Haha, heya everyone! I enjoyed doing a Drabble sort of like this, with JUST dialogue... So I'm doing it again! I don't own DP and hope you enjoy!

"Tucker. You're not serious."

"Oh, but I am. You two seriously are in denial! She's had a crush on you for over t-"

"Hey guys! What's u- Danny? What's with the face?"

"What face? This is my normal face!"

"That's bright red."

"Shut it Tuck!"

"He has a point...Tucker, what were you talking about?"

"How much Danny is in d-"

"Danny Phantom world! Can you believe that they actually made an amusement par-"

"Really Danny?"

"...what? It could happen!"

"As I was saying before Sam inturupted, how much Danny is in DENIAL."

"This has caught my interest... Please continue."

"Don't continue Tuck...I know where you sleep."

" Okay, okay, I ain't saying! Don't threaten me with those green eyes!"

"Saying what? Gosh, guys are so confusing sometimes!"

"And a ghost with a huge crush on a goth girl is even less confusing?"

"W-what? Danny likes me?"



"...I'll get the shovel and start digging your grave."