AN: This story is totally different from 'Sisterhood'. Whereas in Sisterhood I try to stay as close to canon as possible, the following was written because a friend of mine challenged me to do a smut story around an unusual pair. It also worked well for WeasleySeeker's 'Bloody Hell' challenge on HPFC. Since Ron mostly gets hooked up with Luna and/or Hermione, I felt that he too deserved to enjoy one of the more experienced women for a change. ;-)

Her raven black hair cascaded down her back and he couldn't stop staring. By Merlin, she was beautiful. She turned around slowly to face him and he gasped for breath. The sight of her fine body made him struggle to keep himself together. Her breasts were perfect, her nipples pointing towards him from the chilly surroundings. He could feel his body starting to react to her.

"Liking what you see, Weasley?" her soft voice purred in his ears as she leaned in close to him.

He couldn't help but nod, not trusting his voice.

"You know, I could be yours," she whispered and tilted her head a little. Her slender fingers ran over his chest and he shivered. He closed his eyes in delight. "Mmmm," he moaned.

"Why do you stay at his side? You know he hasn't got a clue as to what he's doing. You're a powerful pure blood wizard, you shouldn't have to follow him around like a puppy…" the voice seemed to be inside his head, so soft it was. "Wouldn't you rather be with me instead?" Her hand wandered towards the lower regions of his body. He gasped again as she began to stroke him gently.

With a shock, Ron sat bold upright in his bed. His heart was pounding in his chest. He noticed Hermione looking at him. "Have you been having one of your nightmares again?" she asked.

He managed to nod. Nightmares, yeah. That's what he had told them. He could not possibly tell them the truth; that for weeks now, he dreamt about a woman they all despised.

Hermione looked worried. "You know, that really isn't as it should," she said. "I would have thought your arm had healed by now, but it seems like it's only causing you hallucinations. You should drink this, it helps." She came closer and Ron quickly pulled the sheets around him. He didn't want her to see the effect the dream had had on him. She gave him an odd look, then handed him a potion.

"Come on Hermione, give him some space." Harry, who had been watching them, grinned at Ron. Ron had a feeling Harry guessed part of the reason why he felt uncomfortable and he didn't like his best friend looking at him like that. Hermione backed away a bit at Harry's words.

"Fine, I'll keep watch," she snapped and went outside the tent.

Harry turned to Ron. "So, was it a nice dream?" he said, still grinning. Ron felt blood rushing to his cheeks. "Gave you a good feeling?" he asked teasingly.

"None of your business," Ron said through gritted teeth.

"It's okay mate, I get it. It's hard for you just being so close to her all the time, right? Just don't act upon it while I'm around, okay?" he winked. "I'll just leave you to get dressed." He too left the tent. It took Ron a moment before he realised that Harry thought he was dreaming about Hermione. His face turned an even brighter shade of scarlet. He got out of bed, fumbling to get his pyjamas off and trying hard to think of all things that would keep his mind of of her.

In his quarters, the Dark Lord praised his most fateful follower. "You've done very well, Bella. The boy will be ours soon."

Bellatrix chuckled at the compliment. "Just some time now, I think, My Lord," she replied. "Already his defences are starting to crumbling. He won't be able to resist much longer."

"You shall be rewarded if you succeed," he said.

"Thank you my Lord," she managed, exhilarated by the thought of being rewarded by her Master. She would turn the boy around, she was certain of it.

A week had past, and still they weren't even getting close to finding another Horcrux. Ron was having trouble coping, not just with the lack of progress. The dreams were plaguing him every night now and he found it more difficult to withstand every time. He found that even during the daytime, his thoughts were wandering in direction they shouldn't go. Harry kept sending him malicious grins and making insinuations that Hermione kept questioning them about and the atmosphere between the three of them was very tense. On top of every thing else, it had been raining most of the time, which meant they spent a great deal more in each others company than they normally would have. His arm still hurt like hell and he couldn't escape the feeling that he was left out of some the conversations Harry and Hermione had. It pissed him off that they were not appearing to be getting anywhere. He'd had thought Harry would know what to do, but it seemed he was as much at a loss as they were. The one Horcrux they had was the one Regulus had found, and they had not yet been able to destroy it. So, they had taken turns in wearing it. Today it was Ron's turn. The weather had changed; a watery sun was drying the grounds. This had changed their mood and things were getting a bit better.

But that night, Ron had the most vivid dream since they had started a couple of weeks ago.

She took off her robe, ever so slowly, whilst continuing to look him in the eyes. He felt a shiver going down his spine. Jeez, her eyes were so beautiful, so sparkling with lust. When he looked into her eyes he felt like he was falling into a never-ending abyss. As she walked over to him, her hips swaying, her tongue licking her lips ever so lusciously, he felt himself rise quicker than he had ever done. She moved even closer to him. A flick of her wand and he was stripped off his clothes. His body was in full anticipation of what might happen next. She looked at him whilst placing herself on her knees between his legs, her face only inches away from him. She flicked her tongue over his lower regions and he threw his head back and groaned. "Oh yes, please go on," he shuddered. It felt so good. But she stopped. Slowly, she rose to her feet again and began to walk away.

"You can't do that," he moaned.

"It's time you make up your mind, Freckles," she spoke softly. "You can have all of this, and more if you liked. Wouldn't you like to have something he never had? Wouldn't you like to step out of his shadow, once and for all? Wouldn't you like to have… me?"

He awoke, blood pumping through his veins and her words still echoing in his mind. He could still feel the sensation off her tongue on him and a deep blush crept to his cheeks.

Over at the table, he could hear Harry and Hermione talk and all of a sudden, he'd had enough. He didn't know what it was, but the whole situation just seemed hopeless and he was really frustrated that they didn't include him in their conversations. He felt like such an outsider. He rose to his feet. All afterthoughts of the dream had gone. He had fallen asleep with his clothes on, so he didn't have to bother about getting dressed. He interrupted them in the middle of an agitated conversation and noticed how Hermione looked shocked.

"Yeah, I'm still here," he said. "But don't bother, why should you include me in anything?"

"Ron, we weren't, honestly," Hermione began, but Harry interrupted her. He had been apparently been wanting to throw a fit over Ron's sulking mood for some days now and he burst. "What's your problem mate?"

"Well, let's see. We doing so good on hunting those Horcruxes, aren't we?" Ron sneered.

"We're doing the best we can Ron, you know that."

"I thought you would know what you were doing, that Dumbledore left you some kind of clue." His voice was bitter and disappointed. He could see the anger in Harry's eyes but he didn't care at the moment. He realised that that thought had been lingering for a while, and only now that he vouched it did he know how true it was. Harry didn't have the faintest idea what he was doing.

"Just leave then if you can't stand it!" Harry yelled.

"Fine!" Ron yelled back. Sometimes Harry really thought it was all about him. He was at the exit of the tent in two strides.

"Ron, no!" Hermione pleaded.

He looked at her. She looked from him to Harry. "Well, that's obvious than," he sneered. And to think he had actually thought she cared about him! "You can have your precious Horcrux, enjoy it!" He threw the medallion he'd been wearing during the day at them and stormed out of the tent. Hermione came after him, but he brushed her off and strided into the forest. A couple of minutes later he stopped, panting. It was like he just came back to his senses. What the hell had he just done? It must have been because of her words and because of the Horcrux. He turned around and started to walk back towards their camp, only to find that he couldn't find it anymore. "Right, protective spells," he muttered and his heart sank.

He hung around for a little while, trying to find them again, but even though he knew he was close, Hermiones spells prevented him from returning. In the end, he had no other solution than to Disapparate to a town or village, because he couldn't sleep out in the open with no protection whatsoever. He didn't know when he would ever see them again, or if he would ever see them again, since he knew that they would be moving to different location in the morning, making it even more impossible for him to find them. Tears were welling up in his eyes, but he fought them. He had brought this up on himself by storming out, right? Now he really was the outsider.

He had Apparated into a tiny village and it didn't take him long before he found the local inn and bought himself a Firewhiskey. It was getting rather late already before he finally directed himself to the crappy room he had hired off his last money. He fell onto the bed, exhausted. But as exhausted as he was, he couldn't fall asleep. So instead he just lay staring at the ceiling. He might have missed the almost inaudible 'pop' had it not been completely silent in the room. He sat up immediately, alarmed, wand in his hand. "Who is there?" he said, staring into the darkness.

"Don't you recognise me?" a voice said and he froze. He knew that voice only too well. Even though he dreamt about her in very satisfying way, in reality she was still the enemy.

"You!" he spat and grabbed his wand tighter.

"Not the welcome I had expected," the voice pouted. He knew that timbre as well. She had used it in his dreams for the last couple of weeks and his throat tightened by the thought of it. He panicked. What if she could read into his mind? He remembered she was about as skilled as her master. She would have me starve an excruciating death if she knew that I've been dreaming about her in this way. He shielded his eyes as she suddenly illuminated the room with her wand. In the meantime, she had come closer and to his horror, she wore the same clothes she had been wearing in his dreams. He pinched himself to see if he was not dreaming after all. The sharp pain made him yelp and realise that this was no dream. There was a lump in his throat, but he found that even in the face of death, something was stirring in his lower regions just by the sight of her.

"Get away from me," he growled.

She stopped. "Don't you like seeing me, Freckles?" she purred.

"I… I…" he stuttered and she chuckled. "You can relax, I'm not here to kill you."

"Than what are you doing here, in my room?" He had stepped out of bed and was circling her now, his wand at the ready.

"Don't you remember? I said you could have me if you left, and here I am."

Her voice had turned into a seductive whisper and Ron blinked. Surely this wasn't happening. One of his worst enemies, a fervent follower of the very man they tried so desperately to kill, surely wasn't here to… He pinched himself again and yelped. He looked up to found she was still there.

"Really?" he asked, amazed but also starting to get aroused rather quickly at the idea of being with the beautiful woman in front of him. Before she even had the chance to nod, he hit her with a spell that blasted her backwards and made her stumble upon the bed. For a moment she was surprised, but then she smiled at the eager look on his face and the very obvious bulge in his trousers. Her smile infuriated him. He leaped forward and she feigned shock.

"If that really is what you're here for, I suggest you take your clothes off," he said menacingly. He was sure she was never going to do it, that this was the time she would drop the act. She seemed delighted in the fact that she had him aroused so easily and slowly started to undo her robes.

Ron couldn't believe his eyes. There she was, on his bed, the woman he despised most in the world, taking her clothes off, for him. He knew he needed to kill her, but his muscles disobeyed. She took her close of in a way that he could only describe as sensual. He could only stare as her robes slid down of her shoulders and her breasts revealed. They were just like in his dreams and he couldn't help but gasp. She leaned back a bit and let her hand slide over her nipples, brushing them gently with her fingers. They stiffened at the touch and she looked at him. "Would you like to watch as I play with myself?" she asked in a husky voice and cocked her head to the side. He nodded, wordlessly. She conjured a chair out of thin air and he fell back into it. Chains clicked around his wrists, but he didn't even notice.

Without breaking her look at him, she started touching her breasts again. Her nails trailed little circles around her nipples and she moaned. A shot of pleasure spread through her body as she pinched them. Hmm, she might as well enjoy herself while she was exercising the Dark Lord's orders, Bellatrix thought to herself. She had only meant to tease the boy so that it would be easier to capture him, which had proved easy, seeing as she already had him chained. But having seen the huge bulge in his trousers, she decided she would have a little fun with him before handing him over to the Dark Lord.

She continued playing with her breasts, twitching her nipples and was getting turned on by the mixture of pain and pleasure this gave her and by the fact that she had an audience watching her every move. She let her hands roam freely over her body and when she arrived at that most intimate part, she wasn't the least surprised to find it moist already. She slipped one finger in and moaned again. Closing her eyes and throwing her head back, she opened her legs a little further and moved her fingers in and out in a steady rhythm.

"Bloody hell," Ron murmured as he watched her pleasure herself and his jeans were now definitely too tight around his groin. By Merlin, she was so freaking hot. But no, he shouldn't enjoy this. He should. Not. Enjoy. This. She was the enemy for crying out loud! What would Hermione say if she ever found out? He closed his eyes and tried desperately to think of something that didn't involve the dark haired Death Eater in his room, or gorgeous women in general. Images of Hermione and Bellatrix merged together and he gasped. He tried thinking about Herbology, about writing an essay for Snape, hell he even thought about garden gnomes. But her moans distracted him and he found he had a hard time focussing. Her breathing became faster and he couldn't help himself, he just had to look. He opened his eyes just in time to see her body starting to shiver as she reached her climax. She threw her head back again and arched her back. Ron thought he had never seen anything that hot.

After the waves of her orgasm had drained away, she lay on the bed for about a minute, her eyes closed. Hmm, that had felt so good. But there was little time to dwell on it. The bloodtraitor had been enjoying the show, she knew, and now it was time to give him another push towards the edge. Slowly, she rose from the bed and started walking towards the chair in which she had him chained.

"I see you are rather enjoying yourself aren't you?" she lilted. "I think it's time you should have some fun too." She had reached the chair by now and started to undo his jeans.

Ron used every bit of self-control he had left to resist her slender, experienced hands.

"Get away from me, you bitch, I hate you," he growled, just like he had done before.

"For someone who hates me you appear quite happy to see me though," she purred and stroked the bulge in his jeans. Her touch made him groan and she grinned as she took out her wand. "Disparatio," she murmured and Ron's jeans and boxers seemed to vanish in thin air.

"My, my, aren't we a big boy," she said mockingly when his member jumped up in full glory, happy to be released from the tight boxers and jeans. She placed her left hand at the base and started moving her hand up and down. She knelt before him on her knees. She flicked her tongue and used the tip to pleasure him with. He shivered as she continued administrating him with her hand and her mouth. Her tongue made little circles just under his top. He threw back his head, like she had done earlier and she knew she had found a 'weak spot'. So she continued using her tongue on him. She took him in, causing him to moan once again. She started sucking at his most sensitive spot. At the same time, she used her tongue on his head.

"Bloody hell," Ron gasped again at this new sensation. Sure, Lavender had given him a blowjob once, back when they were still together, but that was nothing, absolutely nothing by what he was now undergoing from Bellatrix' experienced mouth. Bit by bit, she took him in further, all the way up to the base. She began sucking again, in a slow, teasing rhythm. When she felt him tensing, she stopped. A thought was pushed into his mind. You like that, don't you, bloodtraitor? Bet the mudblood never treated you like this, did she? I wonder why she would deny you the pleasure you're entitled to? Surely she must not care about you as deeply as you do about her.

Ron, who had been close to his climax, groaned. He so desperately needed release that he didn't even register that she was insulting him. All he could think of was that he wanted her to continue her administrations. Is that so? her voice said in his mind. Beg for it.

He immediately complied. "Oh please don't stop," he moaned. "It's so good, you can't stop now, don't do that to me. I need it."

Good boy, she thought and took him in again completely. It didn't take long before he tensed again. "Oh bloody hell, I'm gonna come!" he shouted. She speeded up her rhythm and he unloaded himself, groaning. She held it a couple more seconds and then slowly swallowed before withdrewing. She had him exactly where she wanted him to be. She stood up and slipped back into her robes. He started to protest, but she placed a finger on his lips.

"There could be more of this if you chose the right path," she whispered in his ear. "It's not to late yet to see your errors. Just admit you have been putting your faith in the wrong person so far and I'm sure the Dark Lord will be merciful."

"What?" his head shot up. "I will never join him! And if this is all he has to offer, than he's even weaker then I thought!"

It took him all his willpower to say this after she had just blown him to heaven and they both knew it. She slapped him in the face. "Don't insult Him like that!" she hissed. Then she regained her posture. "I do hope you change your mind in the near future," she purred. He wanted to touch her, rustle his hands through her raven manes, but he was still chained to the chair. She prepared to Apparate and he shouted:

"Hey, how do I get out of these chains?"

"I'm sure you can figure that out on your own." And with that remark, she Disapparated, leaving Ron in the room, semi-naked and tied to a chair.

"One day you'll pay for this, Bellatrix," he promised himself, gritting his teeth. He hated how she made him feel and that he didn't have more self-control.

"How are things progressing with the bloodtraitor?"

"The boy is still fighting hard to resist," she replied, "which I find rather… entertaining." She grinned.

"Old habits don't die, don't they?" He smirked. "You still like to play a little before devouring your victims?"

She chuckled. "My Lord knows me only too well."