This is a story that is of my own tangent. Takes place some time after the recent episodes, has very little connection to the story events, though there are references to the plot. I do not own the show, or the characters. Enjoy the story. Be warned, it may be graphic, there are no curse words though.

Weeks had passed since Amon had destroyed the Arena. The Equalist resistance had been growing formidably stronger day by day. Korra only had one focus: pro-bending was over, and there was no time to pursue a life of romance with anyone; she needed to learn airbending.

Her progress was impressive. Hours of training each day with minimal sleep, Korra was strong. Korra had a near mastery of the physical aspect of being the Avatar; complete lacking in the spiritual side.

Korra would spend the daylight practicing her forms in the courtyard. Practicing constantly dodging rotating gates or actually bending air, Korra's skills had become increasingly impressive. She would be able to launch herself feet off the ground with a simple downward arm motion. Tenzin had even taught her the air scooter, made famous by the esteemed Avatar Aang.

Nights were her moments of brief rest.

There was almost complete darkness. Only a few dimly lit candles illuminated small portions of the room. Korra struggled to open her eyes. Her body ached. Vision blurred, she struggled to analyze her surroundings. She slowly looked around the dark room. The candles lightly gleamed against steel walls. The room was bare. Nothing draped on the walls. Just steel. Only one door connected this cage to the outside world, left completely wide open. The darkness stretched back too far for Korra to see.

She was floating in mid-air. She tried to move, but her arms and legs were suspended by thick chains. She weakly turned her head towards her wrists and watched the blood pour out of her gashed forearms. The skin around her wrists had been torn. The chains pressed against her muscle tissue.

She could feel the bruises on her face. Every time she blinked, her cheeks throbbed in pain. When she would wrinkle her nose, her face burned. It hurt to breathe. Her ribs were broken. She tried to look down at her stomach, but her neck was tense. Korra could feel the blood filled her stomach cavity. Pain. All she could feel was pain.

Her mind was wary, Where am I? What happened to me? Footsteps echoed through the hallway. She slowly raised her head, but her vision was poor. Just a shadow stood in front of her. She felt a hard hand on her chin. It clenched her jaw, tighter and tighter right on her bruises. Korra screamed in agony.

"Release her." A heavy voice boomed through the dark abyss. The young Avatar's face was released. She felt a slight sensation of relief. She coughed up blood as she felt a searing pain in her gut. Suddenly, she felt intense pressure on her abdomen. It was a quick blow. Korra was being abused by multiple mysterious figures.

She tried to open her palm to firebend, or earthbend, or airbend, but nothing. She was too frail. She could feel her chi spiraling out of control. Damn chi-blockers. More footsteps, the sound hitting directly in Korra's swollen ears.

She saw feet approach her and knew instantly where she was, and who had taken her from her serenity. "You…I should've figured as much," she whimpered. "Yes young Avatar, the time has come."

Her eyes widened with fear. Oh no.

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