A New Plan

Summary: Santana and Rachel both want someone, but to get them they have to team together. Just how far are they willing to go for love?

Brittana/ Faberry/ Pezberry (Friendship)

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Why had Santana been so clueless? Why couldn't she have admitted the most obvious truth of all? It was easy to see by any person's eyes that she was miserable; she had sunken low even by Santana's measures. Why did she have to be late, why couldn't she have come up with this truth years ago, so much wasted time.

In reality Santana had finally lost it, she had finally lost one of her best friends, and her love of her life. Sure they still talked throughout classes and some glee club meetings but it was gone, she had screwed it up like she did for almost everything in her life.

It had only been a few weeks ago that she had seen Brittany in a whole new light, or better yet the light that she had always known was there but profusely ignored and tried to push down, hoping that no one would ever find it.

She had finally told her how she felt, that she wanted to be with her, and where did that get her? Rock bottom and I mean real rock bottom. Brittany had chosen Artie. That's right Mr. Wheels cripple pants over her, her lifelong best friend. Had Santana made it all up? Did Brittany truly have no feelings for her all this time?

No, Santana could not let herself think like that, she had to figure out a way to get Brittany to see who the obvious choice was and of course that was her. But how, it wasn't like Brittany would come running back to Santana if she sabotaged or hurt Artie, which she thought about multiple times. No she had to do something much more subtle, something that would let her to finally be with someone that made her happy, someone who made her understand the meaning of love.

Santana walked down McKinley high school, the lack of her Cheerio's outfit making her squirm with displeasure. People now even daring to look up at her, God it was like they weren't fearful of her anymore which was something she couldn't allow.

Scowling down at a red head girl who stood in front of her, she lifted a brow puckering out her lips, crossing her arms tightly across her chest.

"Move out of the way, before I ends you" Santana growled. The red head nearly looked Santana up and down before rolling her eyes; turning back to the boy she was currently talking to.

Awh hell no, that girl did not just…

"Are you deaf?" She spat "I said move!"

"Oh please," the girl sad her voice ringing out like a dying cats, "face it Santana, ever since you traded the Cheerio's uniform for what I can only assume was a blind man's wardrobe, you lost all your reputation." Santana sat back in utter shock "You are all washed up and everyone knows it, now go re-pencil your eye brows, I think you need to redo your right one it's a little crooked."

"You did not just!" Santana began, stepping closer to the girl her mind clouding over with the ever bitter taste of rage.

"Santana!" A voice shouted from behind her, she did not need to turn around to recognize the voice of Quinn Fabray.

Quinn had been the head cheerleader of the Cheerio's for parts of each year, her reign with the help of Santana and Brittany was unstoppable. That was until Noah Puckerman interfered, and well it's a long story from there. Even without the bright red cheer uniform people could still feel the ever presence of Quinn Fabray. Knowing that though Quinn Fabray could fall from the high pedestal of social standing, she then could just as easily bounce back up, tearing down those who stood in her way.

"Santana!" Quinn hissed again, after Santana ignored her, adjusting her large furry hat.

"Stand out of the way Quinn, Auntie Snixx is coming for a little trip of ass kicking!" Santana lunged forward but was too quickly grasped from around the waste, and pulled back.

"Let go Quinn, order needs to be restored!" Santana grumbled "And we all know how Santana likes to do the dirty business!"

"I need to talk to you," Quinn huffed as Santana's elbow caught under her rib cage. Santana dropped back down her eyes still narrowed at the now frighten expression of the red head.

"You better hope I never see you again, I would even suggest transferring because Snixx does not forget people who cross her." Santana jeered, turning back around to look at the taller blonde.

"Now Quinny what do you need to talk to me about?" Santana pulled down her hitched up shirt, smoothing out the now creased blouse. Quinn rolled her eyes, grasping her wrist before pulling her into a deserted science room.

"Finn and I kissed," Quinn said breathlessly.

"Yuck," Santana grunted "I just had lunch and I don't want to have it again."

"Shut up Santana,"

"Well isn't that good?" Santana asked "I mean you have kind of been obsessed with him since freshmen year right?" Quinn's eyes widened with desperation as they flickered between Santana's.

"Right," Quinn muttered "Yeah I mean I guess I am just excited is all," Santana grimaced towards her friend.

Ever since freshmen year Santana had been by Quinn's side, at first it had seemed to just be a mutual understanding. Santana would help Quinn with her dirty work, and in return Quinn brought Brittany and Santana up with her in the social ladder of McKinley high. Along the way though, they had found a new friendship in both, sure they had their bumps. Like really big bumps, but throughout it all they had always come back together, a friendship that seemed unbreakable.

"Are you sure?" Santana asked now studying her friends face, "Just because he is the quarterback doesn't mean you have to date him Quinn, you can be with whoever you want."

"God when did everything become so complicated?" she sighed.

"Right about the time when you started to trust Puck," Quinn rolled her eyes, shaking her head silently. "Well what are you going to do about Sam?"

"I don't know, I still love him too,"

"You need to choose, Quinn" Santana muttered "It's not fair for you to string along two people you have to make a decision."

Quinn groaned leaning back on a desk, "I know"

"It will be hard, I know but I'll be here," Santana grinned her rage from before slowly draining from her features.

"How are you and Brittany by the way?" Quinn asked quickly, changing the subject suddenly.

Santana could feel every muscle in her body tense at her name; Quinn didn't know how could she? To her Brittany and her only seemed like close friends, though Quinn knew they had made out it was no big deal, Quinn had kissed Brittany as well at parties, only to get the attention from boys of course.

"What do you mean?" Santana retorted,

"Well you guys seem to be pretty distant lately; I thought that there may be something wrong?" Quinn asked shocked by the outburst from Santana "There aren't many days where you two don't have your pinkies stitched together."

"It's nothing," Santana said looking towards the ground, her eyes casually darting lazily around the room avoiding Quinn's intense gaze. "We had a fight is all; she wanted to go back on the team," she lied smoothly

"That's stupid." Quinn grumbled, Santana flinched back at her words, even though it shouldn't bother her, it would always.

Ever since fourth grade when Billy Bubblies called Brittany stupid for wanting to be a duck when she grew up she had developed a undeniable hate for that simple seemly, innocent word.

Santana shrugged her shoulders, looking uninterested. "You know Brittany, she wouldn't want to hurt the canons feelings, obviously Sue probably had something to do with it," she concluded trying to detach from the ever worrying conversation.

"I guess," Quinn said "what about you, you don't want to go back right?"

"Of course not, Sue treated us like crap. I would have to be a lunatic to want to go back to her."

Quinn nodded slowly, "I have no idea what I am going to do about Finn," She confessed bringing the original conversation back up.

"Well do you like him?"

"I love him." She said, though her words felt empty and almost rehearsed.

"Then why is it so hard to know what to do?" she said "If you love someone, it should be easy, like you don't have to be anything that you're not," Santana's face crept into a unreadable expression as her eyes began to slightly cloud over. "When you have that sort of love, everything should just fit into place and it has…for you, because you love him."

Quinn took a deep breath brushing her bangs off to the side, "Right, I know that,"

"But…" Santana slurred "You know he probably still has feeling for Rachel, you should be careful, a guy like Finn doesn't even know what he wants." she gently said "I honestly don't see what he saw in her as I tend to avoid her like medusa… but never the less he probably loves her still, or at least some part of him does."

Quinn's eyes whipped back up to Santana a new hurt lashing through her.

"I know that!" she snapped "you don't think I know that? Whatever just forget I even said anything." Quinn grunted pushing past Santana "And the girl was right you need to re-pencil your eyebrow." She called across her shoulder.

Santana gritted her teeth together following Quinn out into the practically empty hallways. Quinn was like that, one moment she would be looking out for you, and even seem sympathetic the next she would close up like a clam, spitting out at anyone near.

Santana shook her head furiously before watching Quinn walk down the tiled floor. That was when she noticed something a little odder, something really out of place. Santana had seen some strange things too, but this had totally twirled Santana for a spin.

Beside the lockers stood one Rachel Berry her locker open but her attention was held elsewhere. Rachel's eyes fell onto Quinn in such utter desperation and longing that it made Santana sick. Her mouth was gaped as her stance seeming to wilt like a dying flower at the sight of Quinn. Santana could only recognize this stance because lately Santana looked at Brittany with the exact expression. Such a desperate longing that anyone who watched close enough could see most all your secrets.

"What do you want man hands?" Quinn growled rearing around the corner before Rachel even had time to respond.

"I-" Rachel began, but quickly shook her head, looking back at her locker after a few moments. She hesitantly picked up her books, closing the door gently her eyes looking around the hallway where she met Santana's narrowed expression.

"H-hi Santana," She stuttered surprised to see the darker girl there. Santana smirked wiggling her eyebrows before spinning around and walking from the hallway. The new plan officially beginning to multiple and twist inside the Latinas mind. She would get Brittany, and Berry was just the key in doing that.

Santana smirked crossing her arms across her chest striding down the sunlit hallway. She was a closet lesbian and a judgmental bitch which only meant one thing, she had awesome gaydar.

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