"Ludwig!" you cried.

You had spotted him and his brother in the airport terminal. You ran as fast as you could to your German boyfriend. His face lit up when he saw you as well. His army pack dropped off his shoulder as he began rushing towards you as well. You beamed at him and dashed towards him. He swept you up into a hug as soon as you reached him. He spun you around in a circle, set you down, and leaned down to press his lips to yours. You could hear people around you cheering, but she was too busy clutching at Ludwig to keep from melting to the ground. You were certain your knees would be unable to support you if he let go. Thankfully he didn't, only hugging you close and burying his face in your hair. You were the one to finally pull away, looking him in the eye as you ran your fingers down his face. He kissed you softly once more and you sighed happily into the kiss.

It was perfectly obvious to anyone watching them that you weren't planning on parting any time soon. Your arm was linked with Ludwig's, but your other hand rested on his arm as well. Ludwig's free hand rested lightly on your fingers, soon lacing yours with his own. Then you heard Gilbert wolf whistle from somewhere behind you. He, Antonio and Francis were watching. Francis had a video camera in his hands. Anger flashed on your face. You hadn't seen Ludwig in months and this is what they do to ruin the first moment you had together? If you hadn't been in Ludwig's arms, and had he not had a firm hold on you, you might have tried to beat the trio.

"Guys, you are dead!"

"Worth it, [Name]," Gilbert shouted back to her, "So worth it!"

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