and you took your place on the makeshift arena. Pipit flashed you a thumbs up, but Link avoided your gaze. It caused the uneasy feeling in your chest to well up even more, but you decided to shake it off for the moment and focused on your opponent.

"Hey, are you okay…?" Pipit asked Link as they continued to watch you fence.

"Me?" Link pointed to himself.

"I'm not talking to anyone else out here."

"…I'm fine. Why do you ask?"

Pipit shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know. You just seem like you're spacing out a bit. Make sure not to do that while you're up! [Name] has a lot of faith in you and if she has all that confidence that you're really good, then…I do, too."

Pipit words managed to bring a small smile to Link's face, but he couldn't stop thinking of what Gannondorf told him. If you won, you would go back to Skyloft and Gannondorf would have the triforce and Link…would go back to having a missing piece in his heart.

"What exactly is the triforce anyway?" Link muttered under his breath.

"You say something?" Pipit asked curiously.

"Huh? O-oh…no. Just…watching the event." He answered quickly, wiping his palms together.

You, Link, and Pipit had all advanced through the preliminaries. You admired the way your teammates fought in their matches. Pipit was always light on his feet and Link just looked so graceful when he was in action. He always had a habit of spinning his epée after a victory.

Now all that was left was to decide who was going to compete in the last round. Just before you three made the choice though, Karane came and thought it would be a good idea to jump on you and Pipit. Unfortunately, you sidestepped out of the way and watched in amusement as Pipit failed at trying to catch her.

"Owwwww!" he yelped as he grabbed his ankle. "You have to warn me next time you do that!"

"Sorry…" Karane apologized half-heartedly before glancing at his ankle. "You didn't just roll your ankle, did you?"

"Don't be ridiculous." But his words felt short as he limped forward.


He turned to you and Link. You already knew what he was going to say before he said it. The decision now was between you and Link. Link had superb sword skills, but your agility matched his proficiency.

"Can I talk to you?" he asked suddenly. Karane and Pipit raised their brows in suspicion. "And I mean…alone." he quickly added.

"But the next event starts in fifteen minutes."

"We have enough time." he assured you as he took your hand and led you over to a more isolated area.

His eyes found yours and for the first time, you could see doubt and confusion clear in his cyan-hue orbs. A twinge of guilt wrenched in the pit of your stomach for unknown reason. You could feel your lips forming into a frown. You knew that whatever he wanted to talk to you about, it was nowhere near anything good.

"What…is it?" Your voice came out as shaky, but that was no surprise.

"…do you like it here, [Name]?" he murmured.

"What?" The question caught you off-guard — you thought he was going to ask you something much more serious.

"Do you like it here in Hyrule?" he repeated, his eyes averting from your gaze to the ground.

"Of course I do. You and all my other friends are here."

"What about Skyloft?"

"Why are you asking me this?"

When he didn't reply, you furrowed your brows in frustration. You couldn't think of any good reason as to why he was asking you all those questions and after all this time with him. His hand reached for yours. The warmth from his touch slowly spread onto your own skin, but you couldn't help but feel like he was keeping something from you.

"I miss Skyloft…" you finally said. "But Hyrule is my home and it's where I belong."

Link forced himself to smile upon hearing your words. When he let go of your hand, it felt like the world was falling apart all around him. He had no idea if he could ever touch you like that again. Or hold you. Or even talk to you like he was doing now.

"You should do this round. You've worked so hard, so you should do it."

You blinked in bewilderment, but you couldn't deny his offer.

"Okay! I won't let you down!"

Before you turned around to prepare for the match, you placed a light kiss on his cheek. A sullen expression took over his features and he walked over to the tent. Ghirahim stood there, smirking at the look on Link's face.

"You look like you murdered a puppy." Ghirahim snorted.

"I might as well have…" Link replied, glaring at the pale teen.

"Aren't you going to watch your girlfriend's match?"

Link gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. "You know I can't do that."

Ghirahim almost laughed, but instead he held it in and smiled in satisfaction as he brushed past Link.

"Yes, I know."

After a few more deep breaths, you picked up your epée and headed towards the arena where the last match held place. Placing your headgear firmly over your face, you stepped onto the grass and began walking towards the center of the field to meet your opponent. You had no idea who you were up against — considering the decision for both teams on who would participate in the last round was made fifteen minutes prior — but you could only assume that he or she was really good. Although, judging by the way the person was standing and their body structure over all, you assumed he was a guy.

Once the match started, you found yourself dodging most of the attacks being launched at you. Usually it was the opposite and you were the one on the offensive, but it seems like whoever you were up against knew your every move and how to counter them. The match dragged on and you weren't sure your stamina could hold up. Just as you thought you had the upper hand, your opponent managed to land one last hit on you that decided the match.

"And the win goes to the visiting school!"

Your heart dropped. As hard as you tried, you just couldn't beat him. From the corner of your eye, your opponent twisted their epée in a familiar manner. You threw yours on the ground — along with your helmet — as you sprinted towards the locker room. As soon as you were changed back into your regular clothes, you dashed outside to find someone too familiar waiting for you.

"Going up against me…" you began, your voice laced with vehemence. "What kind of joke do you think this is? Because I don't think it's very funny."

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