How To Make Girls Swoon By Being a World Famous Quidditch Player.

(Okay, maybe not 'World Famous', but still awesome!)

A List by James Potter

1) When your flying around during a Quidditch game, try and find a time to wink or flirt with them. Girls love that, and nine out of ten times they will swoon (and, yes, I am speaking from personal experience here).

I say nine out of ten, because Lily Evans refuses to look at me, unless she's rolling her eyes or telling me how much she hates my guts (she likes to play hard-to-get, but I know deep down she loves me . . . really deep down, but I feel the love all the same!).

2) If you're a chaser, tell her "This goals for you, babe" before going to make a shot at the hoops. Then, make sure you actually score the goal. It's very embarrasing if you miss, trust me.

3) When your best friend tries to be helpful (key word being tries!) and hits a bludger at the woman you love, jump in the way and protect her. I swear, every girl in the stands will swoon, except for the girl you saved, of course. She's too busy yelling at you to get your strong, hot, Quidditch muscles off of her (okay, so she didn't really say that, but she was thinking it).

4) Get your best friend to say into the announcers microphone: "Lily Evans, I love you so much. Will you please be my girlfriend?" Just make sure you say it's from you, otherwise she thinks your best friend is the one asking her out, and she says yes!

Stupid Remus.

5) While around her make sure to always run your hands through your hair, making it look windswept and gorgeous, like you've just jumped off your broomstick. Then make sure to tell her all about your Quidditch triumphs and the amazing plays and saves you made during games. I swear, this makes the girls giggle and blush like you wouldn't believe; and there will most definetely be tons of swoonage.

6) Just try to be like me. All girls love me.