(A/N: Please read & review. I have never read the comics on either DMC or Spawn but I have seen both animated series and I have a great deal of respect for both characters. Not to mention I saw the movie for Spawn and played all the DMC games. I thought this would be an awesome idea and was surprised when I saw that no one had thought of it sooner. I will admit this story was kind of rushed and is not the best showcase of my skills as a writer but this is something I wanted to do for fun and wanted to bring these two characters together in a slugfest! I leave it up to you, the reader, whether I did these two justice and you had a great time reading this or should I just quit while I'm a head?)

Dante stepped off the plane as it arrived at the New York Airlines terminal. He had not carried his sword nor his guns on the plane. He was going to have them shipped another way via a "special" customs.

He went through the long narrow hall that was connected to the plane's doorway. He checked his ticket at the service desk and walked outside. He took a long breath and then looked around the parking lot that he was now in. He saw a limousine parked almost right in front of the door that lead outside to the parking lot. The driver was holding a sign that had Dante's name on it.

Dante went over to it and said, "I'm Dante."

The driver through the sign aside and pulled from under his suit a small sub machine gun! He pointed it at Dante's stomach and said, "Are you lying?"

Dante looked at the man with his stone blue eyes and shook his head no. The driver waved his gun over to the back passenger door and said, "Mr. Wynn would like to see you, right now!" The driver opened the door to allow Dante inside the limo.

Dante kept staring at the driver while he still had that small machine gun pointed at him. Dante then entered the vehicle and the driver shut the door behind him. He then put the gun back under his suit and got in the limo. He put the key in the ignition and drove out of the parking lot and into the city streets.

As Dante looked out the window at the New York landscape he realized that he was in a whole other world from the one he had just left. The world he had left he was in control but now he was in New York and playing Wynn's game. He definitely did not like that; he knew a little about Jason Wynn and how he was almost mentioned every two months in a newspaper. He knew that this Jason Wynn was a dangerous man and not to be taken lightly but he also figured that any demon that would mess with somebody like Jason Wynn must be pretty powerful!

They arrived at the Civil Defense building and Dante saw his door open. He saw the driver holding the door and motioning him out of the car. He stepped out and looked up at the top of the building. He then looked at the driver coldly and then looked at the entrance to the building. The entrance was covered with guards who were armed to the teeth with machine guns! Dante looked at the heavy security with amusement and had a small smile slide across his face. He was amused at the idea that this Jason Wynn thought this heavy security and arsenal would keep this demon or even himself out. Dante had fought many demons and he knew that Jason would need more then just flashy human security to keep any kind of demon out. Not only that but Dante figured that this demon was exceptionally powerful otherwise he probably wouldn't even be here.

He began to walk towards the entrance and the driver stayed by the door. He saw the look in the security guys' eyes and they were not afraid of him at all. Dante knew that they had no idea what he was capable of.

He entered through the front doors and entered the main lobby. He walked towards the information desk and looked right at the receptionist. She was quite the sexy girl and looked more like she belonged on the cover of a Penthouse cover then behind a desk in this barren building of evil men.

She looked at him with fear and barely got out, "May I help you, sir?"

Dante eased himself towards her and starred at her with those stone blue eyes of his. He then eased a smirk across his face and said, "I have an appointment with Mr. Jason Wynn."

The girl retracted her neck back in disbelieve but he just looked back at the security at the front entrance and then returned his gaze back to the girl and said, "I'm Dante."

She then shook her head in agreement with him and said, "O.K"

Dante turned his head around back to the security and thought to himself how nice and polite this girl had been to him. He was a little pleased to see a nice person in this city. He then turned his head back around to face this nice person and what was proven to him once again was that he is in a different world.

What met his face was not this nice girl's face but a muzzle of a machine gun. It was some kind of modified Uzi. Then he heard from the girl behind the desk, a vile and despicable voice; far different from her sweet voice she had earlier. "This way Mister Dante and don't pull any shit!"

Now it was Dante who retracted his neck back in disbelieve. He watched as the woman stepped from out behind the desk and motioned him to follow her. He had a cold gaze full of annoyance at the girl's deception. He followed her to some elevator doors. He entered the elevator and he saw the woman push one of the top buttons. She still had the gun firmly aimed at him and all Dante could think was to the top floor, 'I haven't even seen this Jason Wynn and already I hate his guts!'

The elevator doors opened and he exited. The girl exited with him and lead him down a long hallway with the Uzi close to his back. They soon reached a door with an inscription on it: Head of Eastern Civil Defense: Jason Xavier Wynn

Dante turned the knob on the door and entered the room. The girl still had the gun at his back as he eased the door open. When Dante enter the room the girl stepped inside with him and introduced him. "Mister Dante is here to see you, sir."

Looking around curiously, Dante saw a desk at the end of the room. Behind the desk was a chair that was turned towards this huge window that looked down to the streets below. Dante could see that there was somebody in the chair staring out of the window.

The chair did not move when he heard a voice from behind it. The voice was light in nature and very calm but it had a supremely dark sound to it. It was the sound of a very intelligent leader - almost a conquer. Who ever he was, he had a supremely cool head and Dante could tell that this voice had a feel as if it had complete control of the situation. It was hard for Dante to just stand there with his cool demeanor and not to tear the place apart to prove the voice wrong. "Thank you Ms. Sandra, that will be all for now."

The girl gave Dante a very mean look but Dante was to busy giving one of his own to the chair to notice hers. He then heard from behind him, the woman cock her gun and say, "But sir, I know this man's reputation. Don't you want me to stay?"

"No, I have complete control of the situation. Now leave!"

She put the Uzi back where she first pulled it and closed the door behind her. Meanwhile, Dante still had that intense stair transfixed on the chair behind the desk. Dante had such venom in his body for this man and he had not even seen his face! Dante could tell right then and there that he was a very extremely evil man.

Surveying the room, Dante looked for any other threats. He could sense that there was somebody else in the room but he couldn't see them. Whoever it was he sensed about as much evil emanating from this mystery person as off of Wynn.

Suddenly, the chair behind the desk spun violently around and in the chair was a middle aged man. This man had jet black hair with a very black goatee. He had on a dark business suit and it was very neatly pressed. This man in the chair had his hands interlocking each other as he stared at Dante with a coldness that was chilling to even Dante.

He looked at Dante for a short time and then decided to speak and what came out of his mouth was that scary calm voice that had told the girl to leave the room. "Do you know who I am?"

Dante's stair did not diminish. In fact, it only intensified. He waited for awhile and then said, "You are my employer."

"That's right. I have a problem that I think you and only you can fix." The man laid himself back in his chair and turned it back around towards the big window very slowly. He then began to speak again. "He's out there, somewhere. He got into my office week before last and how he got passed security is beyond my comprehension. I want this son of a bitch dealt with before he makes a move like that again. He told me that the next time he saw me he would kill me! Not in those exact words but…" Jason cut himself off thinking back to that night.

Dante did not even move when he answered Jason. "Taking down a demon like that isn't going to be easy."

Jason's eyes shot to the corner of his eyelids and peered at the floor. Then he spoke, "Your pay will be 1.5 million dollars. The money will be transferred to your account as soon as I see this fucker's head on a pike!"

"I don't do that."

Jason's chair spun around again and he blasted off his seat at Dante. "Goddamn it, I don't care what you do just bring me back some kind of proof that he's dead!"

Dante's fists tightened around themselves as Jason shouted at him. The more he heard this man's voice the more he became decided that he was more demon then human. Dante knew that he was pure human but he was a powerful human and he knew that in order to make a powerful demon you need a powerfully evil person first. Dante could almost smell the brimstone burning on this man's soul.

Jason caught a glimpse of Dante's fists tightening around themselves and he looked at Dante devilishly. "Mister Dante, I wouldn't recommend you do anything to hasty." Jason then raised his hand and snapped his fingers. Dante heard this hard stomp on the office floor. He then heard another.

He looked to where Jason Wynn was standing and looked off to the right of him and saw about a three feet above Jason's head were these two small red lights. Dante looked at them curiously. He also saw an outline of a big body. He couldn't see any skin on the body but what he did see was metal. He kept staring until something in his mind snapped about the massive metallic body structure. He recognized it as being one of the most deadly assassins that ever existed. "Overkill?"

Jason looked over to the two red glowing lights and smiled at them. He then said to Dante, "Ah, you know of him, Mister Dante?"

Dante became very uneasy, "Yeah, I know of his reputation and what I've read in the papers."

Jason folded his arms behind his back and began to talk as he walked over to Overkill's position. "Then you know that he is supposedly dead."

"Killed by a well-armed maniac right here in the streets of New York."

"That well-armed maniac was none other then the demon I want you to eradicate!"

"I don't remember him being that big?"

"Well, we found him mutilated and it took us months to put the brain back together alone."

"Why don't you just send him out for your little demon problem if he's new and improved?"

"I wouldn't want to risk him getting destroyed again. Besides, he makes a hell of a bodyguard. Wouldn't you agree?"

Dante wasn't intimidated by Overkill's presence but he was a bit weary. As powerful as he was, Overkill had one of the most nastiest reputations on Earth. That was something even the demon slayer took notice of.

He watched as Jason returned to his seat. Jason coldly sat back down and re-eased himself in his leather black chair. Dante couldn't help but notice that everything that Jason did seemed ominous. Dante was not scared of Jason but he would have been a fool not to be intimidated.

"So, will you take the job?"

Dante's stair shifted a bit and then returned. "I will. For one reason only though."

Jason spun slowly back to the big window and asked, "Just out of plain curiosity, what is your one reason?"

"I can sense the tremendous amount of evil this demon is exhibiting, any evil that strong I can't pass up." Dante turned to walk out and then stopped. He then slowly turned his head and said, "Oh, by the way Mr. Wynn, I can also sense evil on you like a bad cologne. Powerful amounts. Maybe when I'm done, you and me can have another chat?"

"It'll be a short one." Jason Wynn not even budging from his position.

"That's what I'm hoping for." Dante slammed the door behind himself and walked out of the building.

Jason continually stared out the window and watched Dante walk off from above. He then heard Overkill's maniacal and robotic voice. "Do you want me to take care of him?"

"No Overkill, you know this man's reputation as well as I. He would have no problem taking you down and I can't afford you getting damaged again."

"What the hell did you make all these repairs on me for if I can't do anything with them?"

"Patience Overkill, your time will come but not now. I need both of them out of the way before you can be any use to me. Besides, I believe somebody else is going to take care of them so you and me can reap this city."

"Who might that be?"

Without warning, a haunting and homicidal laugh filled the room. A squeaking demonic tune which was music to Jason's ears. Though Overkill was less then thrilled. He was immensely intimidated by the evil chuckling.

Jason just calmly uttered, "A friend."