Chapter 5

Natalie's mom and Rachael's mom rode in Natalie's mom's silver Chrysler 300 as Leslie's mom drove Natalie's Chevrolet Suburban.

"Here's what we do." said Natalie's mom. "We grab the papers, read over them and make copies of it. What we do after that is watch each other's back."

Natalie's house.

"What next?" asked Rachael's brother. "A woman texts and swerves. She's then hit by a semi! Great ideas, Ralphie!"


Leslie's mother checked her cellphone for texts. She then looked up and swerved from hitting a cone. A 1974 Pacific P-9 then hit the Suburban head-on, exploding it and throwing some pieces in front of Natalie's mother's car and she flipped it side to side, failing to avoid a wreck. The two parents got out of the car and raced over to the stopped semi and the fiery car.

"Lillie!" cried Natalie's mother.

Firetrucks and ambulances raced to the scene. A couple minutes later, Natalie's mom and Rachel's mom were sitting in the back of an ambulance. A firefighter was leaning against the ambulance.

"She was our friend." said Natalie's friend.

Another semi smashed into Natalie's mom's car and shot another piece of metal at the firefighter and the right half of his head fell on the ground.

The two mothers then screamed and climbed to the front of the semi and drove it to Rachael's house.

"Ralph!" shouted Rachael's mom.

Rachael's brother then jumped.

"What mom!?" he said.

"Get your ass home!" shouted Rachael's mother.

"Talk to you later, Belinda." said Natalie's mother.

"Bye." said Rachael's mother.


Natalie's mother sat down and drank some coffee while wearing a pink robe. She cried, taking pills as she remembered Natalie.

She then looked through Natalie and Ralph's story and saw the deaths that had already occured. She then ran across a line that read "a disco anvil crashes through the second floor".

"Oh my god." said Natalie's mother.

Second floor of Belinda's house.

There was room with 60s stuff all over the walls and ceiling. There were records and a bunch of other crap. On the ceiling was a studded anvil used for disco. The rope was coming undone.

In the living room, downstairs, the phone rang and Belinda answered.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Get out of the house!" shouted Natalie's mom.

"What?" asked Belinda.

The anvil then smashed through the top floor and smashed Belinda just as she looked up.

At Natalie's house, Natalie's mother began to cry.

Two weeks later. Monacco.

Natalie's mother and Ralph were sitting in a cafe.

"You like that chocolate-coffee shit that puts people in sugar-coma?" asked Natalie's mother with a smile.

Ralph laughed and spoke.

"It looks great, but tastes disgusting." said Ralph.

They both then laughed.

"Thanks, Corinne." said Ralph.

"For what?" asked Natalie's mother.

"This trip." said Ralph. "And for buying me something to drink."

"Well, we both needed a break." said Corinne. "You're under my care now, so..."

"Yeah." said Ralph. "Let's get going. The boat's ready to leave."

"SHIT!" shouted Corinne. "I completely forgot about that! Let's go!"

The docks.

The wood was beginning to collapse as passengers were boarding the boat.

Ralph and Corinne ran and the boards collapsed underneath them, sending them both to the propeller.


Fragile mothers: Lillie Crispen, Belinda Campo, Corinne King.

Thrill seekers: Leslie Crispen, Rachael Campo.

Horror writers: Natalie King, Ralph Campo.

Our best Firefighter: Carl VanSanten.