Description: As Ryou Bakura is on holiday, he is attacked by a group of death eaters and uses the Shadows to fend them off. Voldemort catches wind of his powers and sets his sights on all of the Millennium Item Holders. Professor Dumbledore offers them sanctuary in Hogwarts, but what happens when Yugi, Malik, and Ryou realize that Shadow Magic isn't the only power that they wield? And that they aren't the only ones who can wield it? Old foes unite with new ones, and the transfers realize that not all is what it seems at Hogwarts.

Set in 5th Year, and there isn't really a specific point in the Yu-Gi-Oh series where this takes place, just at any given point after Battle City I suppose. It's not relevant to the story anyways.

Pairings: Ryou/OC

Unfortunately, I own absolutely nothing in this story. But all the Harry Potter and YuGiOh characters are not even close to being mine! If only …

Chapter 1:

It was a typical rainy day in London, England. To the untrained eye, nothing seemed amiss.

But, lurking in the shadows, there was a stout man darting through the outskirts of the crowd. He went unnoticed by the pedestrians.

He was terrified.

The man's face was covered in a light sheen of sweat, and he was visibly trembling. His right hand was buried deep in the pockets of his robes, clutching at something that was not visible.

The man checked his watch, and let out a small squeak of terror. The time was nearly upon him when they would come. He counted down the minutes, waiting for the moment when a sudden chill would encase the busy street.

Cracks exploded through the air, and a dozen masked and robed figured had appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Simultaneously, they all pulled sticks out of their pockets and began shooting lights out of them, shouting nonsense words. A few people fell.

As they realized what was going on, the crowd began screaming, and they nearly trampled one another in their desperate haste to get as far away from the strange phenomenon as possible.

But, standing right in the middle of the fray, was a pale, white haired boy who looked completely unfazed, as if people appeared out of nowhere and fired lights out of sticks at him everyday.

One of the hooded figures noticed this boy, and smiled. He stalked up to him, and raised his stick to the boy's heart.

The boy's eyes flashed. They had suddenly gone from a light chocolate brown to a dark, blood red. A strange ring around his neck began to glow.


The man never finished. A flash of black exploded from the ring and encased him, leaving absolutely no trace of the man whatsoever when the darkness dissapated.

The boy smiled.

He pulled an unremarkable orange and black card from his pocket, and raised it high for the eyes of the fast approaching remaining hooded figures.

"Rise, Obelisk." He commanded. The ring around his neck flashed again, and a blue behemoth blossomed from the card. The monster was twice the size of the buildings that surrounded them. The figures fired more lights at the monster, to no effect whatsoever.

"Attack," the boy said.

Obelisk did just that. With a roar that could be heard miles away, the monster attacked the remaining figures.

When the dust died down from the explosion, 11 bodies littered the now empty street of London.

The boy and his monster were nowhere to be seen.

The only movement was a large rat that was scurrying down into a sewage drain.


At about the same time, Harry Potter's lightning shaped scar began to sear.


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