Once they had finished eating, the three began to wander the alley ways. They eventually found somewhere to stay for the night. In the back of an alley, there was a large enough space for them. It was boxed in by a few stacks of crates.

"This'll work," Korra said, climbing over the crates. Bolin followed, as did Mako after one last look around.

"Okay," Korra said, "With any luck, we'll be back to normal tomorrow."

"I hope so! I don't like leaving Pabu alone for so long," Bolin said. Mako just grunted.

Bolin stretched and yawned. "Well, I'm going to sleep now," he told the others before curling up. "Goodnight."

Korra and Mako echoed the "goodnight" and soon enough they heard Bolin's snoring.

"Today was kind of fun," Korra said after a few minutes of silence.

"FUN?" Mako exclaimed. His mouth snapped shut with a quiet click of the teeth. He waited a moment to confirm that Bolin hadn't been woken up before quietly continuing. "I'm a cat, we almost got eaten by rat-dogs, we had to bed for food, and we're sleeping in an alley. How is that FUN?"

She thought for a few seconds before saying, "At least it wasn't boring. It's good to mix things up now and again instead of doing the same thing every single day."

"…All right, fine," Mako sighed.

"Also," Korra added, "I think you're rather cute as a cat."

He put his ears back, eyebrows knit together. "Don't start getting all flirty with me, Whiskers," he said.



Korra giggled. She stood and walked over to him, rubbed her head under his chin, and circled around him. Her tail tickled his nose, making him sneeze.

"Stop that," he huffed at her. She chuckled and lay down next to him. Sighing, he also got to his stomach, crossing is paws. Korra rested her head against Mako's.

"Goodnight, Mako," she murmured. He sighed again. "Goodnight." After a moment he added, "Sleep well."

"We're not cats anymore!"

Mako and Korra jolted up into a sitting position at Bolin's sudden exclamation. The sky was just turning orange with the rising sun.

Groaning, Korra slumped against Mako's side. He rolled his eyes and said, "Now that we're back to normal, let's go home."

"Pabu's probably worried," Bolin said, getting up. Mako also stood and Korra straightened up. "Korra, get up," the firebender sighed. The girl just sat there and gazed at him with half-closed eyes before yawning.

Mako's shoulder dropped. "I got her," he said. He crouched down, picked her up with a quiet grunt, and stood back up.

Bolin pushed the crates out of the way and they began their walk home. Korra quickly fell back asleep, snoring quietly with her head against Mako's chest.

The boy prayed for this to never happen again. Being a cat was terrible.