Ron was embarrassed beyond himself when he couldn't get out of the chains Bellatrix had conjured. He tried moving his hands, withdrawing them, but it didn't help. Even balancing the chair to make it fall over didn't do the trick. Oh, the chair tipped over all right, but he still couldn't get out of the chains, which resulted in him lying on the floor in a rather awkward position. When the maid found him the next morning, he was still in that position, naked and tied. She screamed and ran off. Shortly after that, her boss came in. He looked at Ron and started shouting at him.

"Please," Ron pleaded. "I can't get out of these chains. Could you please make them go away?"

The man snorted. "Your hooker left you? How did you get her in anyway? She wasn't with you when you arrived," he said suspiciously. "You had her Apparate in here, didn't you?"

"I… she… we aren't… I mean, I didn't…"

"I heard you, you know. You were rather loud," the man said.

Ron let his head hang down and avoided eye contact. He understood perfectly the kind of conclusion the man had drawn from the noises he had heard and he couldn't blame him for being mad. He just couldn't quite understand how he had gotten himself into this mess and promised himself it would never happen again.

The pressure on his wrists was going away and as he looked up, he noticed that the chains had gone. He started to say thanks but the man interrupted him.

"Get dressed and then get the hell out of here!" he scowled.

Ron stood up, stiff from having been in the same position for hours and tried as quickly as possible to put his clothes back on. That posed a problem as well, for Bellatrix had made his jeans and boxers vanish. With a red head from shame he rummaged through his backpack and finally found another pair of jeans and some boxers. Hurriedly, he put them on.

"Now get the hell out of here!" the man yelled. Ron grabbed his wand and his backpack and ran. He didn't stop until he was a good way out of the village he had been staying in. His heart was pounding and he let himself fall down underneath a giant oak tree. He closed his eyes. How could he have been so stupid? How could have let this happen? He thought things over whilst regaining his breathe and swore that he would revenge himself when he next saw Bellatrix. He kind of wished she would visit him again that night, so he could kill her.

But she didn't return that night, nor the next ones or the ones after that. But Ron didn't get a change to forget what had happened. In his dreams she visited him every night. He couldn't help himself, but he just kept thinking about her raven manes, about the way her breasts had moved, how her body had arched when she played with herself, how incredulous her tongue had felt on his manhood…

He fought an internal battle with himself. She was the enemy, so he shouldn't think about her. He said to himself that he shouldn't fall for her, no matter how beautiful she was. He loved Hermione, right? But she doesn't love you back, a small voice inside his head whispered. And Bellatrix had clearly stated she was there, for him…

It was a couple of weeks before Bellatrix decided she would pay the blood traitor another visit. She had been delighted that even without her imposing it on him, his dreams of lately had been filled with images of her. She felt it was time for the next step. Because of his dreams, she had been able to track him, so she Apparated with a barely audible 'pop' to a tiny room in a Muggle hotel. Her blood boiled at the thought of the Muggles so close, but she had other instructions.

The boy must have thought that she wouldn't come if he stayed in Muggle company, but he was wrong. She grinned to herself. He really was ignorant. But she would teach him a thing or two. She was consumed in this thought, so she didn't notice the red sparks of 'Expelliarmus' before it was too late. She tried to summon a protective spell but her wand already flew from her hand. She hissed angrily when Ron turned on the light.

"Well, well, well, look who's here," he sneered. "Did you really think you would get away with it that easily? Guess again. You should master your Apparating," he said.

"Give me back my wand," she said through gritted teeth.

"So you can curse me again? I don't think so," Ron smirked. "I think… we are going to have some… fun." He grinned as he spoke in almost the exact same words she had used the previous time.

Still keeping her eyes on her wand, Bellatrix relaxed a little. Well, it wasn't as if she hadn't dealt with the type earlier. She would just be needing a different approach, that was all.

"I suppose you… enjoyed… my previous visit then?" she purred. Ron had started circling her and she was following him with her eyes. He was now behind her and leaned in closer. "I suppose you did too," he whispered in her ear. His breath made her shiver despite herself. She didn't reply.

"I take that as a yes," he said and stepped back.

She was curious as to what his next step would be. Ron sat down on the bed.

"It's rather hot in here. You might want to take your clothes off."

Bellatrix almost smiled at the attempt of casualty. She could tell he was surprised by his own words as well. "Maybe you're right," she said and slowly started to unbutton her robes, while he watched her every move. She made sure to take her time, and to accentuate certain parts of her body as she undressed. She wore sensual, purple, laced undergarments that left very little to the imagination, and black stockings that accentuated her long legs. He blushed at the sight of her, and this time she did smile. The little blood traitor thinks he knows how to play the game, but he still has a lot to learn.

"You were right," she smiled seductively. "This is much better. Why don't you take yours off as well? You must be very hot too. Or is it just my presence that's causing you trouble?" She was teasing him, in the knowledge that it would irritate him. She took a few steps forwards, but he stopped her.

"No no, just stand over there. I'll tell you when to move."

Ron didn't know what had gotten into him. He wasn't used to acting like this, but it felt like there was a part of him, a darker part, that had taken over control of his actions. He got up and walked towards her again. "Detentio," he said. He noticed she hadn't suspected it, for her eyes became slightly bigger as tight ropes started to wind themselves around her wrists, tying them behind her back. She gave him one of her most arrogant looks and he laughed. "That is definitely not making you more attractive. Now, as I vaguely remember, you promised, on several occasions I might add, that I could 'have you'. It's about time I kept you to that promise, don't I?" The words came out within him thinking and he blushed slightly. He was really glad that he stood behind her so she couldn't see his face at the moment.

He undid the clasps of her bra and looked critically at her undergarment. "That'll have to go too of course," he grinned mischievously. With a flick of his wand, it was gone too so she stood in only her stockings. He placed his arms around her to massage her breasts. He pinched her nipples and she inhaled sharply. "I've been wanting to do that since the last time," he whispered. "It looked so… sensual." He realised that it was true. He had been longing for this moment for weeks now and didn't hold back now that it finally happened.

"That might be because it was meant to look that way," she replied.

Ron directed her towards the bed and pushed her down, her hands still tied behind her back. She grinned as he started fumbling with her breasts, pinching a nipple every now and then and eventually also licking and sucking them. He was eager and his hands roamed over her body as he gentle bit her nipple. He let his hands slid down, between her legs and felt her arousal.

"So, you like were this is going then?" he whispered and slid one finger in her. It surprised her and she moaned as a response.

"Good," he said and started sliding his fingers in and out of her. She pushed her core towards him to better feel his administrations. She seemed to be enjoying herself.

"Oh, that feels good. Mmm, oh yeah please go on."

Encouraged by her groans he bent down and took over with his tongue. His fingers were still sliding in and out of her and he was now flicking his tongue over the small bundles of nerves between her thighs. She arched her back and he knew from the time she had been playing with herself, she was really close to the edge. He stopped and she moaned protestingly.

"Not yet gorgeous," he smiled and got back up. Merlin, she was beautiful as she laid there, her breath ragged and her chest rising and falling rapidly. He positioned himself between her legs and spread them a little with his knees. His erection brushed her entrance. He leant in to wipe a strand of hair out of her face and let his fingers trail over her lips. Without breaking their look, she sucked on them. She could taste her own arousal. He hesitated a moment and she said mockingly: "What are you waiting for? You've got me cornered and tied, so I'm not going anywhere. Or does your conscience tell you not to do this, Freckles?" She chuckled. "If that's so, I'm giving you permission to do with me as you please," she hushed and licked her lips.

"It's just…" he stuttered. He couldn't possible tell her he had never gone beyond using his hands and mouth. But it appeared he didn't need telling.

"Oh my, you're a virgin!" she exclaimed disbelievingly. Seeing the flush on his face, she continued: "You have to be kidding me. You're Potter's best friend, sure he shares his fan base with you?"

"I don't think Harry…" he began defiantly.

"Really?" He couldn't tell whether she was actually surprised or just pretending. For one second a little devilish voice inside his head said: Are you sure Harry has not been keeping things to himself? He told the little voice to shut the hell up.

Bellatrix leant in closer and said: "You're always in his shadow, wouldn't you want that to change for once? Wouldn't like him to look up to you for a change? I can help you there, you know. If you just untie me."

"Untie you?" He let out a laugh of disbelief. "So you can curse the living daylight out of me? I don't think so!"

"Oh you can do me tied up if that has your preference," she chuckled. "But I can teach you things, Freckles. Things your little Potter friend has no clue about. I know you want me, there's no point denying it. So, what do you say, you want to do me properly and learn a few things along the way?" She smiled seductively at him and by the look on his face she knew she had won.

Ron struggled with himself. Yes he did want her. - But he hated her. - He couldn't possibly have her tied the whole time. - But if he untied her, she would most likely attack him. – But if she wanted to attack him, she could have done that the first time round, right? – Maybe she was just waiting to catch him off guard. – Bloody hell, she was so fricking hot and he wanted her so badly! That seemed to settle it. He would untie her and he would just have to see where things went from there. If she hexed him into oblivion, well, he had nothing left to loose now, hadn't he, now that he couldn't be with his friends anymore.

He muttered the spell that undid the ropes and saw the surprise in her eyes. She had apparently not been expecting him to actually do that and he regretted his decision almost immediately. She reacted by suddenly closing her legs behind his back, pushing him into her. He gasped at the sensation.

"Come on Freckles, it really isn't that difficult," she whispered in a husk voice.

Oh, to feel her hot breath on his skin! He started moving his hips, hesitant at first, but growing more confident with every thrust. It felt so good and it didn't take long before he felt his muscles tighten and knew he was close to coming. He looked into her amazingly black eyes and cried out. "Oh bloody hell, I'm coming, I'm coming, oh!" With a load groan he emptied himself inside her, much quicker than he would have liked. "Bloody hell, that was so good," he sighed and collapsed on top of her. "You're so hot," he breathed heavily.

"You weren't bad yourself either," her husked voice lilted. "But I still think I could teach you a few things." All of a sudden she turned him around on the bed, so that now she was on top of him. "Are you ready for the next round, Freckles?"

He could only nod and as she straddled him, he felt himself hardening again, a thing he hadn't thought possible. Her hands roamed over his body and he shivered at the touch. He looked up at her and traced the lines of her face in his mind. He wanted that image to last forever. His hands were over her body, caressing her breasts and focussing on her hardened nipples.

They've been at it for about an hour and she had been surprised at the blood traitors pace. Under her skilful guidance, he'd become a way better lover than he had been at the beginning and she had already come three times. She had to admit that she enjoyed having him do her, he had that look in his eyes that said he would do anything for her. As she felt him tensing inside her tightest hole, she knew the moment was now.

"Are you willing to switch sides now, Freckles?" she asked, her breath catching in her throat.

"Oh yes, yes, bloody hell, yes!" Ron shouted as he reached his second climax that evening and released his juices into her. She had been playing with him for the last hour, every time stopping just before his final moment, but now she let him finally have his release. She reached her fourth climax almost at the same time and the two them collapsed onto the bed, heavily panting and sweats on their foreheads. Hmm, he had really been a good fuck," she thought, satisfied. And she had accomplished her mission.

Ron woke up in a place he wasn't familiar with. Contrary to what he would have expected, this wasn't his shabby hotelroom. Nor was there a dark haired beauty beside him. Had it all been a dream after all? But no, then he wouldn't be in a place he didn't recognize.

The door to the room opened and the lights were turned on. He blinked at the sudden brightness.

"Goodmorning, Freckles," Bellatrix voice lilted, "Had a good nights sleep?" She smiled seductively but he jumped up.

"What am I doing here? What have you done to me?"

"My, my, a little forgetful are we? Do I need to refresh your memory?" she moved closer to the bed, teasing him with her walk.

"No! Stay there!" he almost screamed. "Where am I?"

"Now that is a question easy to be answered. You're at the Lestrange Estate."

Ron was shocked for a moment. She had taken him to her house? "What am I doing here?"

"Awaiting the Dark Lord of course," she chuckled. "He'll be most pleased with his newest Death Eater."

Instinctively, Ron checked his left arm. "You haven't branded me, have you, you bitch?"

She clacked her tongue in irritation. "Of course not, you foolish boy. Only the Dark Lord can do that. But you were ever so eager last night."

Bit and pieces were slowly falling back into place and he all of a sudden he remembered her asking her if wanted to join the Dark Lord, just seconds before he had found his relieve. His face turned pale. "You didn't…." he said slowly.

She cackled. "See you later Freckles!" She turned on the spot and Disapparated. Ron sank back down in the cushions. What on earth had he done?

It was at that moment that he heard a faint voice calling his name. "Ron." It was Hermiones voice, but that just couldn't be, right? He looked around but there was no one there. It almost appeared as if the sound came from the pocket of his jeans. He emptied his pocket and noticed the Deluminator. He picked it up, suddenly annoyed with it and clicked it open. There was no use to the bloody thing, really! But unlike the other times he had clicked, the lights in the room didn't go out. Instead, a small blue light came from the Deluminator and floated before him. Then it seemed to be taking a dive and dived right into him. He wanted to scream, but the light felt soothing, comforting. All of sudden he knew what he had to do. He would find his friends again, and the Deluminator would guide him, he was sure of it. He got dressed, grabbed his back and Disapparated.

He found himself in a large forest unknown to him. But he felt his friends had to be in the vicinity. Hermione's protective spells still worked well though, for he could not find them. It took until that evening, when he saw a bright silver Patronus in the shape of a deer that he got lucky. He was excited. That was Harry's Patronus! Maybe Harry had known he was here. And then Harry arrived, seemingly following the Patronus as it guided him. Curiously, Ron followed him in the hope there be a suitable moment for him to show himself. To his surprise, Harry stopped at a small puddle of water and started taking of his clothes. Ron thought he must have gone nutters, since it was freezing out there. Harry took a dive and Ron carefully drew closer. When Harry didn't surface however, he realised his best friend was in trouble. He pulled his jumper over his head and took of his shoes and jeans. He shivered. Damn, it was cold.

He took a dive at the same spot he'd seen Harry go in and felt the hairs on his body freeze over the moment he touched the water. Harry was fighting with something that, Ron realised, had to be the Horcrux, while at the same time trying to hold on to a sword. He didn't think but grabbed Harry and started pulling him out of the water. It took him some great effort, but he managed.

They were panting on the edge of the water and Ron yelled at Harry: "Are you mental? You could have died!"

Upon hearing his friend's voice, Harry looked up in disbelief. "Ron? Is that really you? But how did you find me?"

Ron started explaining about the blue light, but Harry cut him short. "Seriously, you sound like a girl."

They looked at each other and then started to laugh. They dried their clothes and Harry said: "Well, we've got Gryffindor's sword now. You can do the honour."

"I can't!" Ron squeaked shocked.

"Sure you can. On my count." Harry handed him the sword and spoke to the medaillon in what Ron had come to recognise as Parselmouth. The locket opened and out came a black smoke, speaking to him, about his fears and nightmares. About his parents not loving him enough because they had really wanted a daughter. About Hermione and Harry being an item… As the black smoke swiftly turned into their mingled bodies, Harry was shouting: "Ron! Do it now!"

With a thud, he stabbed the medallion with the sword. The black smoke hissed and screamed but then it disappeared and there was a deafening silence.

"Well, that's that then." Harry said in an attempt at cheerfulness. "Just so you know, she cried for weeks after you had gone. I think of her as a sister, that's all."

He felt the stone being released from his chest. He heaved a sigh.

"So, what have you been up to in the time you were away?" Harry asked.

He blushed. "Well, a little bit of this, a little of that," he murmured.

"Ah come on. You've saved my life, yet you can't tell me what you've done?"

Ron inhaled sharply and said: "I've just been wandering around from place to place, without doing anything worth mentioning really." Seeing the irritated look on his friends face, he added, without thinking: "Oh, and last night I shacked Bellatrix Lestrange and apparently promised I would become a Death Eater."

Harry started to laugh. "You moron, I didn't ask what you had dreamt."

Ron had the decency to look ashamed and Harry's laugh slowly died away. "Wait a sec. You actually…"


"I… you… she…" mumbled Harry. "What were you thinking?"

"She was offering herself to me man and she is so fricking hot, no man could resist."

Harry needed a moment to diverge this. Finally he said, with a smirk: "Well, come on, tell me then, how was it?"

Ron started tell him about the previous night and after he had finished he asked, awkwardly: "Say, you're not gonna tell Hermione about this, are you?"

"I won't," Harry promised.

As two reconciled friends they walked back to the place where Hermione was sleeping in the tent. Ron sighed. He was finally back with his friends and he would never leave them again. The hell with Bellatrix.

But even so, in the weeks to come, his mind often wandered to the eventful evening in a Muggle hotel room, where a raven-maned beauty had taught him for the very first time what is was like to be fucked.