Six months ago.

"NNgn..." Karkat groaned deeply as his partner rubbed him just behind his ears, he let out a sigh of pleasure. "Fuck you... fuck you..." He mumbled, becoming relaxed beneath Sollux Captor. the two had been dating for nearly four months now, and occasions like this one were frequent and close together.

"Time and place, KK." Sollux grinned and continued to pleasure Karkat in that one spot. It was his most effective way to get his partner in the mood without removing any clothing.

"Not now, Captor." Karkat growled, shivering from Sollux's touch. He pouted and suddenly pinned Karkat down by his shoulders, firmly pinning him to the bed with a lustful smirk. He nipped at his lover's neck and slid his hands up his shirt.

Karkat was just about to submit to Sollux's will when his pocket buzzed for the third time in ten minutes. "Ignore it..." Sollux hissed and Karkat shook his head.

"It could be my dad... he might need help with the others..." Karkat mumbled and crossed his arms beneath Sollux. "It's fucking difficult to look after my siblings when the old man has to go and work all the time..." Sollux sighed and kissed his cheek, running a hand through his hair. Karkat's face softened, "Not like I mind... " He mumbled, looking away from Sollux.

With a nod of understanding, Sollux fished Karkat's phone from his pocket he scanned over the text. "Nitram texted you about twenty timeth..." He cursed his lisp, usually he was careful in avoiding words that involved his speech impediment.

Giving Sollux a reassuring glance, Karkat grabbed his phone, hurriedly glancing through his texts. "Fuck... Gamzee's gone off the wire again."

"Do you have to go deal with it...?" Sollux asked.

"Unless we want a dead Nitram on our hands, no." Karkat rolled his eyes as Sollux got to his feet and the two headed out of Sollu'x room.

Tavros was terrified, he had been hiding inside of a kitchen cabinet for almost a half hour, with his cellphone now dead along with any hope of escape, he sat and waited. When Tavros first heard that Gamzee's father was a high class drug dealer; he never wanted to believe it. Gamzee, whom he had trusted and thought highly of for years, was now addicted to the very thing he despised. It hurt Tavros to see someone he cared for in so much pain, especially since there was nothing he could do about it.

In trying to get Gamzee off of the drugs he went into these withdrawal induced homicidal fits, and Tavros along with the rest of humanity was terrified of them. Only one person dared to approach Gamzee in such a state, and that was Karkat Vantas. All Tavros could figure was the two went way back; farther than he had known Gamzee at the very least.

When Tavros had first entered the house, he knew something was wrong. Some of the expensive furniture was turned over and ripped in places. At first, he had been worried someone had robbed the Makara's and rushed upstairs to see if Gamzee was alright.

Much to his surprise, Gamzee was alright, and angry. He approached Tavros slowly, a murderous look in his eyes. After muttering a honk, Tavros made a run for it. He remembered the others warning him about gamzee's new outbursts, and went to hide in the kitchen, fearing if he went outside Gamzee would follow. Tavros did not want anyone to get hurt.

And so he sat, waiting, hoping Karkat would come. If not, maybe Gamzee would fall asleep and he could sneak out... Maybe by morning he would be okay, or right now, he could have forgotten all about Tavros being there in the first place.

Tavros decided he was going to make a run for it, he placed his ear to the wall and cautiously peeked out through a crack in the small door. He saw nothing and swallowed, starting to second guess himself. He started to open the door, slowly looking out.

"Honk." Tavros nearly had a heart attack at seeing Gamzee suddenly appear in the doorway. He knew better than to do anything quickly so he froze in his place, the cabinet open by an inch or so. He was trembling in fear with his hands over his mouth.

"Honkonk." Gamzee slurred, not noticing the cabinet. "Taaavbro... I know you're here. bessst friend." Gamzee's steps echoed in the large kitchen, and it was then that Tavros saw a large blade in his hand.

Tavros was sure Gamzee would hear his heartbeat racing at how loud it was. he held his breath, tears forming in his eyes with his hands still firmly placed over his mouth. The thought of death terrified him, especially if it was by the hands of a friend.

"I'm not going in, KK." Sollux told him, turning off the engine of his parent's car.

Karkat sighed. I figured as fucking much. Thanks by the way." He said sarcastically, rolling his eyes as he headed up the the Makara estate.

"No dying, KK!" Sollux called to which Karkat flipped him off and entered the house.

"Nitram." Karkat hissed, cautiously scanning the main entry hall for any signs of movement. "The fuck are you, Nitram?" He called, half whispering. Karkat scanned at the overturned furniture, guessing gamzee was downstairs, as well as Tavros.


Karkat froze where he stood as fear overtook him, he started to panic. "Oh god..." Karkat quickly dashed behind an overturned couch, trying to decide where the sounds were coming from.

"Honk honk."

It seemed far enough away, decided Karkat as he swiftly moved from his hiding spot and headed for the kitchen. "Nitram" He hissed again and stepped in something wet. He looked down and to his horror saw blood on the floor, he turned a pale white and stopped dead where he stood. "F-Fuck..." After a few moments of sheer shock, he took a step back right into the front of another.

"Hello brother." Gamzee greeted, twirling a blunt object in one hand. "Honk, motherfucker." With only a split second to react, Gamzee brought down the item in his hand which just narrowly missed Karkat's head and struck him on his lower back as he had tried to flee.

Karkat cried out in pain as Gamzee struck him, he had attempted a daring dash forward to escape him and just narrowly missed having his head cracked open. He fell onto one knee and quickly pushed himself away from the floor once reality sunk in. A quiet chuckle from Gamzee sent chills down Karkat's throbbing spine. He grabbed the counter in an effort to stand and face his foe. Gamzee's chilling stare made his heart skip a beat. "Makara..." He hissed, turning his back to the knife he was about to grab.

"Honk." Gamzee chuckled. "Honk HONK." He was gripping a hammer tightly in his left hand, Karkat presumed he had a knife hidden somewhere on him due to the amount of blood that was on his sleeves.

Karkat braced himself, one hand on the counter to stabilize himself. He swallowed, watching Gamzee's every movement, every twitch and the turning of the wheels in his brain. Karkat understood the basic strategy of battle, observe your opponent before making a move; even is the move you are to make was passive. He was waiting for gamzee to make the first move, but Gamzee just stared blankly at him.

It was as if Gamzee was starting to come to his senses and Karkat saw his opening. Without a word, he approached the other with extreme caution. Karkat made eye contact with him, swallowing as he shakily embraces his friend.

"Is... he safe...?" A worried voice came from around the corner of Gamzee's room.

Karkat turned to face Tavros, "Yeah, he's sleeping." He suddenly stopped. "You're still alive?"

Tavros nodded. "Uh... yeah. I'm going to go in case he wakes up..."

Karkat looked alarmed. "Then what the fuck was with all that blood downstairs?" He demanded.

Tavros looked confused, "What blood...?"

Karkat scoffed, nervous on the inside. "There was a fuck ton of blood on the floor, I assumed it was yours." Karkat stopped dead. "Holy fuck I bet he murdered one of the workers, fuck!" Karkat pushed past tavros and dashed downstairs back into the kitchen. He scanned over the clean surface in shock. "What... the ever loving fuck...?"

"I-I er told you. No blood..." Tavros swallowed. "... Are you feeling okay?"