The Guy

She's standing there on her night to be Cinderella.

He's looking at her he's supposed to be,

Prince Charming, Aladdin, and that perfect Disney guy.

He's just seeing her for the dollar value.

He's ready to sell her.

He's ready to beat her.

He's ready to force an advance on her.

Something she's not ready to do.

She's waiting for the courage to tell him,

She's praying that she's strong enough.

To slay the dragon,

To wait that extra second,

To dream six impossible things.

She's waiting for him.

She's waiting for Robin Hood, Flynn Rider,

To sweep her off her feet.

She's just swaying to the music.

She's waiting.

She's independent and she's waiting to say,

"Everyone expects me to but I can't do this.

I have dreams of my own. Six impossible things,

Before breakfast."

He's reading Latin and Greek,

Stories of Atlantis,

By Plato.

She's happy. She's with him.

His eyes sparkle behind glass framed eyes,

He doesn't mind. Her hair toe head white, gold mixed,

She smiles, he can wait. He doesn't rush.

He reads, in Greek, dead languages, flawless,

She rests on him. Knowing that she's waited for the right amount of time,

For a Disney Guy.