"Catch KID!" shouted a deep masculine voice, as a group of policemen ran out side a museum. There were chasing after a white shining figure headed towards the south.
Kaitou KID had stolen an antique mirror, Kagami's Mirror. An old artifact from the Edo era. It was said that it would bring your whole world upside down if you were to look at its reflection. It had a gold frame and a red jewel on the top, that's why kid was after it. The mirror was the size of an average book so it wasn't to hard to steal.
It was a darn shame though, the police for had once again fell for balloon dummy. The real Kaitou KID was on the rooftop having a stare down with a seven-year-old kid, Conan Edogawa.
" I'm Surprise that you got the riddle, Tantei-kun." spoke KID breaking the silence.
" It wasn't that hard," replied Conan, with a slight smirk, " After you mentioned Rin everything became clear. Now, Where's the mirror?" With a snap of Kid's Fingers, and a puff of Smoke, the mirror laid in his hand.
" You Mean this? It's a pretty penny don't you think?" KID raised mirror towards the sky as he gazed at his reflection.
" Yeah, yeah. Now give me the mirror." Interrupted Conan as he stoke out his hand.
"My, my Tantei-kun, aren't we grumpy tonight. Do we need to take a nap?" Conan twitched in response, as he gave a dry laugh. With another snap of Kaitou's fingers. With an even larger puff of blue smoke devoured the two. When the smoke cleared so was the thief. Conan looked a bit irritated.
"I'm not falling for that twice, KID. Come out!" he shouted. Conan heard a light chuckle from behind him, and then out of nowhere Kaitou jumps behind Conan, showing Conan's reflection. The small detective just stood still staring at the reflection.
" Look Tantei-kun," Kaitou whispered in Conan's' ear, " A beautiful jewel in an elegant piece." Conan crossed his arms showing irritation.
"Well no duh, that's the main reason you're stealing the mirror in the first place." Conan replied as serious as he could. KID leaned even closer to Conan.
" I wasn't talking about the red one," The phantom thief leaned even closer to Conan, if it was possible, " I was talking about you." he quickly gave a peck on the cheek and ran off the roof top and made his escape with the mirror, just like always. Conan left with a deep shade of red on his face, stood there shell shocked at the last statement.
When Conan came back to reality he began walking down the stairs, still blushing he mumbled, " He better give it back." and walked back home.
Little Conan was right Kaitou KID did give the mirror back, around midnight, but When he woke-up he found himself in an un familiar room. "Crap." is all Shinichi could say as he fell back to the bed.


I Entered the "Devil's Contract" contest and the due date was May 23, so I'm turning this in. The only thing is for some reason, I can't write a one-shot. So if this isn't excepted I'll still continue. I really liked the way the challenge was so, ya