Spirits, they did it again, she thought, groaning, her claws pricking her ears.

The Spirits had turned her into a cat once more.

It was about noon when she had woken up. The family was out, so she was alone again. And late for practice. Way late.

After jumping off the ferry, Korra ran straight for the arena. She rounded a corner and barreled into something. She heard two surprised yowls as they tumbled to the ground.

A few seconds went by before the three collected their wits and jumped to their feet. They blinked and stared at each other before one exclaimed, "Korra!" and tackled her to the ground again.

Korra scrambled to her paws and arched her back, but stopped as she got a closer look at the two. The cat that had tackled her was a light brown with darker paws, tail, and muzzle. He had green eyes and appeared large, but it was probably just because he was so fluffy. The second was a tall, lean, short hair with gold eyes. His fur was a dull gray with tabby spots on his rump and front legs. But what really caught Korra's gaze were his eyes, or rather the markings above them. They looked like (and apparently acted as) eyebrows. And they looked awfully familiar.

She gasped. "Mako! Bolin! What happened?" She walked up and sniffed Mako, who pulled his head back, brows knit together. One of his fangs poked out from under his lip. After a moment he lowered his head back down and Korra touched her nose to his, then to Bolin's (the cat equivalent to a hug).

Mako blinked, falling back onto his haunches as Korra pulled away. Clearing his throat, he said, "Yes, well-" He cut off, blinked again, and clamped his paws over his mouth, ears back and hot.

Korra, after a second of two, broke out laughing and fell to the ground. "Y-your voice!" she gasped, "I-it's-!"

Mako scowled at her, ears burning. Out of all of them, his was the only voice that changed. No, Bolin's had changed, but it was barely noticeable. Mako's voice had gotten higher, more cat-like.

"ENOUGH!" he growled loudly, jumping to his paws. His tail had puffed up and was stiffly swaying to-and-fro.

The Avatar's laugh stopped abruptly and she sat up with a gulp. Bolin also took a seat.

"Thank you," Mako said, tail flattening. He sat, tail tip flicking, and cleared his throat again. "Okay," he started, "First things first; can anyone bend?"

Korra, Bolin, and Mako each swung a paw. "Nope," Korra sighed.

"Didn't think so," Mako muttered. "Anyway, it would probably be a bad idea to go back to the arena or island. Pabu chased us out when he saw us-"

Bolin gave a nod and a huff.

"-And I doubt Naga would appreciate three cats walking around her home."

Korra agreed after a moment. "But if we can't to the arena or the island…where can we go?" she asked.

Bolin glanced at Mako and said, "The streets."