AU Pre-PruCan. Kids!Gilbert and Matthew. Gilbert is twelve and Matthew is Nine, almost ten.

Matthew looked at his older friend Gilbert in shock.

"W-What?" He finally choked out, putting down his sandwich so he hopefully wouldn't choke on his lunch.

"I said, we should run away." Gilbert grinned, his red eyes sparkling with excitement.


Matthew couldn't see any real reason to run away. Kids who ran away had it bad at home, or so the television shows he had watched with Gil had said. Huh, that's probably where he got this idea.

"Because then we'll be able to do whatever we want, like those kids on TV!"

Yep, he was right.

"Gilbert, that was TV. Those kids were just actors."

"So? How hard can it be? We can sleep wherever and we never have to clean our rooms or do homework again."

"What about our families?" Matt asked, trying to persuade the older albino out of this ridiculous idea.

"Mattie, your family won't even notice that you're gone." Gilbert said with such a blunt honesty that physically hurt the blond haired boy.

He tried to open his mouth and defend his family but he found himself unable to speak. Looking down and the table, Matthew was surprised when he found a hand on top of his suddenly and looked up. Gilbert was smiling at him, not his regular smirk, but a smile. Matthew felt his cheeks heat up and his stomach flip suddenly, unsure of the reason why.

"We'll be each other's family Matthew! We don't need anyone else!"

The way he had said it had been so honest and well meaning. The grin on Matthew's friend-his only friend-face was enough to push him towards a decision.

And that's how he ended up running away from home with his best friend…but it hadn't been as easy as they thought. They had only brought simple things, nothing they really needed to survive but toys and blankets and some canned fruit that they went through pretty early on. Then they got stuck in the rain and were forced to take shelter under a hollow tree in the park, the place they had decided to run away to.

They were hungry, wet, sad and homesick. As they curled around each other in the nook of the hollow tree, Matthew began to cry silently.

"Mattie? D-don't cry! I don't know what to do when someone, especially you, cries!" Gilbert yelped, flustered.

"S-sorry," Matthew mumbled. "I-I just wish we hadn't run away…I wanna go home." With that confession, the small boy began to sob openly and onto Gil's chest.

"Don't worry Birdie, we can go home if you want. I guess…I guess this was a stupid idea, huh? I'm sure our folks are worried, same with our siblings." The older boy grimanced. "I'm gonna get in so much trouble."

"M'Sorry." Matthew choked out after a sob.

"Hey, it's not your fault. I'm the one who talked you into it…We'll just go back home after this rain, okay?"


They waited about an half an hour, doing nothing but talking and huddling close for warmth, Gil's arm around Matthew's smaller body. The two finally got up when the rain lessened and finally stopped, Gil cheering and playing around in the puddles before getting serious and telling Matthew that they needed to leave and head home.

Together they walked home hand in hand (where they would be greeted by frantic parents on both sides) and only stopped once to watch in amazement as a beautiful rainbow covered the sky.