PruCan- Causal Confessions

The two had been friends for a while now. It had started out as a equal partnership- Prussia got pancakes and Canada got to test new recipes on him- that quickly became friendship. Prussia never forgot who Canada was and Canada always listened to him, even if it was just him going on about how awesome he was. They had each other's back and they both cherished each other's friendship greatly and spent much time together.

It was really no surprise to Prussia when he woke up one morning and realized he was in love with the northern nation. He wondered if he should tell the other and decided he'll tell him whenever he feels like it and then proceeded to go to the other's house and beg for pancakes.

That had been a week ago and now he was at a world meeting with his brother bitching at him about everything and nothing.

"Bruder, you need to take things seriously!" Germany complained, glaring at his brother, to which Prussia merely rolled his eyes.

"Ja, ja, whatever you say." Prussia replied but his eyes roamed the crowds of nations, looking for one in particular.

"Who are you looking for?" Germany asked, his curiosity becoming better of him as he watched his brother's eyes narrow and search.

"I'm looking for Birdie."

"…A bird?"

"Nein! Birdie is a nickname! I'm looking for Canada!"


Looking back at his brother, Prussia saw a confused look and realized with a low growl that his brother had no idea who he was talking about.

"Canada, the northern nation to America? The one with awesome maple syrup and who carries a polar bear around with him all the time? The one almost as awesome as me?"

"Oh! Canada." Germany got a strange look on his face. "You seem to care a lot about him bruder…what are your intentions?"

"I love him." Prussia shrugged, having no problems admitting it.

Germany's eyes widened and his cheeks flushed from his older brother's bold proclmation.


"Love him? Yep!" The albinio gave a huge grin, showing nothing but teeth. He turned away from his brother looking again and waved at the other male when he finally found him across room.

"Bruder….does he know of your intentions?" He heard his little's brothers voice from behind him but refused to turn around and just rolled his eyes instead.

"No he doesn't know. I didn't really have any 'intentions' as you say."

"Bruder…" A tone of warning and Prussia scoffed, unafraid.

"Fine. If you really want me to tell him, I will. Birdie!"

Canada, who had been making his way over to Prussia since the older nation had waved at him, gave a small smile and wave.

"Hello Prussia, hello Germany." He spoke softly as usual but Prussia grinned at hearing his voice.

"Oh, Canada. Germany here wants me to tell you something." He said, grinning as he heard his little brother's sputtering.

"P-Prussia! Wait, this isn't when I meant-"

But it was too late because Prussia had leaned over and taken Canada's hand and kissed his cheek.

"I love you Canada."

Germany sputtered, Canada stared, and Prussia just waited. Slowly, but surely enough, Canada began to smile.

"I love you too Prussia." And he leaned over and kissed Prussia lightly on the lips.

Prussia grinned and finally looked back at his brother's face and saw the shock and embarrassment on his face.

"See ya later Bruder! I'm gonna spend some time with my boyfriend, kesesese!"

And with that, the two walked off with Prussia's arm securely around Canada's shoulder and Canada's own hand around Prussia's waist.