A Yuyu Hakusho fic
by Chester Castañeda

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Prologue: First to Last

Kurama, also known as Shuichi Minamino, stared vacantly at the tall, tapered-chin pretty boy in front of him. During the past six months he'd spent at his school, this particular issue had become as old as... well, he was. He braced himself for what was to come. 'How can I put this gently?'

"Well, did you like the flowers?" the brown-haired youth earnestly asked, expectation clear in his voice. Kurama's face thusly turned blue. 'Oh yeah, this is going to be fun.'

"To tell you honestly... the flowers were nice..." Kurama began. His left eye was already twitching, and it took the combined efforts of his underlying demon fox form as well as his own willpower to prevent himself from losing what little lunch he had eaten.

Not that there was anything wrong with male-to-male relations, but the man in front of Kurama was going under a mistaken assumption that was sure to leave neither of them happy.

"And?" The guy jumped forward, taking hold of Kurama's shoulders.

This was already forming into a scene taken straight from a comic book. A boy's love amateur comic, to be exact... not that Kurama was into reading such things, of course. He shuddered in dread and loathing. He wanted to punch the guy and set him-pardon the pun-straight, but he was afraid to ruin his good reputation as a perfect student.

"But I really can't accept them," Kurama said simply.

"Nonsense!" cried the boy, a spark of hope lighting up inside him in spite of the rejection. 'So, she's the traditionally shy type kind of girl...' he thought joyfully.

"Because..." Kurama continued, totally ignoring him, "I'm really a boy."

"..." was the guy's witty response.

Sighing-Kurama was not too keen on hurting people, unless necessary-he scurried away from the very sorry scene of a very broken-hearted boy. 'That went well.'

"Why me?" Kurama asked no one in particular, rewarding himself with odd looks from those who didn't realize what had just happened, and snickers from those who did.

Ever since he arrived in Meiou High, Kurama's days had all been like this. Well, perhaps 'all' was a bit of an exaggeration, but it sounded rather apt to the redhead, because it certainly felt like all of his days were filled with incidents like the one described above.

He had more than his share of admirers... half of which were male and half of those males knew he was a male. It was a taxing situation for Shuichi Minamino... the good human son of Shiori Minamino... and downright embarrassing for the once feared youko known as Kurama.

But his admirers weren't the only ones at fault here. By acting the way that he did, he made them desire him all the more. His long, red hair certainly wasn't helping matters either, but he would not even consider cutting it.

So he decided, once and for all, to simply ignore such unfortunate occurrences. If they thought of him as a woman, or as a suitable target for male affection, then that was their problem. He was above such things.

"Hello, miss. You seem all alone. May I accompany you?"


Nevertheless, youko or not, Kurama... or rather, Minamino... was still a human being deep in his heart, which was his demon's self synonym for the word 'flawed'. Who could blame the guy for getting pissed once in a while? Even Minamino, as long a fuse as he had, had his limits.

"I'm a guy, and I'm not interested. Now please leave me alone," Kurama said in a calm yet unnerving voice that sent shivers to the base of the guy's spine.

Sighing yet again, he left another hapless, dumbstruck male behind. 'So, only two this afternoon... Today must be a good day. Oh joy.'

Shuichi Minamino was a good boy. He would never leave his house without his mother's permission. An obedient boy to the core, he always did what he was told to do. So he usually left his penchant for disobedience to Kurama's stead.

It made him think, at times, that he had three instead of two personalities: the good son, Shuichi Minamino; the cruel youko thief who he had been back in his past life in the Demon World; and Kurama, the gray shade halfway between the two. Neither fully human nor fully demon, Kurama was, in his opinion, his true self.

What got him to stay up late in the middle of the night for hours on end? A little fire demon named Hiei. Kurama usually waited on this spot in the middle of a park near a tree where the 'little bastard', as Kuwabara would call him, usually slept.

Tonight, he was supposed to alert Hiei to join him and the other detectives to investigate, as always, some strange happenings in the Human World. Koenma, Prince of the Spirit World, had even said that he would offer Hiei's freedom in exchange for his services in this mission. As expected, the mission seemed to be truly a matter of great consequence for such a thing to be offered.

'What's taking him so long?' Kurama thought, worried about his youkai friend. 'Has something happened, Hiei?'

Two figures stood in the darkness of a rundown alley. One figure, the smaller one, was in a defensive stance. The other loomed over him.

"Who are you?" Hiei seethed, his hand grasping the hilt of his katana. He already had several bruises all over his body, as well as a small trickle of blood below his chapped lips.

"I seek only one thing, koorime," the dark figure in chain-mail armor said in a blank monotone. "A soul."

"Humph," was Hiei's response. After only a slight pause, he prepared his next and most powerful attack.


'No holding back now. I've already tried everything,' Hiei thought.

A conflagration of black flames in the form of a demonoid dragon spirit emerged. The dark figure easily evaded the flaming black dragon headed towards him with impressive speed, despite his heavy armor. He then ripped apart his breastplate revealing... nothingness. It was a cavity in his own body. It sucked the Kokuryuha into itself like a vacuum. Hiei was shocked to see the cavity eat his attack whole, and then remain just as empty as it was before.

"You're a spirited one," the undead creature said in a cadaverous tone. He seemed rather bored, his expression flat and one-dimensional despite his effeminate looks. He certainly didn't mind the gaping hole in the middle of his chest. "Any more tricks, koorime?"

Hiei flinched at being called an 'ice lady', but was too tired to use his ire to his advantage. He was exhausted from using his most powerful attack so soon. But he wasn't one to give up easily. If anything, his pride wouldn't allow it.

The being stared at the fire demon blankly. He merely stood there, chest cavity exposed, waiting patiently for Hiei's next attack.

Disappearing into a blur, Hiei slashed at the figure in chain mail; twenty-two strikes in less than a second. His sword swished through the seemingly undead person like a knife through butter... or through air.

Hiei looked at his opponent warily. Perfectly intact, the being gave him an unsettling stare.


As he spoke the word, he shifted and punched Hiei. Several of his bones shattered from the impact, causing him to lurch forward and cough blood. "I'll leave you now. You have nothing for me."

So Hiei just lay there in the alleyway, battered and beaten. He stifled a gasp as he heard the last words his opponent spoke before he fell into unconsciousness.

"It's Minamino Shuichi whom I want."

To be Continued...

Next: Who is this powerful man with an infinitely deep portal for a chest?

I know... very unclear premise. It is my first fic anyway. I just hope things would get clearer by the first chapter.

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