Chapter 1

May 23, 2012.

King's Island. Cincinnati, Ohio.

Three friends, Natalie; Rachael; and Leslie were walking through the park.

"So, what do we do next?" asked Natalie.

"I know!" said Leslie. "Let's get on Delirium!"

"Sounds great, right Rae?" asked Natalie.

"Absolutely." said Rachael.

So, the three girls got on Delirium.

As Delirium began to swing, screws slowly came loose.

For quite a few minutes, the ride seemed fine, but then, the wheel swung off and landed in the middle of the go kart speedway. A bloody piece of yellow metal flew at the employee working at the go kart speedway, cutting their head off, mid-neck.

At a girl's desk in her room.

"What do you think?" asked a girl with short, brown hair, wearing pink.

"I don't think I'd use King's Island and Delirium." said an african american-white caucasian mix with curly hair and a baby blue shirt and skirt on. She then took a drink of water. "Natalie, that reminds me. Leslie and I have gotten us all tickets for King's Island."

"I love that idea!" said Natalie.