A\N: This is what we call a REALLY SHORT first chapter. BLEH. Uh... Yeah. Just a pure torture fic that is going to move from Defiant!Link to Submissive!Link after a while. There may be MENTIONS of sexual assault... but there will be nothing actually shown. This is a snipit of a much later event. After this. we're going to go back two months to when this started, and there Link will be all defiant and kick-butt and whatnot. Please leave a review letting me know if you want me to continue! Thanks! BTW, making some serious progress on Giggles and I'll hopefully have that up soon. Sick With Anger... has over half of the next chapter done, so that should be up soon as well. Thanks guys!

It was dark and cold. Tears streamed down his face. Sobs shook his broken body. Footsteps echoed around him. Blood pooled beneath his body. Everything hurt. Everything burned. Words were etched onto his arm. The right side of his face was matted with blood and flesh. He couldn't see. Couldn't think. Just pain. Pain and darkness.

"My dearest little skychild…"

That voice. That voice was the voice of malice in its most depraved form. That voice was the voice he had come to hate in the past two months. That voice was the voice he had to live with—probably for the rest of his life.

"Do you understand now?"

Did he? Did he really understand what was happening? And if he did, was he willing to submit to it? To accept it? Did he really, truly grasp his situation? Did the words he muttered just moments before really mean something?

"Do you understand that you cannot escape me? That you can't even come close?"

He cringed. There was something in that voice. False love. False affection. And plenty of malice and hate. The whole thing was a farce, a hoax, a ruse, a fraud, a wile, a con, a scam, a façade, a mask. A lie.

"Do you understand…"

The voice paused, and his breath hitched, waiting for the question.

"…that you are mine?"

No. No he didn't understand. And he couldn't. How was it possible that just two months ago, he had been flying with his best friend over a peaceful expanse of clouds without a care in the world, and now he lay shattered and helpless in the hands of the cruelest being on the Surface? How did the voice expect him to understand that?

"You look dreadful. I'll give you a few moments to think to yourself, and then I'll be back. Behave yourself…" The voice paused, a grin playing at its lips. "My pet."