We never change…

History tells us, what happened…and maybe, what will happen.

Sometimes, people want to learn about the past.

But when it gets out of hand, they hear the same thing…

"Leave the past…in the past."

Chapter one,

Bambi, a fawn who just been born less than an hour before, was sleeping by his mother's side,

who was beginning to drift to sleep a well. The peaceful moment of the day seemed like it couldn't be ruined at all.

Just before she closed her eyes, she heard rustling in the nearby brush.

Though it startled her, she assumed it was that little rabbit by the name of "Thumper" wanting to play with Bambi.

Just to be sure, she called, "Hello, is anybody there?"She said. Her voice as always, soothing and smooth. A head appeared

from the opposite side of the brush. The head was the most deadly thing in the forest…man.

Bambi's mother was to scared to move. She knew immediately it was over. "At least I'll die with my son…"She thought.

"and he won't suffer a life without a mother." It took her a full five seconds to realize the man was just staring at her. Her

heartbeat slowed as she noticed he wasn't even trying to attack them. Nor was he armed.

The man broke the silence, with a higher pitched voice then most man. "What a lovely fawn…"He said looking at the sleeping

Bambi. Bambi opened an eye and looked at the figure peeking through the thicket. The man turned and went away right after he did


"How awkward? Why would man come to the forest, and then, not kill." Bambi's mother thought. She had many thoughts about

who he was and why he is here in the forest. The Great Prince was told, and he decided to keep a close eye out.

"It's probably the child of man. Much less dangerous, unless of course holding a death rod." He said.

"No…he just stared at us both. Once he saw us, he didn't come any closer. Unbelievably, he complimented us." Bambi's mother said.

"Thats…a bit strange?" The great Prince said.

"Bambi looked at him, and he immediately left."

"Well, as long as he didn't hurt you."

Nobody noticed, the boy, the child, was in the tree above, looking at them.