Chapt 9

That was one of the longest nights everyone had known. What was just a

few hours, felt like days to everyone, especially Bambi and Faline. Being caught

in the snares was no walk in the meadow for either of them.

The muzzles made it hard to talk, or breathe for that matter. The ropes, grew

tighter around their legs every moment they moved. All they could do was sit and

wait for someone to help, or for man to take them both.

The greatest threat was not the hunters, but the possibility of not being found,

and dying of lack of breath, water, or food.

Out in the meadow, Bambi was eating breakfast when Faline approached.

"Morning Bambi."She said nuzzling Bambi. Bambi smiled, unable to speak

with the grass in his mouth. He quickly swallowed the bunch of grass and wheat,

and responded.

"Morning Faline. How's your leg?"Bambi asked. Falines leg was slightly

rope burned from the snare, and caused it to bleed, but only slightly.

"It feels better. May I join you?"

"Of course. I kinda already ate all the blossoms."Bambi said slightly embarrassed.

Faline didn't notice anything he said besides, "Of course." and immediately started eating.

Bambi chuckled at Falines' speedy reaction. She already had a mouthful of

the sweet meadow grass.

Allen appeared from the thicket, and walked along the edge of the meadow. Bambi and

Faline ran over to him to say good morning.

"Morning you guys."He responded. A small grey rabbit suddenly popped out of

the bushes.

"HIYA BAMBI!"He said.

"THUMPER! Hey I haven't seen you in a while. Allen, this is thumper. We met

the day I was born."

"Nice to meet you Thumper."

"You too. So your the guy that saved his mama huh?"

"That's right."

"Becha couldn't do it again."Thumper remarked.

Bambi looked at him and had the idea of clamping a hoof right on his head.

"I Bet you I could."Allen responded.

"Alright then. I'll go kill her, and you save her."

"THUMPER!"A voice said from behind him. Thumper turned and saw

his mother standing there with her arms crossed, and foot tapping.

Judging from Thumpers' expression on his face, he knew he was in trouble.

"Yeah yeah I know."He said as he hopped away, with his mother close behind.

"So what are you gonna do today Allen?"Faline asked.

"Eh…No idea. What do you guys do for fun?"

"Chase each other."Bambi responded rather quickly.

"Man call that tag. And I'll tell you this. I haven't played that

in years. These days, people my age just listen to music, talk, and

play sports."

"Music?"Bambi asked.

"Sports?"Faline asked.

"Seriously. You guys have no idea what music is. I get

the sports bit, but music is one of the greatest things

in the world."

"Well what is music."Bambi and Faline asked at the same time.

"Music is like sound. Only it contains so much more than what JUST

sound does. It has Rhythm, melody…beauty…"

"Sounds interesting."

"I'll show you guys what I mean. Man make music better with instruments. There are lots

of them out there, and I have one. Follow me." Allen led them to his den, where he pulled

out a very shiny, and a very silver tube. Along the rod, were holes, each a different


"This is what man call flute. You blow gently over this hole, and cover up others with

your…uh, my fingers. Sit down, and listen."Allen begun to blow a tune, and the sound

flowed out of the rod like silk.

Bambis' ears twitched as he continued playing. Each tone he played, gave

his ear a different reaction. Faline looked at Bambi, and smiled. She got

closer to him and leaned over on him. Bambi closed his eyes,

and nuzzled her back.

Eventually, he stopped playing, and put the flute away. Bambi and Faline

were both breath taken from the music that was played.

"I don't think I've heard anything more beautiful than that in my

life."Bambi said.

"It gets better. You should hear music with more than one instrument, and

with someone singing."

"How could it get better then THAT!"Faline asked.

"Well. Most music is made by more then one person, normally by four people.

Man call these bands or groups. Together, it's like listening to a cloud in

your ears."

"That's unbelievable."Bambi said.

"You may say so…but it's very real."

"Well, thanks for the demonstration Allen."Faline said, as she begun to leave.

"No problem. You two stay safe."

"Bye Allen. Wait up."Bambi said trotting after Faline.

"Music to my ears."Allen said. "Music-to-my-ears...