MW: Hello people. Yes, I am working on my other stuff, HAVE NO FEAR, THEY SHALL BE UPDATED!

But you all are probably wondering, "Wolf, why are you posting this?" Well, on DA, one of us accidentally signed up for this 2P!Hetalia contest, so I figured, "Why not?" and wrote this during French class. Unlike my other Hetalia poem (which will one day be uploaded here), this one is actually doing well (three comments in under then minutes on DA- what sorcery is this?) so I figured that it was worthy to be put on here.

So . . . review?

Warnings: Disturbing themes, gore, violence

Disclaimer: I own this poem and nothing else.

'Ello poppet—

I saw that look in your eye

As I smiled

And showed you my knife.

So my sweet dear,

You fearfully grinned at me

And invited me

Not asking for my leave.

"My dear poppet,

I brought you lovely cupcakes.

They're full of love

Made just for today."

You're so grateful—

You pretend to be honored

But in your eyes

I saw the horror.

"Don't be afraid,"

I tell you, "My dear sweet poppet.

They are for you,

Won't you please try it?"

I saw your eye

Flicker down to my pale hands

To my stained knife

That killed a'many men.

You took a bite

And slowly began to chew.

I grinned and said,

"Poppet, I love you."

You were my love,

Poppet, that's why I killed you.

Love that can't die

Long after you do.

When your breath left

And your body long went cold,

I kissed your lips

And I touched your soul.

My sweet poppet,

As I ran my knife through you,

The love I felt

Shone brighter for you.

Your blood was red,

A beautiful shade—mind you.

It so described

How much I love you.

Please don't hate me,

I know you can understand:

Because you owned mine

Yours must reach an end.