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Lina's Nightmare Rhapsody

Chapter 1

It was a beautiful afternoon, Lina Inverse, equally beautiful sorceress supreme, is standing on a boulder that happens to be in a large crater, piled high with crispy bandit corpses, compliments from a Dragon Slave. She dusted herself off from any dirt and then dusted her gloved hands with resounding claps. She jumped off the boulder and walked towards a certain singed six pile heap.


"Miss Lina, how could you?!"

"Especially to us!!"

"Yeah Lina, we're your friends not your foes..."

"Lina, have you ever considered anger management classes?"



Everybody was either standing or sitting (except a certain unconscious blonde girl with a pink bowed golden tail sticking upwards, laying on the floor) cringing and cowering in front of a raging girl. But the very pretty Sairaag shrine maiden didn't realized she thought those words out loud (yeah, you would probably expecting Gourry to say something like that). Everybody, including an rude-awaken Filia, heard and understood it, and dashed out of Lina's way, leaving the petrified raven haired girl.

"Uh oh....I'm sorry Lina! I really didn't mean to say that...I'm sorry...please for...."


"....give me." A puff of smoke came out of a poor burnt girl that fell to the right side.

"For heaven's sake Lina, you wouldn't even listen nor allowed Sylphiel to finish her apologies. Just what's with you anyway?" An ivory clad chimera, who was out of the Dragon Slave's path, came down from levitating behind Lina.

"Oh shut up!"

Gourry, Aez, Amelia, Filia, and Val went up by Sylphiel's side, checking if she still breathing. Amelia cast a healing spell on the now conscious victim's burns and scrapes.

Lina was still fuming but she was also tired. She walked over to the bandits' treasure and did her usual chore, cautiously looking over anything valuable from the cheap stuff and stashes her loot. One piece of article caught her eye.

"Hmmm...what's this?"

Curiously, she picked it up a small oval object and gingerly traced the intricate details. The reddish-bronze carvings of roses and a copper phoenix seems to glow when Lina touched them. There were also small red and black gems, implanted in the middle of each myriad gold Celtic knots. Then she seen her own crimson eyes staring back at her, reflecting her red hair, flowing thru the breeze, her heart shape face, smiling.

"Hey Lina, what do you have there?" Zel approached right next to her.

"It's a mirror."

"A mirror?" his visible pebbled eyebrow arched. "Why would they have a mirror?" Zel remarked quizzically.

"I don't know. Maybe because of the gold and gems, it does look like an antique though."

She handed him the mirror, he looked at it, examining it carefully. His aquamarine eyes caught his silver bluish-lavender wire hair framing his blue skin, pebbled face reflecting back at him with disgust.

'Why do I have to look like a freak....a monster. She would never care for me like this. Curse Rezo wherever he's rotting in.'

Lina looked at the sad chimera, she thought she saw a crystalline tear, but he put his mask on and gave her back the mirror.

"It...it feels like there's some sort of an odd spell on it. Are you going to keep, sell, or leave it?"

"I like it. I think I'll keep it."

"Be careful then, you never know what kind of magical spell it has." Zelgadiss warned her.

"I doubt it's anything strong like that shadow reflector (an: sorry, but I can't quite remember the exact name for it), that I, unfortunately, had to deal with long ago."

"Or that Philosopher's Stone hidden in the Orilhalcon statue, the cursed dagger, those talisman vessels from Baritone and Altone kingdoms, and that sword that's really the key to that huge sand wurm, how about that time when we all had been tainted that dreadful Ocuso Octopese....." the shaman sorcerer went down the list of strong-and-powerful-magical-spells-that-were-disguised-as-ordinary-objects.

"ALRIGHT already...I get the point!"

"In any case, don't let your guard down. If I were you, I would just break that thing."

Lina slowly shook her head no.

"Oh Zel...don't be such a worry wart. I can take care of myself and I'm not going to break it. I'm not risking seven years of bad luck!" The pretty redhead waved her hand up and down then puts the mirror away.

"Well, let's join the rest shall we? I'm sure they're o.k. by now."

The group walked until it was getting dark.

"We better stop, it's getting late." A light sky blue hair, teal blue-eyed, handsome young man, who slightly resembles a certain Rezo's great/grandson, suggested while standing near his dear Amelia.

"Hey! Over here!! I found a perfect spot for camp!" Filia shouted while Val covered his ears since he was close to her.

The crew soon joined both dragons.

"Ok. Gourry, you'll get the firewood, I'll get us food."

"Oh...ok then." A smiling Gourry walked towards the enclosed forest to find timber.

"Gourry, wait up!" Val yelled. "We have to find some kind of shelter."

Lina's body guard stopped til the other three young men caught up with him.

"It looks like it's going to rain hard tonight." the long, aqua-green hair guised human predicted.

The four bishounen separated for a bit and met up again 10 minutes later.


"I found a cave hundreds of meters away from camp."

"Alright. Show us, we need to inspect if it's safe and shelters everybody."

Gourry led his fellow companions to the cave.


Amelia, Filia and Sylphiel joined Lina to a nearby little lake.

"So Lina, when do you think we could find Mi...er....Zelgadiss' cure?" Sylphiel inquired as the fishing woman caught another fish and gave to her to clean.

Amelia and Filia just returned from searching for edible fungi and herbs for dinner.

"Hhmmm...I'm not 100% sure, but I think another week or two we'll reach there."

"But Lina, what if it ends up another dead end?"

"Then we kill Xellos."

"Can I have first dibs?"

''Sorry Filia, I know you hate Xellos and all but Zel deserves to get to him first." Lina glanced towards the lake sadly.

"Poor Zel…he have his heart set on it." 'Personally, I don't think he needs it. He looks cool and he will probably loose his shamanic powers once he becomes…human again.' saving that bit in her mind.

She quickly smile when she realized she was slightly frowning. Though that really didn't go pass the girls.

"Lina, have you even tried to talk to him about how you feel?"

Amelia got over her crush and happily look forward to a closer relationship with Zel's ward and young cousin, Aez.

She only love Zelgadiss like an older brother as he felt the same sibling affection for her. But right now she's concerned that Lina will never let Zel know how she actually feel for him and he will do the same....they're both afraid of rejection and both are full of stubborness and pride.

Ever since he came back from his search in the desert, apologizing to Amelia that he doesn't feel the same way she does for him.


"It is important for you to listen...you're like a younger sister to me, Amelia. Please try to understand, and please don't get upset or hate me. One day, you will find your prince who would completely be devoted to you like you deserve, and realize that I was only your first crush. I'm just not the one for you. My heart, mind and soul are devoted to her, she has my life, my world, in her hands, *sigh* she doesn't even know that....yet. I'm really sorry Amelia, forgive me."

And with a painful adieu, he gave her a sweet brotherly kiss on her furrowed forehead, turn around and vanished.

Sure, she cried for practically months. Until one day, out of whim, she remembered what he explained, she immediately pondered the pros and cons of him being a future prince and king of Saillune. Not only did realized that she really doesn't feel quite the same like before and that he would be miserable to be around that many people. From that moment, she came to the conclusion that for someone who preaches about Justice, Love, and Peace, she's not being fair to those who are closest to her, her own traveling companions/family. That's how she met Aez, during the time, when she reached a town, she hired the young tracker to find Zel (none of the crew knew who Aez really yet) as she seek out for Zelgadiss for a long period of time. They found him along with Lina, Gourry, and surprisingly, Sylphiel. Of course, once she saw him...her old feelings stirred for a bit, yet she used her will power to constrained them, especially when she quickly observed how Lina would try to sneak a peek at the chimera and vice-a-versa, when nobody, including the admireree, would take any notice during their travels. She thought it's kinda cute when both blushed when their eyes would meet or when one or the other were caught. She finally subsided her first love, then out of the blue, asked for forgiveness for her immature behavior and told him that she got over her "crush" and became fast siblings. And now to gain the absolution from her 'big brother', her goal is to have the pair finally together.


"Miss Ame..."

"Sylphiel, you can drop the Miss and Princess stuff, we're friends, allies of justice and....."

"That goes the same for me."

Filia interrupted Amelia before she rattled on her "speeches" saving them from getting headaches, getting bored and also, at the same time, saving her from Lina's abrupt moods again.

Sylphiel apologized, softly smiled and nodded.

"Amelia is right Lina. Tell him how you feel about him."


"Why not? We can all see that he cares for you, deeply."

"Yes, you already and finally confess to us that you love him." Filia placed a hand gently on her shoulder.

Giving a glare at them. "Yeah, only when you caught me during my time of the month and when I had drunken enough Zefelian wine."

"Which I still say that would have filled the cups of a hoard of trolls."

" I have my reasons and I doubt that he does feel the same for me." she look at the lake again.

'Besides, he's too busy caring about his stupid cure...'

She felt a bit fatigued as well as her eyes burning from the upcoming tears. A tear starts to move down her cheek. She caught another fish and quickly wiped her tear away before anyone noticed.

The sorceress shakes her head, 'What is wrong with me....I'm Lina Inverse! I can't let some stupid feelings take hold of me.' Then she spoke.

"I....I think we have enough...what do you guys think?"

The four Slayers beauties looked at the enormous pile of fish, they sweat dropped.

"Um...yeah, I believe we do, Lina."

Sylphiel starts to put her knife away. Lina gave her that knife, insisting that she should carry one just in case it's that time of the month and if Gourry or anybody wasn't with her, (with Lina, Amelia, and Zel training her, she's still learning to cast shaman attack spells) although Lina knew "her big brother" would never leave her side.

Each one carried a hearty bundle of fish, walking back to camp. Lina wished she haven't had the "girl talk" couple of months ago, they leave her be for a good while, now, they're bugging her any moment that they're alone.

'Well, at least Amelia isn't jealous anymore ever since Aez joined us almost a year ago.' remembering certain moments when they traveled.

"Lina, I know you're getting irritated at us for nagging you like this, but we care about you, we're like sisters." Sylphiel tries to comfort her.

"That's right, we're all sisters and we don't want nor like to see you suffering like this." Filia added her feelings towards the conversation.

'So look the other way.' she thought gloomily. "We're reaching camp so drop it, okay? I don't want any of the guys, especially Zel, to know." the sorceress gave a glaring threat. Sure she's a girl, but she's not the type who would let silly lovey dovey and achey-heart emotions complicate her life style.

"Okay…but we'll finish talking when we get to our own tent, it's going to rain tonight."

Amelia won't allow Lina to drop it completely, it hurts her to see the both of them ignoring their feelings for each other and yet, it makes her mad that both are too stubborn to give in and confess their love for each other.


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